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Two male voice actors requested

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Two male voice actors requested 2012-05-08 13:20:18

CollaboratedCinema Presents: The Life that Dies
A Fallout New Vegas Machinima

The most important factor in a good Machinima is good voice acting. Especially for voice acting that involves drama instead of comedy. As most of CC's big projects are dramas instead of comedy, all the emotion is in the voice.
The Life that Dies is a serious machinima series that is going to be around 10 episodes long. The script (available to download here) follows the events of Neil Roland who's son was taken by unknowns. The story is told by Neil in a bar to a bartender called Lance. The plot follows Neil tracking down his son and his captures whilst getting involved in personal troubles and the defense of the Mojave wasteland.

In the story we have two characters whose roles need to be filled. The characters are as follows:

Ace of Spades: Slightly based off the character Ten of Spades from the game. Ace is a talented First Recon Sniper for the NCR. He is however very cocky and childish. He is around 19 years old and doesn't need a serious tone to his voice in most scenes.

Hunter: A very serious character. Hunter is a highly ranked officer in the NCR. He makes battle plans and is a veteran and a hero to the NCR. He served the NCR for years and now has a job in Camp McCaran. However, hates his new role in the NCR and feels like he should still be fighting. He is around 40 years old but modifications to the pitch of the voice can be made but not on a large scale.

What are the requirements?

There are some requirements however as we want the voices to be as well done as possible.

1. You must have a good microphone- By good I mean no background noise and your voice can be heard clearly. Some background noise can be removed but nothing major.

2.Time and Dedication- If you are thinking it will take a week to do this voice work you are very much mistaken. The Life that Dies is a 10 episode series that are 15 minutes long. Resulting in 1 hour and 15 minutes. While your character wont be in every scene the two above play a major role in the story and are in the scenes often.

3. Good voice acting skills- Some people it comes naturally but some may need work. We have the time to do some work hell we are doing it with our main character. But if you know you wont be able to show emotion in your voice then this wont be for you.

4. Professionalism- We are making this for fun but you need to be professional meaning you will need to be at voice acting sessions most of the time. Some excuses will be excepted as even I forget sometimes but if you consistently fail to show your out.

If you need help with your voice acting then visit this link:
Trust me it comes in handy when practicing.

How will we record?
Recording sessions will be set. This will happen most weeks and we will work with the GECK programmer in making the scenes. A group will be invited into a mumble server. If you don't have mumble it is free to download here
However, to maximize quality of each voice everyone will record their voice individually as well in any program for example Audacity. The group will respond to each other in the mumble call and also they will be recording at the same time to maximize quality and to make sure the conversations sound realistic.

If you wish to apply for any of the roles then send a email to with a audio file of you saying any lines from the script for the certain character you wish to play.
If you have any questions feel free to leave them below.

Also quick note: If you are a musician who can make ambiance music that would be a great help to us if you could send them to us and you will have your name in the credits when the machinima series releases but that wont be until August most likely.

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Response to Two male voice actors requested 2012-05-08 15:00:25

guess I'll add this to my to-do list for today. This project seems interesting....

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Response to Two male voice actors requested 2012-05-09 12:44:47

This forum's getting overloaded with Voice Acting requests, again.
Post your requests in the Voice Actors Wanted thread, in the VA forum.

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