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Fantasy story

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Fantasy story 2011-01-23 23:50:55 Reply

Call me unoriginal, but I've been reading the "zombie survival" and "vampire survival" stories, and thought the idea was too fun to pass up. Simply the thought of four or more independent characters working together (or not) in one plot sounds epic.

So to those of you interested in previously mentioned threads, this will be similar to those though it won't necessarily be a "survival" story per say.

The plot is as follows:

Unrest befalls the land of Terristora, with the rise of an unknown evil force, which is slowly spreading war and famine throughout the land. (Sounds like an inner flap of a book, no?)
YOU, (or rather your character) shall be interrupted from your normal life, and will have to either combat this force, or join it.

For the record, I'm too lazy to come up with a real fantasy realm name, so I just made a hybrid Latin word that basically says "Storyland". I hope that works for you guys.


So, the rules are as follows:

There shall be five characters (including mine). The next four people to post can create a character whose story will be narrated from their own point of view. (Unless you don't want to, in which case, please specify.)

NOW, you have some options here. You can pick your race from the following: Dwarven, Elven, Human, or if you're EXTREMELY clever, (<- and please, ONLY if you are) you can create your own race, but only if you're original and not stupid about it.

Pick a name.

Pick an age.

Pick an aura: Good, Neutral, or Evil

Weapons are optional for the start, but if you want one please only choose one. (You can always have your character pick one up later in the story.) Magical staves are allowed, but IF there is to be magic, it must be used sparingly. Invincibility/immortality and telepathy are not allowed.

Pick an occupation: Farmer, Blacksmith, Mercenary, etc.

Finally, no cheesy movie references, they're annoying and unoriginal. (Ironically, so is my thread. Huh.)


So here's my character.

Name: Grdar
Race: Dwarf
Age: 138
Aura: Neutral
Weapon: Two-handed stone warhammer.
Occupation: Proctite Miner


Beads of sweat blurred my vision as I swung my pickaxe at the blasted unwielding boulder. Proctite may be among the strongest metals, I thought, but it's a pain in the ass to mine.

"Grdar" Called a voice.

I didn't respond, but continued smashing the pick into the stone, my temper rising with each futile blow.


"What is it!" I shouted, my voice not it's usual bass tone. Perhaps it was that I hadn't spoken to anyone for the last two days. I hoped that was the case, as I'd always had little respect for Dwarven males with high voices.

"You're needed at the gates Grdar, another wave of soldiers is approaching."

"Tsha! They're like ants, only with less intelligence!" I swore, turning away from my rock. Before me stood Tek'nar the messenger-Dwarf, or rather, Dwarf that was too weak to hold an axe in battle.

"They are persistent." Tek'nar said, smirking somewhat, "But they'll never make it into our halls."

"How many will they sacrifice before they realize it though!" I said grumpily, my voice resuming its deep gruff timbre.

"No matter." Tek'nar said, as he began making his way back up the winding ladder out of the mines, calling over his shoulder, "Just get equipped for battle."

Swearing under my breath, I threw my pickaxe to the ground, and grabbed my tunic from the neighboring rock where I'd left it. I gave a sigh as I put it on. Dwarven weavers were the best in the land. None could compare to the feel of their garb.

Setting off at a quick pace, I began channeling my frustration into running. Dwarven mines were immense, but I knew a few short-cuts, and arrived even before Tek'nar who came huffing in some time later.

I accepted the armor proffered to me, and dawned it wordlessly, sneering at Tek'nar who was giving the soldiers envious looks. Ducking through the ever-growing crowd of Dwarves, I made my way to the weapons rack, and pulled down my warhammer. Rough. Ugly. Heavy. I couldn't have asked for a better weapon than this. It got the job done.

"This shouldn't take long." I said to Tek'nar, clanking my helmet with the butt-end of my hammer as I passed.


Right, so there's my start. Hopefully this'll catch on.

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Response to Fantasy story 2011-01-25 20:16:39 Reply

Well this looks fun. Hope it doesn't die out.

Though if I may, the basic description of the world is a bit cliched and it could use a little work. What the evil is, why there is a famine....and so on and so forth. Would love to help with that.

My Character:

Name: Nilus al Viatoire
Race: The Tel'arair(The Charred) -Characterized by their pale skin and grey eyes, these nomadic people are born from tragedy. Once Human, their ancestors made a covenant with the Demi-god Arair ve Kela'lor Vos Tumlus(He who chars the Stone with Words). In exchange for vanquishing their enemies, they pledged their service to the Half-god. But they did not understand the whims of an immortal. Under his rule they were forced to burn down their homeland on no reason but his whim. Farmland,homes, entire families...they all felt his sadistic flames. Eventually a small group rebelled against the Half-god, determined to retake their home. Using an ancient dagger, predating the demi-god himself, they plunged it into his smoldering chest. But in his death scream he cursed the Humans, burning the color from their eyes and destroying their resilience to fire. The new-born Tel'arair were but burnt remnants of Humanity. Forever trying to reclaim the former glory held before their grievous mistake.
Age: 22
Aura: Good
Weapon/Equipment: Simple clothes covered by a hooded tabard. A small, ornately curved butcher knife.
Profession: Former fisherman,as was his Father's profession, now currently a layman for the Temple of Shal'hatha


Brother Nilus had always lived a rather quiet life. Born to a simple,humble fisherman, he grew up on the shores of Lake A'las. He could always be playing in the tides or helping his father delivering the freshly caught fish to the marketplace. In fact, if not for that faithful night, he might still be there. Patching up his father's algae-crusted boat, or watching the sun set over the lake.

But Shal'hartha had other plans apparently.

A mere five years ago, his father was bitten by a water serpent while reeling in the days catch. The poison swept through his body in mere seconds, crippling him in pain. Nilus rushed his father home, calling the town healer. But the poison had seeped to deep, and the healer could do nothing. Right as his family was on the verge despair their was a knock at the door.

A Shal'hartha Disciple had heard of his father's plight and rushed to aid him. Shal'hartha was the god of Mercy,Forgiveness, and Justice. The god's teachings on forgiveness had been widely popular among the cursed Tel'arair, causing there being a Temple close by. The prayers of his god whispered on his lips, the Disciple banished the poison from Nilus's father, rejuvenating him in the process.

Amazed by the power of the Disciple, Nilus went to straight to the temple the next morning and became a layman of Shal'hartha. His cursed blood not allowing him too much exposure in the sun, Brother Nilus became somewhat of a scholar, learning the prayers of his god and trying to divine the greater wisdom locked within.

But wanderlust has set in for Nilus.

He hears the rumors of famine,disease, and war ravishing his homeland. Of evil beings crawling out from the darkness, and bandits plaguing the countryside. He seeks to do more in the name of his god, to help those who can't help themselves. His mind made up, he gathers what little belongings he owns. And with only his father's butcher knife to protect himself journeys out into the world.

A quiet life indeed.

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Response to Fantasy story 2011-01-25 22:24:02 Reply

Name: Tala
Race: Human
Age: 24
Weapons: Swords, daggers, axes, polearms, etc
Occupation: Mercenary

She was born in a small kingdom in a large castle. As she grew up, she hated doing feminine things like wearing dresses, sewing, and always dreamt about being a warrior. At the age of 18, a marriage had been arranged for her, but she didn't want to marry. She escaped the castle and never heard from her family again.

She later came across a house during night time and knocked on the door. A man answered and she asked if she could stay for the night, then he let her in. The man tells her that he used to serve as a champion for a very powerful kingdom. She insists him to train her to become a warrior and he agrees. Years go by as Tala masters her skills with melee weapons.

Now she is a warrior for hire. She can do different tasks like killing certain monsters, delivering special items, and more, for a price. She explores all parts of the world working for all kinds of individuals.

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Response to Fantasy story 2011-01-26 02:14:49 Reply

Though if I may, the basic description of the world is a bit cliched and it could use a little work. What the evil is, why there is a famine....and so on and so forth. Would love to help with that.

Yes, I realize that it's all a bit cliche. My idea had been, rather than coming up with a single "dark force of evil" on my own, it could be a collaborative effort, and our characters could find out for themselves.


There they were. The stupid humans, too greedy to see their mistake of challenging might of the Dwarves. They'd multiplied in numbers since the last time. What appeared to be five and seventy men, judging only by the formation of their ranks, were marching upon the mountain; however, there seemed to be several small caravans atop the hill they were approaching from.

Before I had time to think, a stone the size of myself flew from one of the caravans, and slammed into the gates with a resounding crash.

"Tsha!" I roared, as my fellow Dwarves begin milling around, setting up the catapults to return fire, "The humans try harder this time!"

"I didn't like the sound of that." A soldier said darkly, "That was a much harder hit from their normal pebble-launchers they bring. And from those tiny wagons?!"

"Let's not let them shoot us again!" I said, and the warriors around me roared in agreement.

"Open the gates, we'll bring the fight to them!" Glindn, the Dwarf in command shouted.

