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What Do You Want In A President?

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Response to What Do You Want In A President? 2012-10-01 00:48:35 Reply

At 9/20/12 10:22 AM, CaveStoryGrounds wrote: I'm not an American, but even so I know what America should have for a president and a government in general.

The people need representatives, the people need politicians who keep their word.
The people need politicians that are humans; Humans that have emotional ties to the people and what effects them.
Politicians that have a high school level understanding of science, and economics at the very least.
A government that is entirely separate from any and all religious views and activities.
A government that is entirely separate from corporations, and where campaign money is set at a limit.
A president and government that are extremely transparent and clear to the people, and do not hide behind legalize.
A government who supports and advocates human rights and freedoms, and insures all have the basics to live (water, food).
A president that is decided by alternative voting (list which person you favor most for presidency from 1 -to- #).

Also, I agree with this entirely, especially about the campaign limits, adhering to the agenda of a corporation merely because they threw money at your campaign is hardly ethical or fair to the people. I also wouldn't mind doing away with the electoral college, It's outdated...

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