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Fantasy story

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"well, no, im sorry talin, but you ", grdar approached the subject a little carfully," arnt fit to protect your self...allolari can"

"but if we are disguised, there wont be any danger", the nirlin argued further.

"and if we are discovered i will have to protect you, which distacts me from a fight , that could cause flint or nilus there lives", grdar brought up a strong issue.

"but-", the nirlin was cut off.

"if i thought i could saftley bring you, i would, and we wont be gone that long, just till we can determine a few details, so , im sorry, but you cant go talin", grdar finished strongly.

the nirlin sighed."please grdar", she tried one last plea".

"no, if theres one thing i wont do...its take a nirlin into the center of a fight,that would be...irresponsible", grdar said, struggling for the last word.

"well, i think its settled then", flint stepped in, hoping to silence another plea from the nirlin," you will hide in the cellar while we risk our necks to save this land....or die".

everyone could sense that flint was getting annoyed by the constant distractions. one person missing, some one not wanting to stay.

"okay, now, me and nilus are going to go find a cart while you", flint spoke to grdar," stay here with the elf and nirlin".

flint almost pushed nilus out of the door on the way out.

"he seems rushed", grdar said after they left.

"you seem rushed", nilus said to flint.

"im just tired of the detours, we have a task at hand, and if i dont say so myself, we are putting this land at greater peril for waiting so long to leave".

flint went on as they searched for a cart.

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Response to Fantasy story 2011-03-09 20:43:20 Reply

Lord Manethene sat calmly on his balcony chair as he watched the sun at its final moments. It clung to the sky like a drop of blood on a shroud of gray, the brooding noble chuckled. Four medallions hung lazily in his fist, each of their intricate designs marred by vicious black streaks. The seekers had failed. Though his gifts he had felt their passing, each a sickly sweet feeling of release. Though he had not needed his unnatural powers to know they failed. The medallions clutched in his hands were as bound to the creatures as their own body. Seekers were a flame turned in on itself, meant only for a short, blazing existence before snuffing itself out. Such tools could be useful for such a being. The medallions were meant to turn to ash if the prey had been killed. Black streaks could only mean failure.

But it did not matter. Volunteers were easy to come by, the poor houses always in abundance of malcontent souls almost begging to lash out. He could always find someone wanting but a chance to strike out against the world, even if it meant their own soul. But for all his arrogance, fear was worming itself into his cold beating heart. The Lord of Ignorance was never known for forgiveness. Failure would always be met with punishment. And not all were as simple as death.

The Count of Caelorn pushed aside those thoughts, knowing all to well the consequences of dwelling on such thoughts. For now his mind must firmly remain in the present. The King was coming for one of his increasingly frequent visits. Manethene chuckled dryly at the thought. "King" was far to strong a word nowadays. For the past two decades the Counts of the city-states have held the true sway in Alania. The Twin Thrones have been without true leaders since the time of Alec Darkflayer and Drifas Whitemarsh. It was a strange, now that Manethene thought of it, to look at Alanian politics in comparison to the other great nations. For they were meant not for one master, but two.

Ever since Alania broke off from Slavian rule almost 1000 years ago their have been the two thrones. One would embody the power of the state, wielding the vast power of the nations military force. He would be a powerful general and a supreme administrator. The other would embody the love of the people, becoming a symbol for the people in times of strife. He would be a paragon of faith, and almost as often than naught, a strong wielder of the arcane.

It was a long and complicated line of succession. Originally descended from the children of Farlas and Fereven Blackstrike, the first Twin lords, the line held strong for the first few generations. But over the past millennium, the line had twisted and split after successful overthrows and weak rulers. To be honest, Manethene could not recall what the visiting Lord Eisen Fairson was supposed to embody. For he was not a great administrator nor a symbol of the people. It had been so easy to twist and pull the man. Through pure force he had kept him on a leash, allowing him free reign in building his own empire. Gulping the last of his wine as the sun set on the horizon, he walked back into his castle.