The Dwarves began banging their weapons against their shields as the gates slowly creaked open. Then, all was chaos.

An enormous boulder flew through the open gates, crushing twelve Dwarves in its path. The humans charged in then, slaying everything they came into contact with.

This isn't right! I thought, Humans aren't this strong! How are they doing this? Then a sudden realization hit me.

"Grindn!" I shouted, but I was talking to a corpse. Grindn had been one of the twelve hit by the boulder.

I crush the helm of a man with my hammer, then smash the next man's stomach. More and more humans are streaming into the mines. Our mines! There hadn't been this many outside.

"Malkr'in help us." I pray, then shout, "fall back lads, protect the Nir'lin!"

At the words, the Dwarves redouble their efforts, and begin a slow retreat back into the mines. There are only a handful of Dwarves still alive of the four score that we had started with.

I noticed several humans slip past the defenders, and enter into the halls.

"After them!" I bellow, but all the others have either been slain, or are stuck in combat.

Giving one last look to my brethren, and cursing the humans in all the tongues I know, I begin pursuing the small group of men, hammer held high. I must protect the Nir'lin!

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Response to Fantasy story 2011-01-27 21:18:18 Reply

Yeah, a collaboration on the story sounds good. Here is the next installment for me. Takes place a few days after Nilus's departure. Also, when do the character's meet up?

Nilus scowled as he pulled the ugly weight from his side. He hated what this world makes him do. He hated himself more for the excitement coursing through him. But this cannot go unpunished.

Shal'hartha guide my hand,

The weak will always attack the defenseless. Those who chose to embody love for his fellow man over domination are always the first to be struck. These men are no different. They are quick, they are ruthless. They cared not for the merchant as they beat him down in front of his daughter. They didn't see the blood spraying from his side. Nor did they see the tears flowing down the girls cheek's. Merciful lord, she's just a child.

Steel my soul, but warm my heart,

Shal'hartha is the Lord of Forgiveness. But he is also a god of Justice. His followers are not toothless. In his short years at the monastery, he did learn to defend himself, but without the cruelty or malice so often seen in combat. One of the bandits strikes out, he is very young and just as impatient.
Help me to cleanse this hateful world,

He strikes are fast, but none land. He has no training, instinct brings him this far.Such a waste.
Nilus knows two ways to end this without killing him. One would easily disarm the boy, but would leave his back towards the rest of the bandits. Which leaves the second one. Which unfortunately...

The boy lashes out with his club with a vertical strike, Nilus side-steps him nimbly. Then in the blink of an eye, slashes at the boys hand. The boy screams out, dropping his crude weapon. Before he can collect himself, Nilus slams his knee to the boys midsection, silencing him.

Teach me to always offer the hand of mercy,

The others charge. Taking strength in their numbers. There's three of them, all wielding crude weapons. They have had more experience then the boy, a swing with a crude sword narrowly missing Nilus's head. Such ignorant hate. One of them has the foresight to flank him, trying to plant his dagger in the ex-fisherman's back. Acting quickly, the layman put his foot to the man's stomach. Then would-be-killer gasped for breath, just enough time for him to put his knife's pommel down on his head.

Even if the people would spit in it.

The last two take advantage of the distraction to leap at Nilus, weapons outstretched. Nilus could only see one possible movement from this position. And he hated it. Flipping his knife up, he catches the tip between his index and thumb. With a quick prayer he flings at the bulkier rogue, embedding itself in his stomach. In a short, fluid movement he spins around he flings his fist at the bandit's companion, backhanding his head with a sickening crack.

Exhausted, Nilus al Viatoire could only stare at his dirty work Feeling his limbs burn as the adrenaline pumped out of his system. For a second, he could feel he wanted more. But he quickly chastised such a thought, again disgusted at what this world does to him.

No, it's not the world. Only him. Him and his tainted blood. The blood of a people who gave up their own humanity for vengeance. But Nilus would not give in, he would make his own fate. The merchant and his daughter would need attending to. And then the bandits themselves. But he would endure. he must.

In your name I pray. Shal Thiatis Liatis (Mercy for all)

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Response to Fantasy story 2011-01-27 23:32:46 Reply

At 1/27/11 09:18 PM, TheFarseer wrote: Yeah, a collaboration on the story sounds good. Here is the next installment for me. Takes place a few days after Nilus's departure. Also, when do the character's meet up?

Good story so far mate. As far as the characters meeting up, it mostly depends on timing. Just all of us follow everyone's stories, and have them meet up when it feels right.

Also, you still in VGmasters? We're awaiting your next post. And note to everyone else, there are still two slots open for characters. Just sayin'. >.>

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Response to Fantasy story 2011-01-28 00:40:19 Reply

Occupation:Blacksmiths Apprentice

flint was born outside of a tavern, his father an alchaholic and his mother died in childbirth. he spent the first year and a half of his life on the floor of a tavern before his uncle felix "volunteered" to take the boy from the alchaholic and raise him as his own. felix was a black smith, and raised Flint as his apprentice. from an early age, he found making things to be a passion and through out his childhood and adolesance, he chose to use things he made and nothing else. he plucked his own quill pens and made his own wooden sparing swords. he even made crude chairs for the school that his uncle enrolled him in the town to the north, since his home was but a small villiage.

by age thirteen, he was constructing battle worthy swords, not the best swords, but they were a deadly weapon in the right hands. at the age of fifteen, he first heard of war by passing soldiers and became infactuated, reading any records he could find of great battles. then, on his 16th birthday, he got hs first taste of war when three strangers rode into town. they roobbed the bank at sword point and tried to run off, but were stopped by a few soldiers taking up quarter at the tavern. he watched from the blacksmiths shop as the battle raged on and started to wonder out into the fight. one of the strangers spotted him. he went to kill the boy, but felix stepped in and saved him, suffering a major wound to his right hand, his dominant hand.

he listened from the next room as the doctor told felix that he wouldnt be able to use his hand the same. as tears began to stream down his face, he grabbed some cloths, any money he had saved and is best sword and went south, not finnishing school and abandoning the man, his uncle , the man whos life he may had just destroyed.he left the town and never looked back, but once, the lastday he spent in the town, he wrote a letter to his uncle.

little after a year later, flint was working at a blacksmiths shop in a town two stops south of his birth twon when he heard that the province was under attack. as he saw a general walk toward the shop, he slinked back , fearing he would only hurt others again. the general charged in.
"johnson, were under attack, and i know you need all the help you can get, but we need soldiers bad and who better to handle a sword than a blacksmith. you have a boy here, 18 years of age, right?"
"yeah, flint,hes actually 17, but he turns 18 in a few months"
"good, fetch him for me".
and from then on , he was in the army, a blacksmith and a soldier, not ready to fight, more ready for flight...

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Response to Fantasy story 2011-01-28 04:01:16 Reply

I followed the humans for some time, unable to catch up. Curse these short legs! I thought, trying my best to run faster all the while ignoring the stitch in my side.

"If Malkr'in had wanted us to run, he would have granted us wings!" I growl as I run.

The faint sounds of screaming reached my ears, and my heart shattered in my chest. The humans had found the Nir'lin. The sounds of clashing swords arise, and I bellow my rage and frustration as I run even faster, foam gathering at the corners of my mouth.

I stumble, and nearly fall over something lying across the ground. My vision goes red as I see a young Nir'lin, barely into maturity, cut down in cold blood.

"Malkr'in, make me thy vengeful hammer, that I might SMITE THESE BASTARDS AND SEND THEM TO THY WRATH!" I cry, my throat tearing at the volume of my exclamation.

The sounds of murder are silenced temporarily, and I hear a whimper behind me. I turn, and see the young Nir'nil shudder.

"Thir'lom! You're still alive!" I say, my ruined throat barely letting out a whisper. I crouch down beside the Nir'lin, tears falling from my eyes.

"Are you the last of our warriors?" She asks me softly.

"Yes." I choke, banging my fists into my helm as the sounds of violence arise once more, "Yes, the last! What am I to do?!"

The Nir'lin touches my face with a soft white hand, "Then flee." She coughs, "Flee noble Gur'lar, and rejoin the rest of our race. You cannot save us."

I collapse, weeping bitterly above the broken body of the Nir'lin, and feel a thump. I embrace her, and feel another feeble thump, barely audible above the new sounds of footsteps gathering in the halls.

Gathering myself, I lift the Nir'lin upon my shoulders, and balance her with the stave of my hammer. Pausing only for a moment, I stare down the passage I'd been following. I could almost see the demons ripping through the priests, the Nir'lin, the children.

As I run through the secret passageways known only to Dwarven miners, I vow to myself never to be so weak again. And to bring the might and fury of the Dwaves and the gods themselves down upon the humans that caused this unforgivable sin. I would never forgive them.

