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Audio Forum Guidelines & Help

Newgrounds first opened the Audio Portal in 2003 and since then new artists sign up every day to submit loops – totalling several hundred submissions each week. Since there was no formal place for musicians to discuss their art, we opened the Audio Forum in April 2005.

This forum is a place where musicians from numerous different backgrounds can share their wisdom with other audio artists and users new to music. The emphasis is firmly on the creation of music rather than listening and appreciation. (Threads relating to your favorite song, band, or guitar solo will be deleted.) Other than that, we ask you to abide by the standard BBS Rules and remind you that discussion of software piracy in particular is forbidden on the NG forums.

Please also remember that the Audio Portal is also a great resource for NG's Flash artists. We love it when our audio artists create full-length songs, but don't forget that those killer 30-second loops are perfect for getting featured in Flash submissions.

Handy List of Main Audio Threads