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Response to Newgrounds Stickam Chat 2011-08-17 23:52:50

Seems like a tradition to start a new stickam thread after about a year and a half now. The old thread lasted 1 year, 3 months. This thread has lasted 1 year, 6 months. The last thread was around for 450+ days and had about as many pages. This one has lasted 100+ days longer but has had fewer pages.

Recent changes to stickam chat means a new thread, yay! Click here for new thready goodness.

You'll notice the opening post is mostly familiar territory but with some bits missing (about the latest room being on the last page and bits about making new rooms). I also added some things suggested by gagsy and others at the beginning of this thread (like No Unfair Kicking rule and mentioning Mute and Ignore features of the chat).

Other miscellaneous changes: Since you no longer are told who kicked you, there is no more mention of PMing the room mod who did it; Bans are in the list of terms at the beginning since an admin can now hand out bans instead of just kicks; EJR is the current group admin; there is a link in the opening post to the NG chat group rather than having people go to the most recent page to join in the fun. Hopefully the group is permanent!; kick duration has been corrected to 1 hour; New link to stickam TOS; minor grammar and spelling fixes.

As always, these new threads aren't an attempt to clamp down on you guys but to offer an opening post for stickam newbies to be acquainted before they join. Having a good opening post has allowed for much better communication of what is expected within this thread and in the chat itself. This thread has, amazingly, been pretty easy to moderate.

The new thread should probably be a little less active since there won't be a constant need to update the room links. I think it would be best to simply put a link to the NG group on stickam or the new thread in your signature if you want to keep it from declining in participation rather than bumping the thread all the time. Also, since there will be a link in the opening post to the chat rather than sifting through the last pages, people will be able to join from a quick forum search for "stickam" rather than having to sift through newer pages for current links.

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