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Locked topic. New audio uploaded 3
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Locked topic. Help! 3
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Locked topic. My metal song 1
Locked topic. Looking for a voice actress 1
Locked topic. Audio for my game? 3
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New posts! can everyone make music? 23
New posts! CREATIVE CHALLENGE for skydive 0
Locked topic. how should I send around my music? 1
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New posts! MASSIVE 8DIO SALES! 40/70% Off! 3
New posts! 30 second cover? 2
New posts! A Study in Tonal Harmony (+Comics!) 5
New posts! Powerful Bass Drum (Electro) 4
New posts! Evol Intent Remix Compitition 4
New posts! How to deal with bad CPU? 14
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New posts! Looking for musician 2
Locked topic. Can anybody scouted me?? 4
Locked topic. Audio submit problem! 4
New posts! Hard time making new songs 14

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