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The afternoon sun streaked over cobblestone streets, casting shadows over its denizens. Green-capped guards patrolled at regular intervals, their silver almost glistening in the light. In their arms they held viciously barbed spears, shinning as bright as their armor in the warm sunlight. On their off-hands they held buckler-shields, an emblem of a silver leaf against an emerald background covered the shield, giving it an almost regal look.

With his hood up, Nilus drew little attention from the guards on a day like this. Flint walked close to him, his shield was slung across his back, flopping with each step. His sword was slung upon his side, the hilt wrapped in red silk to show no open hostility. Nilus and him exchanged kind words, Flint telling grand tales of the merchant caravans passing through the market place during the summer months. The merchant-guard with their strange colored armors and the carts filled with goods from lands as far off as Kal'ial. Nilus would only stop him to catch his breath from laughter or to ask more detail.

Grdar hung behind the two, walking only in the shade of the walls. He was careful to hide when guards walked by, his arm always reaching for the hammer clasped to his back, ready to lash out with the force of thunder at the smallest moment. Nilus said a short prayer that the dwarf could maintain his temperament. Flint would occasionally throw Grdar a glance to check how he was doing, but the dwarf would quickly scorn him for drawing attention. The dwarf's mood would only continue to sour. The constant hiding a large affront to the dwarf's personal honor.

The would up and down the market square, anxiously waiting for an opportunity to steal from the rich merchants. Nilus silently hoped that they would never get their chance for this wrongful deed. But it was at best a shallow hope. For what other choice did they have? They would easily draw attention to themselves, something best avoided in times like these. But Nilus hated to have to make this choice. His heart almost sunk as he saw a merchant walk into the Silver Chalice inn. His cart was practically emptied, his season almost finished. His guards, dressed in fanciful attire, were drunk on the fine wines given to them as a reward for their diligence during the traveling season. Nilus could not help but shudder at the irony.

Turning around quickly, Nilus could see a sparkle appear in the dwarf's eye. A slow grin steadily covering his bearded face. Flint stepped before the two. "Now, there is no need to hurt them. We can easily dispatch them and take the cart without killing them." he quickly said, as Grdar's hand was upon the hilt of his hammer. "I'm sure a few broken bones wouldn't harm anything." Grdar said, a wild look in his eye. Nilus recognized the signs. The dwarf still maintained resentment for people, the recent attacks by the gray men only fanning the flames. He would not let him exert his hatred on the innocent.

Growing impatient with the sun beating mercilessly down upon him, Nilus raised his hand to interrupt the argument. "I'll get the one on the right. Flint, sneak behind the one with the bottle and hit him with your shield. Grdar, you hide." letting a tone of authority lace his words. Grdar looked as if he were about to say something, but merely swore and sneaked into a back alley.

Walking past the carts, Nilus strode into a crowd of people. Doing this during the day is going to be difficult. he realized, once again skulking at his misfortune. Causally he walked towards the guard sitting upon the cart. The second guard was trying to drunkenly unhitch the horse, much to the others mirth. Flint, in a stroke of genius, crept around the inn to the alley, with only the guard with the horse between him and the cart. Exchanging glances, Nilus sprung forward grabbing the guard by the face and flinging him into the cart, banging his head upon the surface. While he knocked out the guard, Flint had taken his shield and flung it at the guards head, hitting his head with a thunk. Before the guard had even fallen to the ground, he grabbed him up and swiftly flung him into the cart. Nilus couldn't help but softly clap for such a performance.

Nilus quickly administered to the guards bruises and bleeding with a few salves, as Flint checked around to see if anybody had noticed the dirty business. Luckily, they were quick to escape notice, or at least escape the notice of someone who would care. Nilus shuddered at the thought, hoping it wasn't true. Looking up from the bandaged, unconscious guards, Nilus looked up to see Flint waving in Grdar. Peering out of the cart, Nilus saw a dark blur suddenly spring from the alleyway and leap into the cart in nary a second.