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Response to Fantasy story 2011-01-28 07:13:41 Reply

three months before the attack on the dwarven mines...
"ok maggots, listen up, we dont have much time to prepare you for battle, not nearly as much as id like anyways",the general said.
"if we dont contribute to the war efort, then the dwarves will ravage this land with extreme prejudice", the general contuinued," and i know none of you want to see this land, our land, taken is your orietation, tormorrow is the first day of hell", the general walked off.

a captiain walked in front of the untrained battalion," my name is captain therin, but thats sir to you", he continued," so, all of you will sleep, live and bathe as a team, in that barracks over there".
captain therin pointed to a semi-rundown barracks.
"march maggots", the captian yelled, herding the trainees to their new home.
"hey, whats your name", one of them whispererd to flint.
"my names flint", he discretely said back", how 'bout you?"
"my names nero", the man said. he had brown hair like flints ,but he was a little taller. he looked to be about 22 years old.
they were pushed into the barracks," alright, each of you find your self a bunk, now!", the captian yelled.
Flint and Nero stayed grouped and picked the bunk on the wall opposing the door and set up camp.
Day 1
the privates lay motionless, asleep, comfortable. then, a column of smoke wafted in, quietly. the top bunks notced first, startingg with one of the privates near the door. then three officers, including the captain ran into the bunker with sparing swords and began beating the recruits untill they exited the smoke filled baracks.
Flint was bareley up before the captain hit him in the back of the knee, then contiously in the shoulder untill he crawled into the open.
the captian grouped the startled men into a group and spoke," oh...i see that your finally awake ladies, listen up, cause im only gonna say this once...the enemy will have no qualms about using the same technique, the only diference...private serrilson", the captain said singling out flint", is that youd be missing body parts and impaled with swords and axes, and there be fire, not smoke. if you cant here the enemy approach in the night, you will die", the private started to walk away,"oh and have that baracks shining by the time i get back, or youll really start to dislike me".

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Response to Fantasy story 2011-01-29 01:25:37 Reply

I see the opening to the cave leading out of the mine. I pause for a moment to catch my breath, and stare out of the cavern at the world beyond lit with morning sun. Never had I left the mines except to fight, and defend the gates. How was I supposed to survive, let alone find the rest of my race?

The Nir'in begins muttering something, but I cannot make sense of her words. Her body is hot and feverish against my skin, and I can feel droplets of sweat falling upon my helmet.

"Just a little longer, Nir'lin." I say softly, my throat still forcing me to speak quietly.

"Talin." She whispers.


"My name... Is Talin."

"Grdar." I respond, staring vacantly at a rock next to me.

"That's a-" The Nir'lin lets out a soft cry of pain, "N-noble name..."

"You shouldn't be talking!" I say harshly, "Malkr'in will never forgive me if I let you die for the sake of a conversation."

Talin reaches down, and touches my cheek again softly with her miniscule hand, but utters no more words.

I take a few cautious steps forward, then break into a run out into the land. The sun stings my eyes as I run, causing my sight to go blurry. I can faintly see a forest coming up, and head toward it. A curtain of silver falls in front of my face, as I feel Talin slump forward on my shoulders.

"Stay with me Nir'lin." I plead, as I run.

A shower of needles and scratches across my body signals my arrival into the forest. I find myself stumbling along clumsily, unused to such terrain. There's a tree blocking my path every other step, and roots reach up to entangle my feet at every opportunity.

I see a tree covered in a soft looking green substance, and head toward it. I couldn't run anymore, and needed to find some food for the two of us. I hadn't eaten since the previous evening, being busy mining as I was. Slowly, carefully, I lower Tarin from my shoulders, and lay her upon the green growth. I remove my tunic, and place it across her body. She was small, even for a Nir'lin; however, she was the most beautiful that I had ever seen.

I turn to stare out into the forest. I didn't know where I was, or what dwelt in this maze of trees, but I knew enough to guess that I wouldn't stand a chance hunting until nightfall. I sat down on a root, and recline into a crook at the trees base, resting my hammer across my lap. As my weary eyes close, I see several small birds flying though the air, singing their songs to the world, blissfully unaware of the trials and hardships of Grdar the Dwarf.

"What an odd place..." I mutter.

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Response to Fantasy story 2011-01-29 03:57:53 Reply

two and a half months until attack on dwarven mines

flint was jogging down a trail with the rest of the privates, captain therron in the front.
"man, im getting tired ",flint said
"of the jogging", nero asked
"well , yeah, and the push up, the cleaning, the sit-ups, when are we gonna start training with sword and bows and do some really combat", flint comlained.
"how about now", the captin said kicking one of flints legs infron of the others. flint tripped and tumbled.
flint got back up and dust him self off.
"i said, how about now", the captian repeated himself.
"fine, lets do it", flint said", who am i going up against?"
the captian dropped his pack on the ground
"no, really, who am i gonna spar with", flint asked
"Broly", therron yelled," get two sparing swords up here were gonna make and example...i mean, have a friendly sparing match"
the brown nosing private that he was, broly rushed to get the captain a sword, and tossed a sword in flints general direction.
"okay, since your so eager to get some action, your gonna spar with me", the captian siad aloud," are you ready?"
"i wouldnt get asked that in a real battle", flint said
"as right as you are", captian therron said.
before finishing the sentance, therron lunged forward, then horizontally sliced into flints stomache with the wooden sparing sword. quick as light ning he had it raised up to strike the sword flew toward flint face, flint raise his sword up and blocked. sword to sword, therron looked him dead in the eyes," as right as you are, you will respect me, or i will ride you so hard, youll ahve to cry your self to sleep for a month".
therron forced flint back and attacked again. flint was fast enough to dodge the attack, but when he returned the volley, therron was able to counter attack swiftley and lay the sword upside flints ribs. flint swund the sword around to hit the captian, but the response was therron stomping on the sword, breaking it in half and wacking flint in the head again.
"anyone else feel like sparring today", the captain said
no one stepped forward.
all right, everyone, get back to joggin", therron yelled," and serillson, thats an extra mile for you"

flint lay there in bed ," im gettin sick of the captain nero"
"dont worry flint, the harder he rides you, the better soldier youll be", nero reassured him
"still, hes a dick, and im getting tired of his shit, i mean, do you know anything about his past?i dont",flint aslked
"i dont know man, he must have been in a war or two", nero said.
then, in the littleist whisper, right in flints ear,"six actually".

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Response to Fantasy story 2011-01-29 04:39:38 Reply

Hey Paradigm, nice story so far. If I may make one comment though, (and this is meant good-naturedly) you're using an awful lot of modern day slang and language that clashes somewhat with the fantasy setting. Sorry if I sound like a d-bag, but I just thought I'd mention it...

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Response to Fantasy story 2011-01-29 14:04:52 Reply

no, that actually was a concern with me too, so thanks for the critiscism, ill try to tone it down a bit.any siggestions?

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Response to Fantasy story 2011-01-29 16:18:27 Reply

For the sake of story, could you PM what a Nir'lun is?

The merchant's body looked like a rugged slab of meat. Blood drenched his fine clothes, his face was beginning to swell from his beating. The girl next to him couldn't of been more than nine winters. She looked un-harmed, but tears were streaking down her face. Nilus reached out to examine the wounds. The merchant gasps.

"Wha...Where...What happened?"

"Shhh. Kind sir. The bandits have been taken care of." Nilus said, letting the power of Shal'hartha lace his words, calming the man.

"Bandits! Lord of Forgiveness...Shayla! Where's my daughter?! Whe-"

"She's safe. She's over here."

Pushing Nilus aside, the merchant forced himself up, wincing at the pain in his side. Shayla was already on him, crying as they embraced. Nilus smiled at their comfort. Feeling quite good with himself, his anger already subsiding. This is why he left. This is what he was meant to do.
Softly approaching the two, he gently nudged the merchant.

"Sir, if I may."

The merchant starred wide-eyed at him for a moment. Then he glanced at the groaning bodies, and realized what Nilus had done.

"Yes of coarse, anything." practically screaming it in thanks.

"Why were you traveling in such a manner? There's no cart, so your not a traveller. And by your dress, I would guess you came from the town of Caelorn."

"Th- Thats correct. I had to leave. It was no longer safe."

A steely determination over took Nilus. Something was off here.


"The Count has gone mad! There's soldiers everywhere in the streets. Everyone's terrified. He's convinced everyone that the Dwarves are going to attack. That we have to annihilate them. But..."

Nilus motions him to continue.

"But we've never had any trouble with the Dwarves before. I have traded with them, they're good folk. I just was worried for my daughter in such a place. We were heading to live with my mother in the country."

Thanking the merchant, Nilus went to attend to the bandit. Working quickly, he was able to bandage the would-be robbers before they bled out too much. The merchant and his daughter were long gone already. Nilus said a quick prayer for their safety.

Storming the Dwarf fortresses? Mankind had not done this for centuries. Not since the Black Crusades. Something was off in Caelorn. And Nilus would get to the bottom of it.

