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Locked topic. New loop, looking for critique 2
Locked topic. New Ep Album Up!! 1
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Locked topic. Voice Actor needed! Villain Role!! 2
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New posts! The legacy of Cassette Tapes 3
Locked topic. Requesting feedback for my voice!! 1
Locked topic. Need a good voice actor 2
Locked topic. 10 years in this crib oh yeah! 9
Locked topic. need my songs on game 2
New posts! This Is Not A Tape (music Video) 1
New posts! Question for Musicians: Contests. 3
Locked topic. My debut EP is out! 2
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New posts! Ni Massive Help With Lfos 1
New posts! using sounds from gamebanana 8
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New posts! Chord progression -> theory 19
Locked topic. Voice acting for my fan-movie 1
New posts! creating a score from imovie 0
Popular thread, new posts! switching DAWs Page: 1 2 32
New posts! Let's talk about record label scams 25
New posts! Nano Crisis 'wasted' E.p. Free! 3
Locked topic. Give me work! 3

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