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Latest NG news! #HarryAppreciationDay 21
Latest NG news! Game Jam 10 Winners, Upcoming Jams 27
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New posts! Music Making do I stop? 8
Locked topic. Va Needed - Strong, Powerful Voice 1
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Locked topic. VektraMedia - Introducing myself 1
New posts! Looking for an intro! 4
New posts! I need an artist 7
Locked topic. Game Developers looking for Music! 8
New posts! :( Need help with a song (Lvl:Noob) 2
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Locked topic. Wtf Happended ? 2
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Locked topic. sound cloud 1
Locked topic. to the mods 5
New posts! What Music Genre Is This Someone??? 15
Locked topic. KarjamP is an audio false flagger 2
Locked topic. Feedback 2
New posts! Alternative to Reaper 9
Locked topic. edm lovers press play 3
Locked topic. Frootza on instagram! 1
Locked topic. Need Male voice actors for Kaiju fi 1
New posts! Does anybody recognize these songs? 0
New posts! Browser TR-808 drum machine 9
New posts! Chiptune needed for tv show! 5
Locked topic. Voice actor 1
New posts! Let's Play 0
New posts! Free Glitch Samples For All 8
New posts! Best way to raise song volume? 15
New posts! Write better video game music 12
New posts! Suggestion to voice actors 3
New posts! Little tips and tricks :3 15
New posts! Good pad samples? 6
New posts! Is Nexus worth it? 18
Locked topic. YouTube Avatar 2
New posts! Happy Birthday, Ashley Alyse! 7
New posts! Viola Organista by Da Vinci 6
New posts! Fantasy Pulse ~visual Novel Group~ 1

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