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Latest NG News! Pico Day this Sunday & Other News! Page: 1 2 36
Important notice, please read! Voice Acting Forum Intro & Info 26
New posts! Female VA: Pikachu Needed 4
New posts! The Little Bastards 8
New posts! Voice Actors Needed - Unpaid 0
New posts! Sound effects V/A - Unpaid 0
New posts! Looking for Aspiring Voice Actors! 3
New posts! Humorous Horror Game looking for VA 3
New posts! Eggman voice needed! 3
Popular thread, new posts! Open Mic Thread - Post Voice Demo Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 244
New posts! New Voice Actor - Working For Free 0
New posts! Quick Voice Acting Demo 0
New posts! Male voice actor needed for film 14
New posts! Radio Jingle [paid] 4
New posts! New Voice Actor, Wanted To Say Hi! 2
New posts! [Royalty] Childish Voice Actor 0
New posts! i need some vopice acting done plea 0
New posts! newbie to voice wants free work 1
New posts! hank hill voice needed. unpaid 0
New posts! Hey! Some critique please! 0
New posts! Looking for a female lead character 2
New posts! Voice actor(s) needed (unpaid) 10
New posts! Looking for female V/A 2
New posts! Looking For Singer [Paid] 2
New posts! Looking for a male counterpart! 7
New posts! Female Voice Actor(Anime Intro) 0
New posts! Narrator Needed for Short Story! 8
New posts! Voice Actor for Future (no pay) 9
New posts! I need voice actor (Santa Claus) 8
New posts! Talent Wanted-Pepper Steak-Parody 5
New posts! Voice Actors Needed! - Paid - 14
New posts! Audio Book-Voice Actors Needed 19
New posts! Voice Actors Needed - OnePunchMan 5
New posts! Looking for female voice actress 0
New posts! 3 VAs needed Sports Themed Project 4
New posts! Recruiting: "Outbreak Chronicles" 4
New posts! [Voice Actors Needed] NO PAY 15
New posts! Voice Actor needed (Old Man Voice) 5
New posts! New VA here! 2
New posts! Need voices for Platformer Pests 2 25
New posts! Beginning Demo Reel Advice? 4
New posts! Any help critiquing my Voice Reel? 2

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