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how to make a flash game?

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how to make a flash game? 2010-08-21 14:07:24 Reply

i need a simple to follow guide! plz this is a EXTREMELY imaginative brain thats bulging-waiting fror its ideas to be turned into the great things that are flash gAmes!. lol i went over the top a bit there but help!

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Response to how to make a flash game? 2010-08-21 14:10:14 Reply

At 8/21/10 02:07 PM, mrpikmin123 wrote: i need a simple to follow guide!

Flash Software

[$700] Flash CS4
[$250] Flash CS4 Student Edition

As with many other Adobe products, there is a Free 30 Day Trial of Flash available to download HERE.

There are also alternative programs that are free/cheaper, like Liveswif or Kool Moves, but they're not very good at all.
Also, there is FlashDevelop which is a programming-only environment. But you can check out to get a nice development framework for FlashDevelop.

Flash Resources and help can be found in the Flash Tutorial Collection. Specific Flash questions should be inquired in the Flash Forum.

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