With a thud the dwarf landed next to him, scowling at the surroundings. "Are we going to move along or should I push?" he said with a hint of malice in his voice. Flint was already out side the cart, throwing over the tarp to cover up the passengers and remaining goods. Nilus pulled himself out of the cart to the drivers seat, grabbing the reins to the horse, who had oddly enough remained quiet through out the ordeal. Flint had picked up his blood-speckled shield and placed across his back. He then guided the horse from the side of the inn and back onto the main road. Nilus then began to steer the cart on the way back to Felix's home, Flint walking closely to act the part of a guard. Grdar's grumbling could be heard in the cart, along with the rattle of leftover merchandise.

"Halt!" came a voice from behind.

Nilus could feel his very veins freeze over as he turned. Three guards of emerald approached the cart, suspicion written clearly on their faces. Nilus saw Flint reach over to his crimson wrapped blade before Nilus gave him a reassuring look that kept his hand on the sword pommel. Nilus looked at what appeared to be the leader of the group and smiled. "What seems to be the problem, ser?" subtly lacing his words with the Chant to help relax the guardsman.

"We're under orders to investigate any suspicious behavior within the town walls." he said matter-of-factually. His posture slumped a little by Nilus's words.

"Oh I assure you, I am merely a humb-"

"Why do you have that cloak over your face?" interrupted a guard to the left of the leader.

"Oh, um.." Nilus said. Scanning his mind for an answer. "I'm from the Eastern Hills, which as you know is dreadfully cold. I'm afraid the heat of springtime in Pridian is far to taxing on my humble frame." Nilus hated having to lie, but capture was not an option.

"Should we check his cart, ser?" chimed one of the guards.

Nilus's heart sank. It they discover the dwarf or the unconscious guards....Subconsciously, Nilus felt his hand upon the handle of his knife, scowling at the ugly feeling it had. Flint followed suit, his hand not firmly planted on his sword. Nilus still maintained his smile towards the silver-armored guards.

"We probably don't have the time. There was a break in at the prison, and the Captain has order all guardsman to make haste with their rounds and return to the barracks."

With a nod, the three guardsmen walked past the cart, shoving Flint aside as they went. "Smooth one, dirt-blood." chimed a voice from the cart. Nilus couldn't help but smile at the remark. With Flint at the head, Nilus steered the cart onwards. Hearing two thumps behind him from what he guessed was Grdar kicking the guards from the cart.

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"well, i think this is finally it", flint said back to nilus as they approached felixes," do either of you need to run in for anything?"

"no, i am set for the trip", nilus said.

"all good", grdar mumbled from the cart.

flint ran in, felix was sitting on his sofa, the dwarf maid and allolari were out of sight...which was good.

"uncle, we are off", flint said.

"be safe", felix said, not wanting to prolong the good bye yet again.

"good bye uncle", flint said, closingthe door. he took a deep breath, then got back in place.

nilus pulled the riegns on the horse and they took off. once they had exit pridians outskirts, flint got up on the cart, since it was getting dark and he didnt much want to trek the 12 miles to caelorn.

they didnt pass anyone on the way there, no one traveled at night, except bandits. the centered few miles on the route to caelorn from pridian was a dangerous area. it wasnt long before they were noticed, but they wernt attacked until the center of the journey.

"grdar, how are you doing back there", flint yelled back.

"fine", he said sarcastically.

"hes alright", nilus said," hes just upset about being cooped up like goods".

nilus and flint exchanged the small talk as they approached caelorn, inside, they were all a little uncertain of how this would play out. thoguh none of them would bring it to the surface.

"whats that", flint asked.

"it looks like...a downed cart", nilus said.

"keep going nilus", flint siad.

"why, they are in need of help", nilus argued.

"because, there likely bandits", flint said.

"and if there not", nilus said.

"uhhh.. guys, we have company", grdar said, adreesing the five riders approaching from the rear.

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Just a short one.




I glared out from behind the tarp draped over me at the five men stalking us.

" 'Old it right there." One of the men said, "We 'ave you surrounded."

Nilus made no move to stop, and an arrow hissed out from the darkness to bury itself in the side of the cart.

"You 'ear me?" The man called, "Stop the cart, or we'll shoot ta kill."

