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Latest NG News! Flash 2020 and the Future Page: 1 2 3 62
Important notice, please read! Voice Acting Forum Intro & Info 28
New posts! Casting Call (Any and All VAs) 10
New posts! Voice actors NEEDED 2
New posts! Male VA Needed [Major Role] 3
New posts! Seeking Voice Actor (Unpaid) 7
New posts! VA reel for cartoons/videogames... 0
Popular thread, new posts! Open Mic Thread - Post Voice Demo Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 256
New posts! Casting Call; Lucky Star Abridged! 0
New posts! Deep voice for an animation. 0
New posts! Russian female accent - Paid work 0
New posts! Looking for some VA Work 5
New posts! Some advice for a newbie maybe? 1
New posts! Broadening my Horizons (New VA) 1
New posts! Need Voice Actors For FIghting Game 3
New posts! Casting Call; Fandub Series! 2
New posts! Voice Actor For Hire! 4
New posts! Searching Female Voice Actress 1
New posts! Black Panther Audio Series 0
New posts! Need Voice Actors for Short Parody 2
New posts! Free Actor Here! 1
New posts! Mature American male voice needed 10
New posts! Need Nazz Voice from Edd, Ed n Eddy 6
New posts! Constructive Criticism for Abridged 0
New posts! Need VA for very short video promo 4
New posts! Female Voice Actor For Free 2
New posts! VARIOUS VOICE ACTORS needed for vid 0
New posts! older male 1700's VO(volunteer) 2
New posts! Vocals for a Melodic Dubstep Song 2
New posts! Voice actors for Savetale shorts 0
New posts! VA Group Underway (again) 0
New posts! Just us Part One Script 11
New posts! Voice Actor for Game (No Pay) 0
New posts! ASGORE VOICE ACTOR (Unpaid) 0
New posts! Cartoon Theme Song Singer [Paid] 2
New posts! espanol 25-30 voice dubber PAY 1
New posts! 25-30 english male voice dubber PAY 2
New posts! I'm Lookin 4 female porn actresses 21
New posts! New Project(not Sonic this time) 0
New posts! Can anyone do PowerPuff's narrator? 2
New posts! Young Male VA for hire! 0

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