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Latest NG News! Richmond, VA GGJ & Pixel Day! Page: 1 2 3 68
Important notice, please read! Need help? START HERE! 0
Important notice, please read! Voice Acting Forum Intro & Info 24
New posts! german voice over 2
New posts! Need voices for Platformer Pests 2 24
New posts! Need two VAs for animated short 3
New posts! Looking 4 voice actors needing exp 11
New posts! Voice actors needed for series. 5
New posts! Voice Actor needed for Main Roles 4
New posts! Seeking voice actors for a game 4
New posts! Jeremy Irons? 3
New posts! i need 2 female VAs and one male 22
New posts! <---- Quitting Voice Overs 10
New posts! Inflation Porn(need voice,will pay) 0
New posts! BATMAN animated movie NEEDS VA 22
New posts! Philadelphia Voice Acting 0
Popular thread, new posts! Open Mic Thread - Post Voice Demo Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 223
New posts! Feedback onmy Character voice demo 5
New posts! Fane and the Devoured World 0
New posts! A Near Dawn - Looking for V Actors 2
New posts! [Game] Voice for a new Horror game 3
New posts! Steven universe voice actors needed 1
New posts! Voice Actress needed! 0
New posts! Need Terry Crews VA 5
New posts! Reach of the Inquisition 2
New posts! Looking for Comedy Voice Actors! 3
New posts! VoiceActor seeking animation 2
New posts! Wanting Voice actors for game 19
New posts! I need a mic that sounds very natur 29
New posts! Male VA work for a horror project 2
New posts! Voice Actors for Possible Machinima 6
New posts! Voice Acting Team for youtube? 0
New posts! Need VA able to do Bill Clinton 0
New posts! 2016 Retrospective (VA roles of 201 3
New posts! Looking for Voice Actors (Paid) 5
New posts! male voice actor needed (unpaid) 4
New posts! Samuel L Jackson 0
New posts! I need a free voice actor pronto! 7
New posts! I offer my voice 0
New posts! Wilde Life Auditions Open! 9
New posts! Experienced voice actor for hire! 1
New posts! I am a VA NOOB. 15
New posts! StephenJPena Voice Actor Info 4

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