Letting out a sigh, Nilus pulled the reigns, stopping the horse. I pulled my hammer from its resting place on my back, as the five men began closing in. I couldn't help but feel like we were forgetting something. The feeling had been bothering me since acquiring the cart.

"Flint." I breathed from between my teeth.

"What?" He whispered.

"Wait 'til they get close, then tell him to ride as fast as he can." I nodded to Nilus, "If we really are surrounded, they won't fire while their comrades are within shooting range."

Flint flashed me a grin, "Good idea."

"You'll have to keep your heads low, once we're off." I muttered quickly, as the bandits moved closer.

" 'Tcha got in the cart?" A smaller man asked.

"Oh, you know." Niilus said coolly, tightening his grip on the reigns, "Just some grain. We sold most of our things in Pridian."

"Then I imagine your purses must be pretty full." A man said darkly, running a hand across the side of the cart.

"Now!" Flint whispered, and Nilus yanked the reigns.

The horse whinnied, and bolted forward, only to jump up at the men that darted in front of it. The horses eyes rolled in panic, as several shadowy figures placed their hands on it, and held it in place.

"Right, there goes that plan." Flint growled, drawing his sword.

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Flint took a deep breath, Combat. This was his time to shine, but could he? The five men had left there horses, mistake, They should have sent an amount equal to the number of targets and kept the other two on mounted advantage, stupid.

Then again, there were men off to the side, he couldn't see them, but that arow didn'come from thin air. One arow, one man, but there were probably atleast five, and atleast two were aimed at him.

Flint thougt quickly, five men, on foot, swords only, no shileds, the swords wern't standard military, so they were'nt tained formally, but their skilled should'nt be underestimated. In the trees, atleast one, probably five, wileding recurve bows, probably iron tips, for cost.

Nilus was stepping down from the cart. That meant that they had two of us pinned down. they could'nt now about grdar, atleast they have a slight advantage there.

as flint was thinking a million miles a minuts, Nilus was walking towards the men, trying to sway their crooked minds.

"You want to accept our goods", he said calmly, as if he was completely defenseless.

"They are but little and valueless", he continued, trying to make the goods unapplicable and of no value.

"Fine 'den, but we'll take a lit'ol look in der in ya don't mind", the apparently lead bandit replied.

A the situation brewed , grar was rumaging as quietly as he could through the card for anything, anything useful, anything that could augment the element of surprise and take the situation in thier favor. He was leaving no stone unturned.

Ater moments that past like minutes, grdar finally found something of use. I was an artifact he had heard of, it was the light of dierlen. Hw did this scum get thier hands on this, I was considered was of the lost treasures during the black crusades. This could come in handy, especially in this specific perdicament.

The light of dierlen was a stone, it was the shape od a cylinder, but was large and flat, somewhat like a hammer, not unexpected for the dwarves. It was only six inches long, but covered in verses apon verses in the book of ar'kalian, which is dwarvish for arcane.

"we have but little", nilus continued in his sly ways, weaving calming , subliminal word into each sentance. It didn't work.

"Alright then, lets see your currnecy", the bandit yelled, probably not having used such a sophisticated word in years.

Knowing they had no money, Nilus pulled his knife. Flint knew it to be time and went to lunge at the closest bandit, but before any blows were exchanged or any arrows shot, a blinding light came from the cart. It did'nt hit Flint or Nilus as their backs were turned.

The bandits tried to shiled there eyes, but the light seemed to pierce through flesh and bone. Flint dove foword and stabbed the closest bandit in one jerking motion. His sword slied through his flesh, cracking the mans ribs and slicinf his lungs open. It exploded out his back, severing his spine. the man fell to the ground, dead before gravity could take effect.

Nilus ran into the woods, knowing that the bow men posed a huge tactical advantage for the bandits. he sliced the coratid artery on one and span around to slice the jugular on another. he son two more men. Flint was one off on his guess.

Flint, in a more merciful attack, hit one of the other bandits in the head with the broad side of his sword, rendering him unconcious. Flint then turned his gaze to another bandit. ths one was flailing his sword in a blind effort to his something and Flint watched in awe as he slice one of the other bandits arms off. To help everyone, flint knocked him unconscious in the same fashion as the other.

