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voice actors for game

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voice actors for game May. 10th, 2012 @ 05:27 PM Reply

hey guys

so i'm making a 2.5D game in c++ using the directx9 sdk. i made 2 other 2D games before in DevC++ but that was kind of garbage. i was using the graphics.h library to draw stuff. anyway i plan to make something interesting but not overwhelming since i'm just a guy not a company. the game should be similar to conquer online with the same isometric perspective except it's singleplayer.. it should be a violent game, lots of fighting included but i need voice actors. most of the samples should be pretty short just seconds of talking. if you want to help please send me a mail at and then i'll send you a text file including all voice samples i need. also i can't post the voice script here because it contains nasty words

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