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Help! Military Departments

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Response to Help! Military Departments 2012-05-14 10:29:06 Reply

I'm an Army veteran and was in Monsul with the Iraqi Security Forces. I don't know about the other branches but the benefits are good, you will make a lot of friends, and you will bond with your battle buddies. Every unit is different though you might get a good one and you might get a bad one. I know we have the G.I. Bill for college education but you have to serve at least twenty four months to be eligible to use it. I'm using mine for psychology. No matter what your MOS might be in the Army you might have to pull Personal Security Detail when you deploy.

Get into the 13 series though, because man artillery is awesome. If you can be a 13R which is a FireFinder Operator you'll be set. I was the first one to test the new EQ-36 System they have and that thing is awesome, 13R also get promoted faster and there is a lot of cool stuff you can do in the Army with that MOS.