Nilus ran up to the other two men, they were near each other. he grabbed one, who let his arrow fly into the sky, and bashed his head into a tree. Crude for nilus, but effective and non'lethal. Nilus watched as Flint knocked the fourth badit unconscious and saw that he hadn;'t anynedd to kill this one. Nilus ran up behind the last bowman and choked him until he fell unconcious like the others.

As Flint knocked the fourth bandit unconscious, he felt a sword on his knec. It was the leader.

"now, if any of yer bastards move ah inch, il slice you clean through". the leader yelled.

"ill do it, i-", but he was slienced by grdars massive war hammer slamminmg into he face.

Ater they all gained a little composer, flint spoke.

"Tanks Gdar..but", Fint trailed off.

"But what, i saved your life", he growled.

"Wil, two things...first", he started", you chucked a hammer two inches from my head, what if you hit me".

"I wouldnt, be that bad", Gdar tried to pacify Fint.

"Binging me to my secod point, you broke his jaw, what if he had information...".

"I suppose your right, Grdar said, then cursed under his breath.

Once one of the bandits regained conciousness, Flint began to grill the injured man.

"What do you know", Flint yelled in his face.

"Nothing", the man pleaded.

"What do you know ",Flint repeated him self.

"Nothing ",the man replied ,helpless.

"What of caelorn", Flint yelled, hoping that he knew something

"I heard some men", the bandit blurted out.

Flint paused," go on...".

"i heard a guard, he sopke of an artiface", the man said, bargaining his life for information.

"go on", Flint pushed for more.

"uh..uh.. well...."

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Dwarf maid was crying. I had gone with her to the cellar, while the others searched for a cart. I felt bad that she had to be left behind.

"He doesn't want me by his side." Dwarf maid wept, "He doesn't think I'm capable."

I sat cross-legged on the floor by where she lay, but remained silent. A part of me agreed with small Dwarf, but the rest fervently wished that she could accompany us. I liked Dwarf maid.

"Why will he take you, but not me?" Dwarf maid continued, not sounding angry or bitter, but sorrowful.

Again, I remained silent. What could I say? Dwarf maid didn't even reach my hips in height, and had no weapon; though, neither did I. Dwarf maid sniffed, and lifted her head to stare at me.

"Why do you always wear that mask?" She asked, wiping her eyes, "You are fair, why hide your beauty from the world?"

I felt my face redden. Was I fair? I gazed at Dwarf maid, and felt a sudden pang of envy. Even if I was fair, It wouldn't matter. I was an outcast, and would never have a mate. Dwarf maid was beautiful, with porcelain skin, and long silver hair. She would have no trouble finding a mate. Even the other races lusted after her...

"So?" Dwarf maid asked softly.

"Must hide shame." I said, in a hollow voice.

"What do you mean?"

"I hurt others. I must hide, so they won't be angry."

Dwarf maid stared at me, then reached a hand toward my face. My hand flew forward and grabbed her wrist. She winced in pain, as my grip tightened.

"You don't have to hide." She said gently, though sounding scared, "They don't hold it against you."

My eyes had narrowed, but I closed them, and released Dwarf maid's hand, turning away from her.

"We are your friends Allolari." Dwarf maid whispered, "You should trust us more."

I hunched my shoulders, and stared at my feet. I heard a sound overhead. Where the others back?

"It sounds like the others are here." Dwarf maid said, sounding sad and lonely, "You should go up."

Getting to my feet, my head bowed so as not to knock it against the support beams, I began making my way to the stairs.

"Good-bye Allolari." I heard Dwarf maid sniff, "Don't let Grdar's temper get the better of him."

I stopped momentarily to stare blankly at Dwarf maid. I heard the sound of a door closing, and began making my way up the stairs. I had to crouch down to half my height to go up the short steep stairway. Upon reaching the top, I was met with a locked door. Feeling surprised, I knocked on it, until it opened a hair to show old man's whithered face.