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one and a half months before the attack on the dwarven mines

"alright , its been a month and a half, you are strong as rock and fast as lightning, so,we shall move forth on the training, can anyone guess what form of training we progress to now", therron asked", perhaps....serrilson?"
the captain spoke to the battalion, they were no longer disrespectful and unruly, they were straight and respectible.
"is it....combat training.sir,"serrilson asked.
"good, good, i see my lessons have made an impact on you men, im proud of that fact, so now, we must get you combat ready", therron said" Broly! get the swords , all of them.crowly, getthe shields", the captain siad, speaking to two other members of the battalion.
Broly and Crowley distributed all of the swords and shield to the men and their selves.
"now, i do not know of your capabilities with a sword...well, maybe a wisp of serrilsons...", he paused purposley, waiting for laughter, whitch inly a few people laughed because the rest were too used to not talking back or being hit,"so ill pair you up for sparing".
the captain paired them up, flint ended up being paired with crowley and nero with broly.
lets see nero and broly go first", the captain siad," over there", he said, pointing to a worn circle of dirt.
standing five feet apart, therron yelled,"begin", to start the match.
broly was quick to strike , but nero was quicker to dodge. nero tried to counter but broly had good defensive skill. the two went back in forth untill they finally locked swords. broly was stronger than nero and was abel to force him back hard enough to make him trip. broly charged and sliced to neros neck, but slowed atthe last second, barley resting the wooden sparing swor on neros neck.
"match gos to broly", therron said.
there were a few more matched before flint was put up against clowley
"Serrilson...crowley, set forth inot the arena, its time for the two of you to duel", captain therron said.
crowly was much more slender than flint, and most of the group, and he had thin black hair.. he wasnt completely suited for war, but he had the back stabbing nature to make it through a battle field.
"okay, begin match", therron said.
"okay serrilson, before we battle, let us shake hannds", crowley suggested.
flint switched his sword to his eft hand so he could shake with his right soon as he did this, crowley drew back to attack. the sword came across in a diagnal sweep. flint leaned back, barely avoiding the blade and hit crowley in the hip, using his left hand. it hurt crowley, but not sufficient enough to slow him much.
crowley came back with another attack, aiming low, but flint dodged and punched crowley in the face with a right jab. crowly fell on his back. as flint approached, crowley reached for his sword, but flint stepped on his hand, then lowered the tip of the sparing sword to crowleys throat.
"match goes to flint", therron said.
a few matches later, it came down to just two, flint and broly
"Flint Serillson and Serin Broly", captain therron said," step forth , you two have come out undefeated and ye are my two greatest warriors ...for now, so, to be presented with the title of batallion leader"
the two sttod opposite on the same arena. they were both ready...over the last few weeks, the two had formed a bit of a rivaly, and had competed to be the best, broly wanted others to recognize his superiority, flint wanted to be the best for him self, to validate te sacrifice felix made.
broly was honed in on the win and flint wanted to win because he thought nero was a jerk.
"begin the match", therron said.
broly was quick to attack , but flint blocked proficiently
"serrilson, im gonna be the leader of this battalion", broly said
"to tell the truth broly", flint said, blocking another attack", i dont wanna be the battalion leader, i just dont want you to win"
broly went to use his push move to trip fint up, but when the sword locked and broly began to push flint back, flint moved his sword in a circular motion quickly, causing brolys sword to fly out of his hand. broly ran to retreive his sword. flint waited a few seconds, then threw his sword at broly. it spun near the ground and as it approached blory, in went in front of one foot and behind the other, tripping broly up bad.
as flint stood over his fallen foe, brloly let out a long moan and got his footing. there was blood straming down his face, flint bpicked his sword back up and flipped broly over and but the base of the wooden blade against brolys neck and waited for it...
"match goes to flint", therron yelled.

a few hours later
"flint, you did good today", therron said, then left
flint immediaetly noticed that therron called him flint instead serrilson
flint went to bed, pondering what that meant.

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In my sleep, I see the faces of my kin, being struck down by humans. Their swords ripping through the flesh of my brothers. Then I see the humans gathering the Nir'lin to be raped and murdered.

"You fought well today men." Says a voice, "You've thwarted the tyranny of the Dwarves, now here's your reward! Take a Dwarf maid each!"

The vision fades into darkness, and a voice enters my ears that comforts my angry spirit, the voice of Thir'lom herself.

"This shall not go unpunished."

I awake, covered in sweat, and tears streaming from my tightly closed eyes. Slowly I open them, and I see my hands holding my hammer out in front of me, veins protruding from my white knuckles.

Shakily, I shift until I am on my knees.

"Thir'lom." I say thickly, my throat pulsing as I dry swallow the bile rising from my stomach, "Let this child of thine Talin live. Shield thy daughters from the pain inflicted by the humans. And take them to thy Mountain Throne."

I pinch the bridge of my nose between my thumb and index finger. When I lower my hand, I see a bear lying sleeping before me. Surely that had not been there before? Rising to my feet, I walk over to the bear, and crush its skull with my hammer.

"Malkr'in provides food." I say gruffly, pulling a skinning knife from my boot, and setting to work de-pelting the once predator.

Several hours later finds me sitting before a lit fire, with two skewers of meat roasting above.

Prodding the meat with a twig to test its progress, I ponder my predicament. What was I going to do? The Nir'lin, or Dwarf maid as the humans called them, was seriously injured. I knew nothing of the healing arts. I also couldn't take her to a village, because of my new-found mistrust of humans, and also the lusts of men.

Nir'lin were not like Dwarf males at all. While a male stood on average four foot tall, a Nir'lin normally stood at three feet. They were not wide like the males, but slender and vastly more proportionate. Their beauty exceeded that of all other races to the Dwarves, they were the children of the gods. The males had been created by Malkr'in to lay down their lives to protect the daughters of Thir'lom.

"To lay down our lives..." I said softly, "I was a coward. I couldn't save them."

"Grdar?" Came a small voice.

I look at Talin, who had lifted her head. The firelight danced off her face, and made her hair shine with a silver glow.

I rise, and pull one of the skewers of meat from the fire, after a quick last prod with the twig, and bring it to her.

"Eat." I say.

Talin's tiny hands appear from under my tunic, and take the meat from me. She stares at me with large black eyes.

"Thank you. For saving me."

Wordlessly, I return to the fireside, and pull my meat from the fire. Chewing on the bland fare, I stare into the black forest beyond.

"What will you do?" Talin asks, still holding the skewer loosely.

"Eat, then we will talk." I say, shaking my head, not looking at her.

Silence surrounds our makeshift camp, broken only by the gentle crackling of the fire.

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i wanna adress a typo
"broly was honed in on the win and flint wanted to win because he thought nero was a jerk."
this is from the previous section, it should say....because he thought broly was a jerk"

the night before the attack on the dwarven mines

"alright men, weve hunted and slayed many of beast, youve fought each other valiantly and you handle your swords like true soldiers, im proud of each and every one of you, and tonight, you will feast!" the captain gave a speech," but dont drink to much of the ale ,men, you dont wanna be to groggy when you go into battle."
flint and nero sat by each other, on the other end of the table sat broley and crowley.originally, broly saw crowley as weak and impotent and crowley saw broly as a mere brute, but as time went on, there hatred for flint and nero fueled a friendship. they plotted every second they were together.
"so, battalion leader", nero adressed flint", you ready for the battle tormorrow?"
"im as ready as ill ever be", flint said solemly, reflecting on the life he ruined.
"you alright man", nero asked
"yeah, im..uh, im fine", flint said getting up and leaveing
as flint passed broly and crowley, he could help but overhear their profected voices.
"so, the battle tomorrow, you ready, once we win, were gonna round up there women and have some fun", crowley said.
"yeah, cant wait to get my hands on some of those dwarven women, hell, i might seek out two or three", broly responded.
flint stopped, walked to the table and confronted the men," im sorry, what was that?", flint asked
nero looked across the table and saw flint talkinf to crowley and broly," oh shit.
"were just talking about the spoils of war", broly said.
"spoils?", flint said," Spoils!?, whats wrong with you two, these are people were talking about".
"hardly ", crowly said," there just dwarves".
"listen up", flint said, grabbing crowly my the neck of his shirt," ill kill a million dwarfs by your side, but i i see you so much as touch a women," flint got about three inches from crowleys face," ill ill you my self".
broly stood up and cocked his fist back, but before he could punch flint, nero caught his fist," hey, c'mon man, you wouldnt wanna hurt your superior the night before a big battle, right", nero reasond.
broly sat back down
"c'mon, flint, lets get some pints", nero said, pacifying the situation.

