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How to remove old audio submission?

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How to remove old audio submission? 2012-06-28 16:46:55 Reply

Is it possible to remove old audio submission from you NG account?
I've been looking around for a good while now...¬_¬
I was thinking to remake an old song of mine but i wouldn't want two of the same songs on there, ya'know?

Thanks guys!

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Response to How to remove old audio submission? 2012-06-28 16:50:57 Reply

You can't, the delete button didn't make it into the redesign... It will be implemented later.

How much later? No one knows.

For now, the most you can do, is if you're remaking an old song, is just replace the old songs MP3 with the new one. Don't forget to clear your cache and refresh the page after you upload the new file, or the submission page may not reflect the change, as the old song would still be stored there.

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