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Response to Metal Hell 2014-09-29 11:40:58 Reply

So Black Sabbath have announced they're planning one last album and a final tour. Though the dates of both of those are unknown.

as far as I know

Also, I have a very strong feeling that this is really going to be it. I mean Ozzy still has obligations for his solo career and has like 3 more albums to do under his current contract and Tony is still battling cancer. So with mainly the latter in mind, I can't see them wanting to go on any further considering the circumstances.
So if you haven't seen Sabbath live this may be your last chance ever to do so.

I'm also pretty stoked they're doing another album because I have some weird ocd where I probably would have flipped if they didn't release another album and left off at 19 albums instead of 20.

counting Seventh Star and Born Again even though those aren't technically Black Sabbath albums

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Response to Metal Hell 2014-09-30 01:48:11 Reply

Sean Reinert and Paul Masvidal revealed their homosexuality in May of 2014

I just stumbled upon this interview on Metal Archives after I wanted to do some digging on the band's early history because I just received the Focus extended edition album for my birthday. But... is it me or did the whole metal world already figured this out a while ago?

They also talk about their bad experiences with homophobic crowds and how they think that the metal world has evolved, which I believe is true. And it got me thinking about how amazing the metal community is. (The real one, not that nu-metal fucktard teenage pseudo metal community), the real thing. I know that some closed-communities like a moderately important chunk of the black metal community is still largely homophobic, but as a whole, metal seems to be leaning on a more open and accepting behavior towards historically discriminated minorities.

And I think that's great! We have great music, and great people :)