after the feast, the men all returned to the barracks and most of them were drunk, even nero and flint.
the next mrning was harsh. they were wken up and extra hour and a half early, as to prepare for war, and about half of the men were hung over.
flint was the first one up, recognizing his responsibility as battallion leader. he knew his menhad been drinking so he went out and got therron to give his enough coffee to wake his hungover troops up. with in a half hour, all of then men were up and samoe where even suited up for war. broly sat on a tree stump, he was dressed the same as everyone else, he had a hard leather body with a smal, chainlink neck, caps, a shiled and a sword. some of the men were trained as archers, some as spear men, but the battalion consisted mostly of swordsmen.
he was proud of his men, even crowley and broly looked like respectable soldiers, flint knew better, but they still looked decent. nero walked up to him," we leave in five,ready?"
"oh, im ready nero", flint said.

flint walked up front with the captain, nero walked behing them, ans crowly and broly were in the middle of the group some where. after three hours of walking, flint saw that the vast forrest was coming to an end. they came into a claering simoutaneously with two other battalions, they could see three more on the hill. they had entered the land in between the forrest and the mountains, they were on the border.
when they finally got to the hill top, flint was surprised to see that there were no dwarven army waiting for them.
flint watched therron go up to some other officers and he could only pick out a few key phrases...
"element of surprise" "no survivors" "women and children"
he hoped they were out of context, but his heart sank as therron gave another speech, which used all of the prhrases just as he thought.
as the sppech went on, flint felt something, he looked back...broly and crowley were smiling at him, his reaction to the content of the speech.
",,,and men, remember, the dwarves wouldn't, have not, and couldnot hesitate to do the same to you".
flint looked out , at the base of the mountain was a villiage, a his home town

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"What did you do?" Talin asked, when they'd both eaten their fill.

"Mined." I said shortly, not wanting to think about my home.

"What do you-"

She broke off, as noises arose in the distance. It sounded like two people running. The footsteps slowed as the strangers got nearer. Talin hid her face under the tunic, as two conversing voices became audible.

"Do you think we lost 'im?" Said a thick thuggish voice.

"No doubt, he's probably gone back to grieve over his friend." Said a high oily voice, and the two chuckled.

"So, what're you going to do?" Asked the deeper.

"I'm going home, that's what!" Said the higher, "I figure I took enough from the Dwarves' to support myself for life! Let the Count fight his own battles, that's not for me!"

I narrowed my eyes, as I reached for my hammer. So, not only murderers, but deserters as well.

"Heh, was fun though." The deeper laughed, "Three Dwarf maids!"

"It was, until Flint came along and spoiled it." The higher grumbled.

I leap to my feet, and charge forward just as the two men entered into the clearing.

"Malkr'in!" I bellow, as I swing my hammer low, crushing the right leg of the smaller man, then upwards landing the it in the larger's throat.

The smaller man falls to the ground screaming in pain, his bone protruding from the skin, while the larger falls lifeless to the ground, his windpipe completely crushed.

Scowling darkly, I advance on the smaller man, blood-lust burning my veins.

"No please, no!" The man screams, throwing his hands up before his face, "I swear I didn't do anything!"

"Didn't do anything?" I say, keeping my voice in check, but letting the anger infuse my words, "Nothing at all?"

"No, I swear! Oh gods, my leg!"

Heaving my shoulders, I lift my hammer, and bring it down upon the man's other leg.

The man's voice rose to a screech, and he lay rolling back and forth on the ground, tears and slobber coating his face.

"This." I growl, my voice rising with each word, as I approach the cowering man, "This! This is what slew four score Dwarves, and raped and murdered countless innocent Nir'lin?! This filth, this coward, crawling on its knees like a rabbit before a wolf!!

Before long, I was bellowing in the face of the greasy man, "This scum of the earth! Not fit for life, yet taking it from others! How dare you!"

"I-I swear!" The man sobbed, "They made me do it!"

"Who made you!!"

"T-the Count!" The man shrieked, "H-he lives in Caelorn! Unleash your wrath upon him, I will take you to him, only spare me please!"

"Save your pleas for Malkr'in!" I roar, my hammer silencing the man's final terrible scream.

My chest heaving, I slump to the ground. So one man had instigated this breach of treaty. One man had sent waves of soldiers upon our halls for the last two months. But why? Why?!

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flint watched as 12 other batallions joined them ,each bigger than his. the geneals and some other officers conveined again, then therron came back," this is it, we strike this final blow on the mines and the dwarves will surley surrender".
flint stood there, almost unconscience, he had grown more and more aware of the brutality the human army was intending to unleash, and this wasnt what he wanted and he knew it wouldnt be what felix would want.somehow felix missed the horns and bareley faded into conscieness to recognize broly and crowleys voices.
"you ready crowley", broly said.
"oh yeah, im gonna have my self a real party", crowley responded.
"i know , and hell, i bet i kill more than you", broly said.
"in your dreams brute, ill slay the men , women and children like the bugs they are", crowley challenged his colleague.
there voices began to fade. he took a deep breath and readied his sword, the sword he brought from home, then began to run down the hill. as ran, he began to see shadows streaming across the ground. he looked up and saw huge rocks flying toward the villiage. they tore through houses, destroying homes without regret. he thought of his home town...was he going to end up like one of the stangers that almost killed him and ruined his uncles career....
standing on the outskirts of the village, flint saw the bodies, and he had no problem with war, but most of the bodies he saw were not of men, but women and children. flint looked around at the carnage, the violent massacre of the defensless. finally, he saw broly. he was with crowley. he had just seen broly kill three children. and crowley grabbed one of the women. flint began to run , to do something, anything, but nero got there first.
flint stopped, he stood thee, watching the situation go down.
"Broly, what the hell do you think your doing", nero yelled.
"what, you heared captain therron, no survivors, reguardless of whether their women or children.",broly pointed out
"have a little common descentsy", nero said.
"its not like there people", broly said back.
nero swung his sword and hit broly in the head with the broad side of his sword.
broly fell back
"now, get up, we sti..huhhhh...uh....ohhh", nero had a sunken expresion on his face.
"hows my knife feel bitch", crowley whispered in neros ear.
"", nero tried to say.
"you bastard", flint yelled, throwing his shield like a frisbee and knocking crowley in the head.
broly and crowley got up and began to run, and flint was hot on there tail, he dropped his sword and ran like a gazzelle.but after a few seconds broly tossed his shield at flints feet. he jumped over it, but caught crolweys shield in the face. he lay there for about fifteen seconds before he came to a realization...,"nero!"
he got up and sprinted to his fallen friend," nero, nero, are you all right man", flint tyelled.
"flint", nero said weekly,"cr-cr-crowley...he stabbed me".
"i know, i tried to catch them," flint said," but they got away"
"its o...okay", nero said with laboured breathing." im sure th-th...thell get thiers".
"no, hold on nero" flint pleaded," medic, anyone, please, i need a doctor".
nero began to cough up blood,"flint...get...get out of here, you arnt like broly and...and crowley, go, flee, the men will be here soon..its...your last", then nero died.
flint barried his face in his hads, he didnt cry , but he felt a great sorrow at the passing of his friend.
he picked up his sword and his shield and ran into the woods.
he heard some loud noises and ran up to the edge of a clearing intime to see crowley pleade for his life, then be killed. he moved his feet a litle, and stepped on the twig.
the dwarf looked in his direction. flint tried to get up and run, but the dwarf caught him before he could even get standng. the dwarf grabbed flint by the collar and tossed him into the clearing. the dwarve raised his hammer," have you any last words you human filth?"
"wait..dont, i..i...", flint rambled
"thats enough out of you", the dwarf raised his hammer and was ready to bring it down and crushe hs chest, but before he dealt the fatal blow, there was a voice behind him, a dwarven womenst voice.
"wait grdar", the women said.
"shier'la", grdar said.
"dont kill this man grdar, he saved my life, and some of the nir'len", she expalined.
"wait, shier'la, your sure he helped?", grdar asked
"yes two men...oh," she broke off her sentance,"those two men, attacked us, the big one killed three children before another man came in and stopped them".
"nero", flint said lying on the ground.
"you knew the man",grdar said.
"yes, he was my friend", flint said.
"are you lying to me human, if you are , i swear ill crush your bones to dust", grdar threatend.
"no grdar, he telling the truth, i saw him run back to his fallen friend", shier'la siad.
"human, ill let you live, but you will be my prisoner, im taking you to the great dwarf city of dierlen to face judgment, then i will make the trip to caelorn and topple the man who sent this plague apon my land", grdar told flint of his sentance,"whats your name human?"
"my name is flint serrilson",flint said.

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I glared down at the young foolish-looking man, and inwardly cursed myself for hesitating. I'd spoken big words, but I knew not where Dierlen lay. I walk to Talin, and lean in so only she can hear.

"How can you be sure of this man's honesty Nir'lin? You were unconscious when I brought you here."

"Not before his friend pulled me from that man's clutches." Talin said, pointing at the larger man, "Grdar, you are the bravest Gur'lar I've seen, but don't soil your hands with young innocent blood."

"As if he has any to spare!" I shouted in frustration, turning to glare at Flint, who shrank back from where he still lay on the ground.

