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Iowa Caucuses

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Response to Iowa Caucuses 2012-01-06 20:28:19 Reply

At 1/6/12 12:30 AM, BrianEtrius wrote: Here's the thing about Newt: unlike Perry, who hasn't seen as much national spotlight, Newt knows how the game works. He's been too much of a polarizing figure in conservative politics for awhile. His brand of negativity no longer works. The scary thing is that Newt knows all of this, yet he continues to push onward, bruising his reputation and ego instead of cutting his losses.

I was thinking after reading this that you've got a very good point what if Newt isn't even after the White House here really? Again, he was basically dead in the water out of the gates, ran low on money fast and his message barely registered a blip...but then other candidates started to get picked off (Most notably Cain) and people looked to fill that void (because in the end, the Republicans don't want Romney, and I think that sinks his chances once he gets the nod). I wonder if what Newt is hoping for this renewed attention and notoriety can be parlayed into a position of power and prominence within the Republican structure on the far right...or at the least he can get some TV and book deals like Palin did (hey, she only ran for VP, and I think her star is starting to tarnish as you hear less and less from her).

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Response to Iowa Caucuses 2012-01-06 22:13:00 Reply

At 1/6/12 08:28 PM, aviewaskewed wrote: ...what if Newt isn't even after the White House here really?

I'm not sure what Newt is thinking. Mr. $300,000-in-ethics-sanctions-resigned-fr om-the-House-in-disgrace has some seriously scary skeletons in his closet. How fucked up do you have to be to think you can win with his history? I want some of what he's smoking!

Maybe Mr. $300,000-in-ethics-sanctions-resigned-fr om-the-House-in-disgrace thought the MSM would be nicer to him than it has been to Ron Paul, and not dredge up any old dirt and repeat it over and over and over... in this case, things that NEWT REALLY DID, not older things that RON PAUL DIDN'T DO!

I repeat, pass that joint over here, Newt.

What I really suspect is that Obama has proven himself to be a good little sold-out whore for his global corporate masters, and the Republicans are simply being set up for another fall. There's little doubt in my mind that John McCain was. I mean, Sarah Palin? Really? First, Republicans don't like women. One only has to count the number of female Republicans vs. the number of female Democrats in Congress to know that score. Second... SARAH PALIN? Puh-leeze! Even if the Republican Party wasn't the Party of Sexism (which it unfortunately is), intellectually speaking, she couldn't talk her way out of a paper bag.

I think they're being set up. Some of the players (Mitt and Newt most notably) might even suspect it, but know they'll be lavishly rewarded for playing it straight and taking the fall. The others probably don't have a clue.

I just think it's hilarious that the MSM (singular but plural in construction) is treating the Republican Primaries as if it were an exciting race. I'm like, so what? Whoop-de-do! Who's gonna be the Designated Loser? My money, of course, is on Mitt.

Dur-de-dur, durp-de-durp-durp.

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