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A lazy Sunday afternoon

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Response to A lazy Sunday afternoon 2012-09-30 16:33:51 Reply

At 9/30/12 02:04 PM, Lucy wrote: What novels are they?

Eh, there was a few. Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (Trilogy in 5 parts), The Wavesinger (novel written by a guy at my uni, made me want to check it out), The Shadow Project (probably a generic thriller) and Quicksilver (probably the biggest novel I own. I'll never read all that). There's also a boxset of about 10 thriller titles that I picked up because it was reduced from £50 to about £5. I like thrillers but I don't read often.

I did what I seem to do every Sunday and worked then came home and sat wondering when something fun is going to happen. Then realising that sitting and wondering does not really make things happen. It's a vicious cycle.

Yea, I sometimes find myself doing that. That's usually when I decide to leave the house and take the dug for a walk. Which I didn't do at all this weekend actually. Not really having the kind of weather I like walking in just now.

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Response to A lazy Sunday afternoon 2012-09-30 18:09:19 Reply

Finally making a start on Sword Art Online.

Oh, it's monday already.