"I-I know I'm in a bad position, and you've every right to mistrust and hate me." Flint said, then broke off looking ponderous.

"But? Can't think of a reason not to see justice lashed out upon you, can you?" I said coldly, "You marched willingly upon our mountain, deceived us by hiding your number, slew my brothers."

There was a long pause, then Flint said, "Yes."

"But." He added quickly, as I began advancing toward him, "Don't think I did it willingly. I'd been told while we were training because the Dwarves were plotting to attack our homes. They told us we had to defend our homes from their tyranny. And for a while, I believed them. But what I saw today wasn't defending, it was murder."

"Grdar." Came Talin's timid voice.

"Very well." I said reluctantly, "You seem to understand your actions. I will spare you, but don't think I will be so lenient on your fellows."

Flint swallowed hard, then nodded, "T-thank you."

He looked at the bodies of the men I'd slain, and his face went white.

"What will you do then?" He asked slowly.

I was almost relieved to hear the question, as it gave me an opportunity to take back my previous decree.

"I will take the Nir'lin to a healer, then head to the Galluwan Mines. Consider yourself lucky human, were I not given the task of protecting this Nir'lin's life, I'd drag you to Dierlen to face judgement."

Flint nodded again shakily, then his face lit up, "I know of healers." He said.

"Really." I said flatly.

"Yes! He said a little too eagerly, "I've heard tell of a wandering race that follows the healing ways of Shal'hartha called the Tel'arair."

"Tel'arair, Yart'nir!" I scoffed, and spat on the ground.

"What, what did you say?" Flint asked.

"Cursed Children!" I said, as though I were speaking to an impaired youth, "The Tel'arair are blasphemers cursed to wander the world and burn by Malkr'in."

"That's not the legend I heard." Flint said, "There was a demi-go-"

"Demi-god?!" I boomed, amusement filling my words, "You humans still believe in those? The slightest trace of longevity, and you pronounce them a deity! I am one hundred and thirty-four years old human. I am still young by Dwarf standards. Am I a demi-god?"

"Please." Flint said, looking amazed at my words, "Stop calling me human. My name is Flint."

"Flint..." I muttered, wandering back to the fire, and sitting myself back down in front of it, "What an empty name."

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"so..", flint said nervously,"the child...will she be okay?"
"the child?...ah...the nirlin, yes , think shell survive this ...atrocity, if i cant saftley get her to the healer".
"oh...thats,"flint swallowed, still immensley scared and weary of the dwarf," that nice to hear"
"nice, nothing about you is nice human", grdar siad, still out of anger.
"please, dont call me human, im not like them, i didnt know the plans of our attack until it was alerady underway", flint tried to explain his actions more,"i-i-..i havent even slian a dwarf".
"oh is that right", grdar said in a tone of saracasm," but had this been an honerable battle, a real fight, you would have slain as many of us as you could,no?"
"but...that was my task, they forced me in like the others..though i admit, i was not unwilling,"he paused", i haerd tails of war, of men riding in on whit stallions, sun at there back, slaying hordes of ghastly dwarves,but i was mislead, i expected yor entire army...but", flint trailed off.
"but there was no army, was there , just our young and our women",grdar still jusged flint harshley.
"listen..grdar,is it", flint asked,"my friend,mayber my only true friend died trying to stop those...those cowardous fiends from unfairly killing those innocents..."
"what were your orders", grdar asked coldly.
"....", flint hesitated in response.
"they were to kill all of us, reguardless of age and gender,wernt they...flint..pitiful", grdar said, not letting his anger succeed.
"yes", flint admited shame fully,"but i didnt know before it was too late, i swear".
grdar picked up the sword and shield,"i seen many weapons in my time, this isnt a soldiers sword, where did you obtain it?"
"i...i made it", flint said lightly
"oh, a blacksmith ,eh?", grdar said," an honerable occupation, despite that your human"
"its my favorite sword, please dont take it, i made it with my uncle", flint tried to validate its value.
"your uncle...he is a blacksmith two i assume", grdar asked, still questiong the young man.
"yes..he was", flint responded.
"oh, he haspassed", grdar asked, dropping the cold wall the littleist bit.
"no...hes, no longer a blacksmith"n flint said with imense shame.
"lets go",grdar said,"ill tell you once more, you are very lucky i dont kill you and leave your body for the wolves",grdar said, putting the precious sword in his pack.
grdar went to the wounded nirlin and put her over his shoulder. he grunted as he stood erect again.
"do you need any help?", flint asked.
grdar turned around," if you so much as put a hand on me, the nirlin or your sword, ill break everybone in your body and through you in the river to drown".
"alright, please, calm down miter grdar",flint tried to console the angry dwarf
"dont call me mister hu...flint, thats a human title",grdar scolded.
"what title do your men go by?", flint asked
"we have no time for silly titles",grdar said,then moved on, vacant of expression for the young man.
"felix took a look at the two battered corpses,"nero was right,tey got thiers".

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Lifting my hammer from the ground, I begin marching East, Flint following along nervously. The sun was beginning to rise. It was blood red.

I hear footsteps running toward me. A figure wearing a hood runs past me, and meets my gaze. His eyes are grey, almost white. His face is the color of chalk. Long black bangs are flowing in the wind as he runs. I know what he is.

"Dwarf!" He says, stopping to stare at me as I walked past him, "Dwarf wait!"

"Do not speak to me Yart'nir." I say, continuing to walk away from the hooded figure.

"This is of the utmost importance!" The figure says, "I must ask you something!"

"Peddle your lies somewhere else." I say, "I will not listen."

"Grdar, wait." Flint says carefully, stopping in his tracks, "Maybe we should listen to what he has to say."

"Please." The figure mutters.

I stop, and turn to stare at the Tel'arair, but remain silent.

"Are you from the mines several miles South-West of here?" He asks.

"Yes." I respond, then continue before the Tel'arair has time to speak, "But I wouldn't go there now. The humans have destroyed it."

The Tel'arair looks troubled, "What happened?" He asked hesitantly.

"The humans attacked us in number, and slew all they could. The Nir'lin and I are all that remains of that place.

The Tel'arair now looks truly unsettled, and begins running away from us in the direction of the mine.

"Oi! What did I just tell you!" I shout after him, "Don't go that way!"

"I must stop them!" He calls over his shoulder, and puts on an extra burst of speed, then he is swallowed by the forest.

"I wonder what that was about." Flint says softly.

Ignoring Flint, I turn back East, and resume walking. A Tel'arair was not worth worrying about.

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"what was all that about, really",flint asked.
"dont worry yourself with the tel'arair",grdar said
"but grdar,hes running into hundreds of human troops",flint argued
"listen, the tel'arair are nothing but a race of lyers, cheats and theives,"grdar said,"thell do anything to get what they want, hes probably following us now, so watch your back"
"maybes he different", flint suggested
"listen, all of his race are the same", grdar said.
"what about humans, many humans are different from crowley and broly", flint argued further.
"listen up human, im not going back to be slaughtered, if i dont get the nirlen to the healer, she will die, and your coming with me, because as far as im concerned, you are my prisoner,you've been captured"
"ill do as i please ",flint said, and put enfaces on the next word," dwarf"
grdar stopped, dropped his hammer, swung around and punched flint in the face.

when flint woke up, he was being dragged through the woods still. it was twilight again,so it must have been dawn.felix began to struggle a bit.
"i see your awake",grdar said.
"you punched me",flint yelled.
"listen flint, i am truly sorry about assaulting you the way i did, but it was for both of ours health. you were going to lead us into a trap, thats what they do", grdar told flint.
"well, its not a matter of relevance now",flint replied.
"okay, were here", grdar said.

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Just a heads up, and sorry for not saying this earlier, Nilus has copper hair. Sorry.
Oh, and there's something I didn't explain properly about the Tel'arair. Nilus's family and the adjourning town and monastery were but a small subgroup of the race. The majority are constantly on the move and aren't the nicest folk. They would consider Nilus to be rather strange and un patriotic for being so content with his life. Not having the drive to be a great nation again. Also its mostly the Disciples of Shal'hartha who are known for healing.

The sun had finally set upon the horizon as Nilus let out a sigh of relief. The cursed heat was un-bearable, and he was happy to finally be able to be free of it. Flinging back his hood, he let the wind drift through his copper hair. Finally able to relax somewhat, he ponders his situation,

Assaulting the dwarves? Seems almost out of a dream, some ancient tome on the shelves Nilus spent his days at the monastery. Were the treaties null nowadays? What has happened in the world while he was gone? Such madness....

The questions swirled in his mind before a growl in his stomach interrupted him. A warm meal would do him good, along with a cozy bed. But Caelorn was at least a day away. Reaching into his back pocket Nilus pulls a slim bread crust out of it.

"Will have to do for now I guess. Shal'hartha ve'ais talsin araha-"

From the edge of his tainted eyes, Nilus spots shapes on the horizon, interupting he evening prayer. They were a few hundred feet up ahead on the road.Nilus's eyes not yet adjusted to the dark, they shapes blurred to the point of being indecipherable. As they neared, Nilus could make out their numbers. Too few to be bandits, there looked to be three of them.

