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Tank Awards, Winners Video

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Response to Tank Awards, Winners Video 2010-11-08 17:31:29 Reply can play a heavy role in the newgrounds community without necessarily being in the forums all day or whatever. People have a hard time realizing that being part of the community isnt necessariliy being in the forums. :

How true. Whilst I have learnt the value of dropping into the forums and both using them and helping people in them, I feel that the forum regulars overate the contribution that the BBS makes to Newgrounds, forgetting that thousands of people come to NG and NEVER post.

The BBS is important, but there are SO many other things going on here that don't have to involve the BBS.

We try to keep that balance clear in Wikigrounds, though it is a struggle- people tend to write pages about what interests them and so far, Audio and Art haven't caught peoples attention in that way- which relates to other comments made on this thread. Sad though it may seem to Art or Audio people trying to make their way on this site, they had best work with Flash people to get promotion since this IS primarily a Flash site.
One animation on the FP got me more views in a single evening's work than months on our Wikigrounds thread.

I hope that Tom will make a very clear statement about what he is looking for in each the Tank Awards, if he hasn't already. I think everyone can learn something from this complex and interesting thread.

We are the Dragons & Spirits. We are friendly people. Best Wishes, Ice!

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