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'recycle' Song By 11 Year Old

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'recycle' Song By 11 Year Old 2012-07-24 20:12:26

Click here to listen to 'Recycle'

Hey, whoever is reading this description. I am an eleven-year old unsigned songwriter that posts random songs on youtube here:

My Screen name is obviously Pedringondo.

Wait... I haven't even told you my name. My name is Arnor Chu, and I love making just wierd songs.
If you want to see the music video for this song, (which is most likely the worst music video you have ever seen
considering that the video was made by me) here it is: gXKFsYlDHAMw&index=0&feature=plcp

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Response to 'recycle' Song By 11 Year Old 2012-07-24 20:26:04

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