Ever growing closer, he could make out the individual shapes better.Trailing the group was a well built man, obviously a soldier. In front of him were two small shapes, one slender and proportionate, while the other had more width than the solider. Could they be children or...

"Dwarves!" Nilus whispered to himself loudly. They should know if the merchants words held truth.
Almost sprinting forward, Nilus approached the trio.

"Dwarf!" he says a bit to loudly as he walks by. "Dwarf wait!"

The dwarf's reply was as stone-cold as his demeanor: "Do not speak to me Yart'nir."

The translation from Dwarvish to Common is difficult. Some of the subtleties are always lost in the transition. But the phrase roughly meant "Cursed Child". Nilus quickly scolded himself for keeping his hood off. If anybody would want to hold a grudge against his people, it was a dwarf.

"This is of the utmost importance!" Nilus quickly blurts out. "I must ask you something!" exhaustion removing the need of being well-spoken.

"Peddle your lies somewhere else." I say, "I will not listen."

Suddenly, the soldier behind them stops in his tracks.

"Grdar, wait. Maybe we should listen to what he has to say."

Relief flooded through Nilus, maybe he could get some answers. Muttering a quick plea, the dwarf allows him to continue. Keeping a steely glare upon him.

"Are you from the mines several miles South-West of here?"

"Yes." he says quickly. I give him a simple nod as he continues.

"But I wouldn't go there now. The humans have destroyed it."

The monk's eyes went wide with shock. He thought he would of had more time.

"What happened?"

"The humans attacked us in number, and slew all they could. The Nir'lin and I are all that remains of that place.

But Nilus was off before he could finish. determination driving his steps. His reasonable side told him to stop, that it was too late to stop this. But he shut it out. It was replaced by the roar of outrage growing in his mind. He has to do something. It's the only thing that could keep him going.

It was a few hours before he would make it to the mines. His legs screaming at him in defiance of their over-use. By now he was sucking in air in painful gulps. By now he was practically limping through the wood. All he had to go by was a decades old map he had once read back int he monastery. The mines were but a four short miles from Caelorn, the constant trade having been beneficial for both the races.

Nilus could smell the smoke as it burned painfully through his nostrils. He could see the numerous campfires up ahead of the war party, hearing their drunken boasts of conquest. Flanking around them, he came upon an abandoned pyre. Wondering why the soldiers would abandon such a thing, he cautiously came up to the flame, his skin beginning to burn more with each step.

It was here that Nilus saw why it had been abandoned, and the revelation brought him to his knees.

Scores of dwarves, their faces twisted in agony, made up the fuel for the inferno. He could see their pain and agony. How could someone do this. Why would someone do this.

Filthy world, filthy people. So violent and puny. Its people cry out for their own destruction. Deserving only to be purified by cleansing fl-

No. That was not the way, not the path set by the Merciful lord. Here is where he must be strong, resisting the snarling defiance of his darker nature. But what to do. Where can I go, where does HE need me to be?

Spotting a lone horse in a small clearing, Nilus approached it, his legs moving with the lucidness of stone. Making his way to the white steed, he could see it's owner passed out drunk on the ground. Quickly untying its rein, Nilus clumsily holstered himself atop the beast. Muttering a thank you to the solider, he drove the horse foreward.

"Shal' me...." was all Nilus could say before passing out from the exhaustion upon the horse as it rode off on the trail. Unbeknown to Nilus, in the direction of the traveling party he had met just hours earlier.

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Just a heads up to everybody, there is STILL one more slot left for a character. As for VGmasters, I'm going to be taking over his slot, and I'm going to be inserting a different character. (Ya, I know I'm bendin' the rules, but whateves. I've also talked to the other writers about it.) I'll be posting the new character after this lil' thingy.

So ya, one slot. Jus' sayin'. >_>


Name: ????
Race: Elf
Age: ????
Aura: None
Weapon: None
Occupation: None


A blood red sun is rising; its warmth spreading across the treetops.

The first leaves have begun to turn, waving in the breeze. Winter would be here soon.

Voices. Five voices are speaking; though their words mean nothing.

Thump. The Heart beats. Thump. The Heart has awakened. Thump. I have awakened.

I am standing. How long have I been here? Darkness surrounds me. Where is the sun?

I have eyes? There, I can feel them. Slowly, I pull upon the muscles of my eyelids. So this is the world. Trees standing tall; leaves flowing in the breeze. Five men standing still, staring at me. Is there something wrong?

"D-do you see that?!" One man cries.

Is there cause for alarm?

"T-there's somethin' coming out of that tree!" Another yells.

Coming out of a tree?

"It's a monsta!" Yet another screams.

A monster? I lift a hand, and examine it in the bright day sun. Chestnut brown skin. Or was it bark? I feel my face. Long nose, with... A twig? My ears. Long, pointy, with leaves hanging from them? My hair. Very long. I can feel what seems to be a wreath of some plant tied into it.

"It's a giant!" A man exclaims.

Giant? I'm staring down at the humans. Am I tall?

"No, it's too thin to be a giant, it's a tree spirit!"

Thin? I look down at my frame. Long. Barely the girth of the young tree behind me. Was that bad?

"Let's run for it!" A man cries, then flees into the woods followed by three others.

One man remains. Young, small. He has remained silent. I bend down, and stare into the eyes of the frightened youth.

"Are you going to kill me?" He asks.

Kill? Bring about the death of another? Was I capable of that?

"A-are you?" The boy asks, shrinking back fearfully.

Slowly, I straighten up, and turn to look to the West. Something was there, calling me. I must answer.

Slowly, I begin to move away from the child to the West. Around me, others are emerging from the trees. They look like me, are they friends? They follow, heading in the same direction. Do they feel the same pull as I? Someone held The Heart. Someone was calling me. Someone was Calling us.


P.S. To avoid confusion, I'll be labeling my posts from now on so you can tell which character I'm writing for.

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"why is the healer so far away from you villaige", flint asked.
"because she enjoyes privacy and values silence",grdar said
"but if some one is seriously injured, wont-",flint was cut off
"okay, you have to stay here, dont run, or ill hunt you down like a dog",grdar said.
"okay, go in, ill stay, but can i atleast have my sword, in case i run into anything out here, its almost dark",flint persuaded.
"fine, you can have your sword, but, again, dont run...flint", grdar said, then went into a small hut, carryining the nirlin
about two hours in to flints wait, he heard a horse, galloing toward him. he picked up his sword. the light was gone and he couldnt see well. but the horse slowed as it entered the clearing. there was a man on the horse, he was cloaked. he lay limp on the horse, slowly slumping further and further over, the man eventually fell off the horse. as he hit the ground, the hood of the man fliped off.
flint was shocked to see the tal'arair.
he was moitionless, flint couldnt decide wether he should tell grdar or not.
he stood over the fallen tel'arair,thinking.

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Carefully, I lifted Talin from my shoulders, and carried her into the hidden passage and through the tunnel that had been dug in ages long past.

"Who is it?" Asked a gentle voice.

"It is I, Grdar." I said tentatively.

"Grdar? Could it be?" The voice asked in surprise, as I made my way around the last bend to reveal who was speaking.

"Grdar." The ancient Nir'lin cried, cupping my face in her hands, "My child."

"Tal'hirtha." I said, and bowed, adding the "Tal" (Mother) to her name.

"What has happened?" She asked, "How has this Nir'lin sustained such injuries?"

"Let us sit Tal'hirtha." I said slowly, "I will explain everything. But we must be brief. This Nir'lin's life is fast fading."


"Thir'lom." Hirtha said, when I had finished telling her of the events of the past three days.

I arose, and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Fear not Tal'hirtha. Thir'lom assured me in a dream that no pain would befall the innocents. And that justice would find the perpetrators."

"That is a great relief." Hirtha said, wiping her eyes, "But enough grieving, I must tend to this Nir'lin. You did well to bring her here my child, your father would be proud."

I bow my head, then take a step back.

"No, do not leave yet, I will need your help." Hirtha said.

"I cannot." I said, my face reddening, "It would not be appropriate for-"

"You truly have become a Zealot of Malkr'in." Hirtha said with a sigh, "Just remember, Malkr'in also demands your body to protect the Nir'lin."

Which I have provided!" I said defensively.

"Yes, but that includes being present while healers tend to them, so stop being foolish and remove the Nir'lin's tunic."

Hating myself, I complied, averting my eyes from Talin's heavily bruised body.

There was the loud thump from outside the cavern.

"What was that?" I grunted, staring at the entrance.

"Oh well..." Hirtha muttered, "Why don't you go see?"

