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Promoting Music

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Promoting Music 2010-08-25 21:39:49 Reply

So I've done free stuff and I got LOTS of popularity and listens (8000) so my next album will be on itunes.

How do I promote it? Facebook and jamendo I use, but is there anything else? What about live shows?

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Response to Promoting Music 2010-08-26 06:19:31 Reply

MySpace, ReverbNation, Noisehead, YouTube, Hi5, Twitter, a nice banner in your signature.
Also, if you will make a CD, you can try to sell some in NG store (contact Tom Fulp about it or contact a moderator to do that for you).
When album will be ready, ask Rucklo and make a nice thread about if you get his OK.
Don't forget the info (collaborators, number of songs, track list, cover, genre, a short description and some reviews from newspapers or radio show hosts). Try to get it on radio, online or offline.