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Help On Minecraft Nv 1.0a

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Help On Minecraft Nv 1.0a 2012-07-06 06:51:30

20 people can join.
First thing to do is make the title screen.

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Response to Help On Minecraft Nv 1.0a 2012-07-06 10:29:33

1) There's no need to make the thread again, regardless of whether there's a typographical error, most people overlook that sort of thing, thank you.

There's way too little information on this subject. What exactly is Minecraft NV? What are the specs? Flash player version? CSX version? Frame rate? Dimensions? And you haven't done anything, it's almost as if you're just a "leader" and you have nothing to offer and you're just organizing something (and failing at it) that not many people may be interested; also the name itself is, IMO, not supposed to be used since Minecraft is made by Mojang and unless you can prove you're working in Mojang, it'd be best to drop it entirely.

I hope that addresses any issues you have.

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