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The Two-Word Story

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A man stepped out onto his lawn, watching a naked Korean man golf with Al Gore while dancing on a pogo stick. The man took a progressive leap to the dinner table and broke his enormous pen shaped plastic instrument, and Gore screamed out, "BP's fault." Unaware of the bear eating from his rectum while stalking stock prices; Gore then immediately engaged in crying for five years. Once he calmed down, there was a soothing roar from the bear, he roared, "Pineapples suck" to which the Korean committed Hara-kiri but failed, instead wounding Al Gore's young niece. So he pulled an anvil out, strapping it on.
Al Gore, weighed down, let the Korean stick a curtain up his neighbor's lamp shade. Suddenly, a gigantic teacup crashed onto Tom's home and a massive Spanish retard! The shards ripped a hole into China. A Chinese astrology monkey strapped on his suspenders and waltzed 500 sheep into a gigantic apple that had done Al a huge favor by spraying salt down his urethra. The trouble was that 2 cute immigrants had been puking rainbows. Hippies descended from rainbows to bring him sexy fish and shallow lemons. Al refused to make impregnated gnomes beg for kinky sex. He instead gave it chlamydia and a dick bun of extreme pleasure. Meanwhile, at Batman's house... Batman raped Al Gore's niece as Bangkok relocated into Robin's smelly underpants.
Due to unforeseen consequences all of City 17 residents' streetlights massively exploded and killed seven Mongoloids. Gordon Freeman masturbated furiously with sandpaper, unaware of his dicklessness effecting the entire human being over at Walmart's marijuana parade. So large, yet so insignificant was the marijuana's sea level. Gordon came on Alyx's sweaty and surprisingly swollen clitoris. "Fuck!" Exclaimed Gordon, because preggers stole his bike. So, Say Bike, the Indian chopper rider named Rig. Yet, nothing had happened. Naming Rig Fella Tio wasn't his telephone's breakdown but stabbing Chris Hansen pleased predators. Pedophiles rejoiced as Gary Brolsma randomly stopped typing love letters to his man-bitch called Steve.
"Who farted?", monotoned Mr. Moseby, as scriptures revealed the startling drop-bear plans tried to kill the foreigners doing absolutely nothing. "WHY MUST FRENCH PEOPLE DO NOTHING?!" Napoleon appeared bewildered and disgusted by his tortoise's Ichigo impression and proceeded to blow Charlie Sheen's huge, hot bloody wound. "Son of dicks!" cried Torterra realizing he cut his dick off depressingly. The stench of Chuck throwing monkey hairs into acid caused a violent stomach ulser in Electric Toothbrush, a woman who doesn't frequently stab gay zombie penicorns but decided to do horrible yoga in a kitchen cabinet. Babies were freaked, but they recovered as the condoms took over the world for Stalin, Josef Stalin. Now only Tom Fulp could 'enter' Sarah Palin's moist, warm microwave dick. Cooking babies and savory fried chicken as Mcain slapped hoes, Palin bit Charlie's knob, the door made of Cheetos and cheap plastic blow-up dolls and than danced wildly on Russia's homeless women.
"Hobos attacked her vagina" screamed Obama as he ran from his wife who was, silver dildo in hand, a bit horny of obsessive tickling. Unwarranted investigation and careful smuggling caused the Taliban to reassess penguin efficiency.
Then Dr. Fetus, along with his erect golf club, proceeded to go out to kill Michael Jackson and regurgitate old copies of naked fulp photos and then boil their nut-sack in oil so the Earth can never rotate around the giant package of crying babies causing the horrible apocalypse of bunnies and convenient chocolate-covered World War Seventeen. Unexpectedly, Phil Collins sucked Dick Van Dyke's Dirty Dishes. Weird monkeys were eating atop those crazy, zany, incarborated incubation pancakes which turd people didn't know how push pussy cats were diving from planes.
"9/11 is a big conspiracy", said Al Gore, while he PlatinumFalcon sucks Gordon Rhamsey's spatula with cum stained stick while he took a bath in Glenn Beck's mouth. The next day a toenail escaped prison and destroyed a whole galaxy with an erect tomato. Now our beloved hero is going home, with anal lube securely locked in a queef's soft embrace. When he opened the door of his home he saw 3,908 Explosions of crap and went upstairs. Who is this masked man? He gives a rock to Obama and says: "Your mother". How crass, I quipped. Surprise Buttsex destroyed the United States of America. Just then a giant non-American avocado filled the doorway half full of cat soiled litter, then left. It headed to Cuntiva IIV while violating my ass, which created several contagious anal zombies. They vigorously started masturbating and killing.
"Why must Paris Hilton continue to date shitty mexican robots?" Obama rhetorically answered,
"Chimps cause the infamous swelling of Jews' small yet nubile formica on Tuesdays. But only when they throw shit at the sleeping pandas and Taiwanese teenage brats."
"What does a robot eat for its birthday?" asked Al. Obama cringed yet stared shitting a midget because adolf hitler's butt was crawling with Jewish syphilis. And suddenly lesbians appeared!
"Fire the cannons, bitches!"
Adolf played with his pale wrinkly affidavit as Asian businessmen filed reports on Zen-Buddhism.
You are a moron." said Bob, right after a vigorous morning swim in a shark-filled Iranian bank that's frozen.
"Whatever man I'm just keepin' it realer than a cake in a dirty hospital."
Bob smirked. "Silly lady, tricks are for my sock puppets!"
With diabetes, comes great ass cancer and cake filled with human hands and responsibility.
"Yo, Bobby," spurted an Asian businessman, "I gotta shit now."
Feces exploded while he reminisced about last night, and its stench lingered for hours. Clogged toilet made him only madder. The plunger was stuck tightly inside Al's round gauged ear. Hundreds of flies were exploding with pus-filled boners shooting democratic jews. The flies were unaware that they were really desperate for some attention. He wiped Andrew Jackson with the toilet paper soaked in hot water.
Meanwhile, in Austria, there were mutants, employed by Rush Limbaugh, Hitler's favourite Jewish gentile. Hitler became a god, then died.
Hitler banged Martha Stewart without protection in hell. "But they bumped uglies while bursting cum bubbles."
"Oh really?"
"Yeah really."
Oh, okay."
The arguing lovers continued until they ran out of wine and cheap pastry brushes. Then the pulsing, veiny MIDGET EXPLODED into pasty bone pudding.
Then Satan contemplated eternity to dougie on the silver goat. Limbaugh incantated the fresh new virgins. But suddenly, Jesus sprung and hugged his favorite kitten named Aloha Hawaii who wasn't on drugs, except methaheroin that always made walking very difficult.
"Hey!" said Mary Juana, while jumping over a happy cow-poo. "Why ain't drugs legal, because of Nixon and his long hard hate manifesto?"
Suddenly, dinosaurs and muskrats emerged from Hitler's ass after eating Micheal Bay. Mr. Penis then disappeared forever. However, the giant dildo didn't want to do the sun, it wanted George Bush
and Al's sister's pet Hydrogen Atom. Fluffy kittens stole purple dildos and then disappeared inside a marijuana dispensary two miles from Nevada. Area 51 gave birth to something not unsimilar to a colored bikestealer. After sex the alien took off his strap-on and hit FTL speeds, Knocking the neighbour, perforing oral surgery that hurt Bush's clitoris.

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