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Locked topic. need a a good "Screwey Squirrel" vo 1
Locked topic. Wanting 2 voice act in Anchorage,AK 1
New posts! Liquid Piano + Other 3 Midi Melodie 12
Locked topic. Download Button 16
New posts! I need music for my new flash serie 13
New posts! Only Shadows Touch 16
Popular thread, new posts! NG Podcast theme contest! Page: 1 2 3 68
Locked topic. Need voice artist good at mimicry 1
New posts! Does anyone notice the Audio Portal 27
New posts! Please help with track ID 1
Popular thread, new posts! Being a girl = More success on NG? Page: 1 2 3 61
Locked topic. Voice Actors needed for cartoon 1
Locked topic. Looking for honest critique 2
New posts! Looking for a sampler - FL Collab' 2
Popular topic, but locked… Latest news in the audio portal Page: 1 2 39
New posts! Anybody know how to do this bass? 13
New posts! Deckadance 2 4
New posts! stole from mat zo & arty 27
Popular topic, but locked… More "easy Listening" Sub-genres Page: 1 2 53
New posts! Chiptunes artist needed for game 5
New posts! Picking the right VSTi for modding? 4
New posts! Remixing? Alternative? 3
New posts! Looking For Fx/music Intro 10
New posts! Cd Icons In Latest/greatest Lists 3
Popular thread, new posts! Aspect of a song do you start with? Page: 1 2 30
Locked topic. If anyone needs a voice actor 2
New posts! Secret In Pretty Little Liars Seaso 0
New posts! Stuck in a Musical Form? 28
New posts! This sound/lead 24
New posts! Ripping audio in Adobe Audition 6 5
New posts! Question on Audio Advertisement 0
New posts! Good Plug-ins to make music 18
Locked topic. Rules for promoting stuff 1
Locked topic. Everyoneeeee 1
Locked topic. i have a voice if you need one 1
Locked topic. The Real Eggman / Eggman Rap 2 1
New posts! I'm an iOS dev who needs music 3

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