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Latest NG News! More Forum Updates & Throwback Page: 1 2 41
New posts! Helicopter design in BF4, Frostbite 1
New posts! Audio recording question 6
Locked topic. Appaulogy to ALL!!! 5
New posts! Zangief Soundboard/Notifications 0
New posts! FL Studio evil red lines 5
New posts! What creates overcompression? 7
Locked topic. my audio need to be seen 3
New posts! Official ForgeyFest 2014! 9
New posts! Voice Synthesizers 1
Locked topic. Need Help For A Real-life Reenactme 3
Locked topic. Oppinions Wanted 2
New posts! Foreign songs. 27
New posts! Collaborating with pirates 9
New posts! I need help from an audio expert. 9
New posts! Headphones Vs. Speakers Mastering 8
New posts! Got Beats? 0
New posts! Just bought Fruity Loops Producer 9
Locked topic. Need a voice actor w/ deep voice? 1
New posts! Post your free percussion samples 6
Locked topic. In need of two male voice actors 1
Popular thread, new posts! Do you hate pop music? Page: 1 2 47
Locked topic. Narrator looking for work (Free) 1
New posts! Image Line 50% off sale 2
New posts! Need a vocalist - Pop Song 0
New posts! Where was my song used? 2
Locked topic. Voice Actors Wanted 1
New posts! Amateur music fee 6
New posts! Looking for music for my game... 9
New posts! how does one sound effects? 10
New posts! Audio amplifier software 5
Popular thread, new posts! How much time do u use on a track? Page: 1 2 3 86
Locked topic. Male Voice Actor here, volunteering 1
New posts! General Mixing and Mastering 1
Locked topic. Voice Actor for hire 1
New posts! How do I create this sound? 10
Locked topic. Animation Needed for Music Video 1
Locked topic. They're not Vampires [Youtube] 1
New posts! Collaborations, Anyone? 1
New posts! FL Studio export 7
Locked topic. I would like to do voice acting 1

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