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Response to Ask The Person Below You Anything 2015-05-05 10:20:27 Reply

At 5/5/15 10:09 AM, Madjasper1 wrote:
At 5/5/15 09:26 AM, SentForMe wrote: What is the last major, positive change you made in your life and how did it positively effect your life?
Uh...I genuinely don't know. I've never really done anything to significant in my life. One thing that does come to my mind is I convinced my father to drive me to Bristol so I could participate in Yugioh Tournaments every month, but that hasn't had too much of an impact on my life.

Where did you bury the body?

NOT in Bristol, where the nerd energies would corrupt the integrity of the cadaver, rendering it useless for further study.


how much can you power clean?