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"what was the sound flint...", grdar stopped, seeing the tal'arair,"flint, get away from that"
"but hes injured grdar, we can just take him in",flint was cut off.
"silence flint", he blurted , then pulled him in closer,"no tal'arair must ever know the definite location of the healer".
"why", flint asked.
"because they would kill her",grdar explained.
"why do you hate this race",flint asked
"they are nothing but cheats and lyers, they burned there land at the will of a so called demi-god, then turned on the demi-god, they have no faith",grdar went on.
"this ones gonna die if we dont have him hea-",grdar cut him off again.
"quit speaking flint",grdar spoke in harsh tones.
"hes going to die grdar",flint argued
the tal'arair let out a long moan
"we cant", grdar said.
"why",flint asked.
"the healer can only heal one person at this time, and we would risk the life of the nirlin if we tried to submit this one",grdar tried to explain.
"isnt there anything you can do",flint asked.
grdar sighed,"i never thought id try and help a tal'arair,but he is injured...and i can take him as a prisoner," grdar said, trying to justify the creature.
"what do we need to do",flitn asked.
"watch him like a hawk, if he moves, dont hesitate to kill it",grdar instructed.
"alright, just hurry",flint ushered grdar.
grdar went into the hut again. the tal'arair let out a moan and rolled over .flint readied his sword, weary of the stranger, despite the good nature he tried to bestow earlier.
grdar emerged from the hut with a few supplied. he laid a matt-like blanket on the ground and handed flint a hatchet.
"go cut some wood, we need kindlin and tinder", grdar further instucted flint.
grdar lightly restained the tal'arair's feet,then proceeded to examine him. his lips were dry and cracked, his eyes vacant, his breathing shallow.
flint emerged from the woods holding an arm full of tree branches. grdar examined them...
"these arnt the best, but they will work fine. cut the smaller limbs off of the branches, then show me them",grdar told flint.
grdar opened a waterr pouch and fed the tal'arair a minute amount of water. he said it react, but it still seemes to be barley conscience.
"how are theese",flint asked.
"ok, now cut them to length of one foot, then pluck the needles from the smaller limbs you cut off, ill get some tinder", grdar said,"oh, and watch the tal'arair"
grdar pulled a crate out from under a shelf, it contained prepared wood. it was very thin, maybe a milimeter in diameter and two inches wide. it was made of quick burning wood and kept indoors so it stayed dried.
when grdar emerged from the hut again, he saw flint hunched over the tal'arair, the tal'arair was speaking.
"flint",grdar yelled to flint
ther was no response
"flint", he yelled again, approaching quickly.
as grdar neared, he could hear whispers, they were inaudable from where he was standing ,but as he got closer, he saw that the tal'arair was whispereing into flints ears.
"flint , get away",grdar yelled.
flint was still unresponsive. grdar grabbad flint and pushed him a few feet away, he then hit the still whispering tal'arair in the face, knocking him unconscous. rdar went over to flint. he had a vacant expression on his face.
"flint, flint",grdar yelled, shaking the young man,trying to quicken him.
after a few minutes, flint snapped back into consciosness.
"flint",grdar adressed him.
flint didnt respond, he just looked at grdar
"flint,"grdar asked again,"what did he say to you?"

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"They... They..." Flint said softly, his eyes cold and lightless.

"What did he say?" I yelled, shaking Flint until his head flopped loosely.

Flint seemed to come to himself then, because he pulled himself from my grasp, and clutched his forehead.

"Grdar." He said deeply, "I just saw something."

"Saw?" I asked suspiciously.

"He called me over." Flint said, sounding disbelieving himself, "He told me he'd dreamed something. He began uttering something, and a vision began to unfold before my eyes."

"And?" I said impatiently, "What was this vision!"

"I... I don't know. Large creatures, far taller than any man, yet half the width. I don't know what they were, but they were walking out of the trees."

My eyes widened, and I swayed on the spot, "Surely they didn't..." I muttered, "Surely they didn't know..."

"Grdar?" Flint asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Listen to me." I said, "Do you know the reason, the true reason you attacked our mines?"

"To prevent an attack on ou-"

"No, you weren't told anything else?"

"No, that was all we were told."

"Flint, do you know much about the Count that sent you?"

"All I heard was that he lives in Caelorn. There were rumors around camp that he was just a pawn, but I didn't hear much else."

"He must have been after-"

I was cut off at a sudden gust of wind, and small shakes of the earth.

"What is this?" I shouted.

An enormous figure leaped out of the brush, running West toward the mines. It stopped when it saw us, and changed course to walked over to where we stood. It was almost twice my height, with waist length sandy-gold hair tangled with plants and leaves.

The creature gave a wide grin, and leaned down to stare at us from behind long bangs. I could see two large luminescent golden eyes staring at me, with what I could only describe as curiosity.

"W-what is that?!" Flint cried, and the thing turned to grin at him. It seemed happy. I saw a long pointed ear with a leaf where there would be an earing.

"It's an Elf." I gasped, and the Elf grinned even more, and sat down cross-legged in front of me.

"An Elf?" Flint choked, "Elves don't exist!"

"They do." I said, staring at the happy Elf. If they had awakened, why wasn't this one running out to seek the wielder of The Heart?

"Grdar." Flint said, "Tell me what's going on."

"Are you educated in your history?" I asked.

"Not very." Flint said embarrassedly.

"Have you heard of the Black Crusades?" I asked, still staring at the Elf, who was returning the stare with the same intensity.

"Yes." Flint replied, "But what does that-"

"Long ago you humans held a power. A weapon. Drunk with that power, your leaders sent their armies upon Dierlen, the weapon in their front ranks. This weapon was known as The Heart." I paused for a moment, as the Elf cocked it's head to the side, its gaze becoming vacant.

"Of course as you know, your armies were unsuccessful in breaching our mountain.When we learned what they held, we took The Heart from them. Our priests examined the thing for years, but were unable to gain any knowledge from it. All that we knew about it, was that its wielder could summon the Elves to their side at any time. Our priests guessed that The Heart was a part of them. Not seeking war, we transported it to a new mine that we had excavated just for The Heart, and sealed it away in its deepest crevice. Our most learned priests stood guard over the vault until their dying day. For five generations priests have lived and died guarding the vault, which by now has become a tomb. What we hadn't expected was that mere hours after sealing away The Heart, the entire race of the Elves seemed to vanish. We were taught that the Elves would only awaken when someone broke the seal, and I guess it was true. But this is not how the Elves were described in our tomes..."

The Elf continued to stare at me. It had seemed to suck in my words, and when I had finished it rose to its feet. Its body swayed toward the West, but it continued to stare at me. The golden eyes pierced into my body, even as the Elf ran off into the West. I shuddered as its gaze was finally concealed by the trees.

"Elves... Are real?!" Flint muttered.

"Yes, weren't you listening to a word I said?" I snapped, disconcerted by the Elf.

"Then, is it heading to The Heart?" Flint asked.

"Most definitely." I said darkly, "If the humans have taken it, then it will mean war for all the nations."




I was running again. I had crossed the land in half a day, after learning that I could run. I'd been so happy, but small Dwarf's words had saddened me.

Small Dwarf had spoken of war. I didn't want war. I didn't want to kill. Had silent man lying on the ground by small Dwarf and young man been dead? I just wanted to exist, and be happy.

I felt something falling from my eyes, was I crying? The tears stung my face and eyes, and saddened me further.

Where were the rest of my kin? Why hadn't they been running with me? I was alone. I was afraid. I wanted to go back to small Dwarf, but The Heart called me closer. As I grew closer, my heart grew colder. The Heart was angry. The Heart was violent. I was violent.

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"wait", flint said,"are you saying that the hum....that my people have gotten a hold of this"heart".
"the only way to be sure is to see the humans with it, but still",grdar paused,"its likely in their conquest into the mines, they found it."
"and you metioned somthing about war",flint asked.
"any country that obtains the heart will have enough power to challenge any nation,any nation that is allies with that nation will be tempted to try and steal the heart and rvolution and civil war will rott the country that posses the heart from within",grdar told flint.
"so why didnt your people destroy it",flintasked.
"because, it would destroy the entire race of the elves...and,"grdar was cut off.
"and what",flint interrupted.
"and we dont know how",grdar admitted," we had agreed not to try, but eventually, one meber of the council tried to destroy it, but even with our strongest men and weapons, we couldnt destroy the item"
"alright,go on", flint said.
"well, we knew that the longer we waited , the more civil unrest would brew in our kingdom,so we hid it in a mine shaft and told the populace that it was lost ",grdar continued the story," the people begged for crusades and search parties to find the object."
"well, what happend", flint asked.
"we sent men out, but didnt tell them that the item was locked securley away,and eventually the other races were informed of the items supposed dissapearence. eventually we had other lands search parties trudging on our mountain sides. eventually there were conflicts that put stress of the relation ship between the dwarven kingdom and the rest of the lands, and one day, when the prince of a human kingdom was killed in one of these conflicts...then war broke out."
"and the black crusades",flint asked.
"they were part of this war, when the prince was killed.......