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Latest NG news! Some Fantastic Animators to Watch 20
Latest NG news! NATA News and Throwback Thursday 25
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Locked topic. The sound of innocence 1
New posts! Where and in what form do you want 16
New posts! Unpublished audio 2
New posts! DAW choice ! 15
New posts! Drum programming 10
New posts! Why can't I see my song? 1
Locked topic. Ca I Get Some Fl Studio Help? 2
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Locked topic. Recommend me for audio portal? 2
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New posts! I need Video Game Songs 9
Popular thread, new posts! Ofcl Ngaucontest Tryout Thread Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 161
New posts! Not a pleasant feeling 14
Locked topic. Composer, will work for free 2
New posts! How do collabs work? 13
New posts! Useful sound effects tool 3
New posts! Does anybody else get this too? 15
New posts! Possible collaboration? 1
Locked topic. Ghostcub the professional VO Actor! 1
New posts! Im always unsatisfied w/ my plucks 13
Locked topic. Female Voice Actress Needed! $25 1
New posts! I wanna do a rap collab 0
New posts! Two questions 6
New posts! A music loop for Gameboy Jam game. 1
New posts! Automation in Patterns 2
Locked topic. Free Voice Acting. 2
Locked topic. Voice Actor Available For Free 1
New posts! How to search properly? 1
New posts! Animator looking for composer $$$ 12
Popular thread, new posts! "ng Audio Underdogs" Contest Idea Page: 1 2 3 89
New posts! Converting: Male to Female Voice? 11
Locked topic. Voices for Batman, Harley and Ivy! 1
New posts! Viewing audio used in submissions 5
New posts! Help with microphone problem? 14
Locked topic. Looking For Willing Voice Actors 1

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