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Why capitalism won't work post 2030

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Response to Why capitalism won't work post 2030 2012-06-18 19:30:58 Reply

At 5/20/12 07:18 AM, Jizzlebang wrote:
At 5/20/12 02:29 AM, Dorkcraft wrote: Truth be told, Capitalism has never "worked".

It has done nothing but destroy the world.
So edgy.

Name 5 conflicts that are a direct result by capitalism. 5 conflicts is peanuts in the near infinite amount of wars or conflicts there's been.

Military-Industrial Complex.

That Is All

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Response to Why capitalism won't work post 2030 2012-06-18 22:38:37 Reply

At 5/19/12 07:54 PM, naronic wrote: This future is going to happen sooner than you think as the projected technological singularity is less than 40 years away.

why 40? is this the friedman unit of the 2010? the next 4 years? the next few decades? is this an arbitrary unit of time you just pulled out of a hat? it's interesting to see when people say "x will fail"...its almost always at least a few decades, that way its kinda far off, but its not far off enough so that it wont happen in your lifetime. i guess its more of a "haha, i called it before everyone else, look who's laughing now" thing than anything else.

When it does come capitalism will be an ineffective strategy of keeping economic balance in the US. America needs a new economic system, quicker than it thinks. Personally I think we need a short switch to socialism in between but that's just me.

as it stands right now, capitalism, or at least this version of it, isnt effective. yes, we need to implement some (more) socialist policies here and there to ensure a safety net for lower income families but america will never become 100% socialist or this or that, nor should it be.