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Locked topic. Are My Songs Really That Bad? 1
New posts! Compression Tutorials 26
New posts! Immune's Music composers? 11
New posts! Going to pick up a foot pedal today 9
Locked topic. Voice Actor willing to work hard. 5
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New posts! Recording Guitar 9
Locked topic. Wow! 5
New posts! question about music submissions 2
New posts! Voice changing programs 3
New posts! help need a program 1
Locked topic. We got new god in da audio portal. 5
New posts! Beaterator 1
New posts! Midi Ports. 6
New posts! Bout Classical Software and Theory? 8
New posts! Just bought a midi keyboard! 2
New posts! Note Parameter Send 6
New posts! Recording my guitar 10
Locked topic. Audio Portal Improvement Suggestion 3
Popular thread, new posts! Compression-Limit er help? Page: 1 2 54
New posts! UK rock for a game 2
Locked topic. The best newgrounds composer 7
New posts! Featured 3
New posts! How does one find a bass player? 12
Locked topic. is pulstate's music stolen? 1
New posts! Winamp Audio Help 4
New posts! Need the name of a techno song!! 12
New posts! Gangsta Whine Sound 6
New posts! [request] Dr. Seuss Styled Music! 5
New posts! Fruity Loops Tutorials 3
Locked topic. What song is this? Poss. Beethoven 3
New posts! What Can $199 Get You? 19
Locked topic. What genre is this song? 6
New posts! Myspace Sucks! 19
New posts! Percussion Loops 3
Locked topic. I need Voice Actors 1
New posts! mi song remix request 0
New posts! Instruments, themes, and moods 13
Locked topic. Announcer for a game im making 1
New posts! Made video for broadcasting class! 2

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