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Latest NG News! Ludum Dare 32 & Unity WebGL Update 23
Latest NG News! Lakeview Cabin Fan Art Challenge! 21
Important notice, please read! Need help? START HERE! 0
New posts! Extracting Just Vocals? 5
New posts! Using Just Redrum 9
New posts! Anyway you take your own songs off. 9
New posts! Any one have a suggestion 8
New posts! Adobe audition help? 0
New posts! Urgent 4
New posts! Music Mixer like Garageband 7
New posts! Audio Engineer looking to help out 4
New posts! Session good software? 2
New posts! Contest - 999 Bpm, Original Samples 9
Locked topic. I think some1 runs around voting 0s 12
New posts! Choral element in FL Studio? 2
New posts! midi to mp3 program 2
New posts! Midi? 1
New posts! What program? 2
Locked topic. New artist needs to be listened 5
Locked topic. First EP on netlabel 15
Locked topic. Who wants a voice job? 2
New posts! What pro - ? 5
New posts! The Unofficial Xmas Podcast 0
New posts! Country Songs For Public Viewing 1
New posts! Hip Hop Elements 3
New posts! I know this sounds noobish...but... 6
New posts! Assassin Song help. 0
Locked topic. help with FL studio 7 producer ver. 1
New posts! Having problems uploading 3
New posts! Sound FX 1
New posts! Good Music Production Program 1
New posts! Bapa - Nomination Thread 6
New posts! I've got it all. Except.. 25
New posts! Smokes Back! (require Two Songs) 14
New posts! Ng Artists You Have On Your I-pod?? 15
New posts! "This is madness!"-300 mp3 file 4
New posts! Need Music for animation 2
New posts! The Black Hand Assassination Projec 5
New posts! Quick Question.. 2
New posts! Any more lists? 9
New posts! Regroove Mixer 1
Locked topic. My song xD 6
New posts! New author commentary added to AP 18

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