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i need help with flash ad

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i need help with flash ad 2012-09-30 23:30:51 Reply

i had this before my hard drive whipped out but where might i be able to find a download to the newgrounds flash ad you can cut n paste into a frame in you animation of the newgrounds everything by everyone, help would really be appreciated


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Response to i need help with flash ad 2012-10-01 03:29:09 Reply

In the future, under the "Community" drop down menu go to the Wiki and under the "Resources" section go to the Flash API page. You can find every thing about the Newgrounds flash API there, including the flash ads. Here's a direct link to the page about the flash ads.

To download the file you have to create a new project (or use an existing one) and click the "Flash API" then go to "Flash Ads". There's a link to both the AS2 and AS3 version on that page.