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Jazzy Chords

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Response to Jazzy Chords 2010-02-17 14:20:12 Reply

At 9/26/09 04:32 PM, Rawmin wrote:
At 9/25/09 10:54 AM, Bjra wrote: spacey chords seem even more elusive that jazzy chords, I dont even know how to explain them except by giving the observation they sound spacey almost exclusively. anyone know how to maken' spacey chords?

example Qk
If you want to know about those chords, I would talk to StatueofDiveo. He seems to work almost exclusively with those kinds of chords

YURP. Okay. your spacy chords are major 7 and minor 7 chords.

CEGB(and an optional d)=Cma7
C Eflat G Bflat = Cm7

EXPRIMENT! from there, and you got some SPACE.