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New posts! Can Anyone Name This Song? 0
New posts! Do you guys sell your music? 24
New posts! It's my bday! Have a free song! 2
Locked topic. Calling Sonic char. voice actors! 1
New posts! A piano sound like this? 9
New posts! Fair price for film score work? 10
New posts! How to create this sound? 15
Popular topic, but locked… Looking for Sad song Page: 1 2 33
Locked topic. Rap about Rap (Lyrics only) 1
New posts! How to read sheet music 16
New posts! Need help with vocaloid song! 6
Locked topic. Voice actors/singers wanted! 1
New posts! Goldeneye "cold War" Sound Effect? 4
New posts! Kingdoom "hot Heat" Girlchan Theme 3
New posts! Harmony of Heroes 2
New posts! Max loudness W/O damage to speakers 3
Locked topic. voice actors wanted! (hiring) 2
New posts! Sibelius Sound Sets For Ewql-help! 3
Popular thread, new posts! At what age did you guys start... Page: 1 2 50
New posts! Looking for violinist! 4
Locked topic. So Can i Post A link to my music? 4
New posts! Example of Russian/Ukrainian music? 3
Locked topic. Voice Actors needed! 3
Locked topic. A Basic Loop i made 1
New posts! Eli5 (reddit Edm Discussion) 6
New posts! what plugins do u use for 8bit? 28
New posts! Looking for a Harpsichord! 7
New posts! How do I make a note wiggle? 6
New posts! Vocalist needed for Deep House tune 1
New posts! So I've been trying to upload... 1
Locked topic. Looking for Epic Music 13
Locked topic. Seeking Voice Over Work 3
New posts! Restoring audio recording 6
New posts! composer desperately needed! :o 0
New posts! $200 bd $, what should I get? 3
Locked topic. DC/Marvel Voices needed 2
New posts! getting noticed on this website? 2
New posts! Looking to get started 4
New posts! Getting an Orchestra Library? 27
Locked topic. Vampire Audio Drama! Actors wanted! 1

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