"D-did you need something?" He muttered.

Pushing him aside, I walked through the door, into the empty room.

"Where others?" I asked, feeling uneasy.

"T-they left, I thought you already knew. Shouldn't you be hiding in the cellar with Talin?"

I felt a jolt in my stomach. They had left? But hadn't small Dwarf said that I could go? Weren't they taking me?

"What's wrong?" Old man asked, "Flint was just making sure you and Talin were in the cellar for safety, and that it was secure. Then he left."

I felt one of my hands twitch. But hadn't small Dwarf said... I felt hurt, and betrayed. Of course they didn't want me with them, I had known it. I hurried to the door, and threw it open, old man stammering behind me. In a flash, I slammed the door, and leaped to the rooftop. The sky was darkening, and I couldn't see the others anywhere. I felt tears in my eyes. They'd lied to me. I wanted to be alone. I wanted to think. I looked down at the ring on my finger. I'd give it back to small Dwarf one day.

With one final glare out into the horizon, I leaped from the rooftop, and into the darkness.

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"You think what he said was true", flint asked nilus.

"Why lie", Nilus responded cooly.

"Well, then i guess the heart is still in caelorn", Flint proclaimed.

"yes, but waht about the other thing", Nilus asked as if Flint had forgotten.

"I doubt we'll need to worry about that", Flint assured Nilus.

the cart rolled on the bumoy trail to caelorn, Flint and Nilus were ever watchful waiting for another attack. the sun had begun to rise and crimson and pech danced on the horizon.

In the back, Grdar fondeled the artifact, and thought about it," why was it herem were could they have gotten it, they must have mistaken it for a mere decorated stone , not knowing what it really was".

The finding of the artifact still bewildered Grdar terrible, but he tried to put it further back in his mind and pccupy him self with more pressing matters.

"Caelorn isnt far from here", Flint spoke aloud," its walls should crest any moment".

"So, exactely how are we going to get into the palace?", Nilus asked Flint.

"That I'm not entierly sure of Nilus, but im sure a solution will present its self", flint reassured Nilus.

"there", Nilus spoke," the walls of caelorn, alas, we have arrived, i was beggining to think this was gonna last longer than that rainstorm that kept me in the caves for two days",Nilus borught up one of the stories of his past.

"Why couldnt you go out in the rain again", Flint asked trying to recall.

"I didnt want to get my ass wet", nilus laughed.

"yeah, thos muels do get rank when damp", Flint laughed back.

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"Oh, I love me a rank mule..." Nilus said with a seductive grin.

"I know you do. You're the one who spends the most time wank them- I mean, with them!" Flint seemed nervous, his botched joke brought the memories back more colorfully than ever. It was almost too much to bare.

Nilus knew exactly what part of their old times together Flint was thinking about, "How many times was it?"

Flint blushed, "Twenty seven..."

"Oh, really? Here I was thinking it was thirty! Were you, perhaps, unsatisfied?"

"N-n-no way Nilus..." Flint replied meekly, his heart pounding timidly in his chest, "I'm always satiated when it comes to you..."

"Really now?" Nilus turned to Grdar, "Could you go on ahead to Caelorn? I'd like to have some words with Flint, alone."

Grdar wasn't phased, he knew nothing of the wonderful thing that had happened in the past, "No problem, I'll find a good inn and get a room for us ahead of time. Meet me at the center marketplace when you get there."

By this time, Flint and Nilus were stopped, watching Grdar as he lumbered onward toward Caelorn, his warhammer firmly grasped as he swung it in rhythm with an old Drawvish song. What was in store for these two brave souls who stopped to supposedly have a casual, private conversation?


Nilus observed Flint's hair wavering in the wind as he motioned to a nearby grove of trees that seemly sprung from a fine patch of earth, "Over there would be a good place to chat, think you not?"

Flint nodded and Nilus went forth toward the green and brown sanctuary while he trailed behind. When they had settled down in the grove, by a tree close to the middle, Nilus breathed a sweet sigh, "This grove is much like Caelorn, eh?"

