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New posts! Oriental Stringed Vst Request 5
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New posts! Not Using But Recording The Vocoder 4
New posts! where can i download nintendo based 1
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Locked topic. Feedback needed. 5
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New posts! Acid Basses... 6
New posts! Good program to record onto... 1
New posts! Mixing / Mastering Help Thread 5
New posts! What Synths do you guys use? 9
New posts! Zoom G2.1u to Adobe? 2
Popular thread, new posts! Your first song Page: 1 2 47
New posts! ReCycle - replace wav file question 3
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Locked topic. Adobe or Fruity Loops 1
New posts! Problems With Midi In/out Cable 1
New posts! Vista Sample Music ? 1
New posts! Name my band 27
New posts! Sounds of the Wii Volume1 3
Locked topic. Been absent 2
Locked topic. Question about alternative accounts 1
New posts! Looking For! 8
New posts! Is it possible?? 26

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