"How so?" Flint questioned, trying not to stare into his gray eyes.

"You don't see? There are many little people among us, all scurrying around within the walls of this grove," Nilus allowed a ladybug to scuttle it's punk ass up his finger, "See?"

"Ahh, I do see."

Nilus let his soft smile grow just a bit more intense as the ladybug flew off and his eyes glinted in the patch of sunlight that struck his face, "It'll be just like doing it in public."

This startled Flint and he tried to gain his composure, "Really? Here...?"

"Yeah, here," Nilus answered gingerly, "Why? Don't you want my fish to get caught in your net?" He slunk towards Flint like a cat towards prey.

Flint was speechless. He had always wanted another go and this was like a dream come true. When Nilus reached him he flung his lips, softly onto Flint's and started to undress him.

Nilus could feel Flint's 9 incher getting rock hard as he rubbed his left palm on his crotch, which he continued to rub as he reached in and helped it to escape from the jail that was his pants, "Ah, it's this big already? It looks like you were yearning for this," After saying this Nilus started to fellate his lingham.

He didn't fool around and went straight to sucking Flint with firm yet supple lips, bobbing up and down, swirling his tongue around Flint's head and moaning occasionally. He could tell that Flint was in ecstasy as he was breathing heavily and moaning softly with his rhythmic bobbing, grabbing at his hair and pulling lightly. Once Nilus had had his fill of pre-cum and his mouth was tired he got back to removing Flint's dapper threads.

When Nilus had finished with Flint's apparel, he turned him over and stuck his ass up, "You're just as submissive as before. That's good, I don't like to work hard," He then slowly and skillfully inserted his big pale rocket into Flint's hot pocket.

"Ungh!" Flint moaned, his prostate in vigor, "Fuck me hard, Nilus... and cum in me like a fucking T-Rex!"

The Tel'arair smiled as he said, "Oooh, giving commands now, eh? Maybe I'll just come and go like an owl swiping a mouse..."

"No! Do me like a bandit raping villagers! I want even more than last tim- *gasp*! He hadn't meant to say that.

Nilus spoke before Flint could attempt a redemption, "Oh, but what happened to 'N-n-no way, Nilus, I'm always satiated when it comes to you'?" He could tell he had put a crack in Flint's flint and was about to go aggro on his asshole in a second here.

"Well, let's see if this is good enough!" He slammed his dong into Flint's bong like a mu'fuckin' crazed, pissed off giraffe with it's head stuck between two trees trying to pimp slap a bitch on the other side of the plains for eating the last acacia leaves in a 7,173 kilometer radius.

After several anus ripping, dick abrading, nipple cutting hours of hardcore sex, Nilus and Flint finally embarked on their way to the center marketplace. When they got there they found Grdar at a bar stand gettin' crunk with some fine ladies.

"Hey! You guys finally got here! Did you get lost?" Flint started to speak up, but was cut off by Grdar, "Ah, who cares! Meet the ladies: Zmiya, Nagatabu and Shesie!"

Nilus chuckled, "Hahaha, who needs women when we got each other?"

Grdar burst into laughter, "Hey, I'll drink to that!" Then they all got mugs of some bad ass brew and put on a cheer.

"To 'friendship'!"

Okay, holy fucking shit. If you actually read all of that, I fucking love you because I seriously spent a lot of time on that shit.

I, seriously, just started typing that for no friggan reason and it was supposed to be some short retarded thing, not unlike my last two posts but that shit snowballed like crazy. I haven't written a story that long for 2 or 3 years and it was actually a shitload of fun and I haven't laughed that much in... I don't even know how long!

But really, I like what I read of the story and don't think of this as me trying to offend you, just think of it as some retarded sexual fan fic of your work.

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im just gonna step up and say this, the last post was in no way associated with the story , it some some proverse shit from some asshole, he should be banned from the writting forum, but enough for that. please enjoy reading our story from here on, and to the troll, please stop desecrating our story. if anyone wishes to add a charcter, run it by either earphonesan, the farseer or my self and well talk to each other about it.