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Locked topic. Looking for projects! 1
New posts! Idol Group Needs Composer 6
New posts! Composer needed for episode 1 8
New posts! Collab Request - ( Saw Party 1 ) 7
New posts! Is anyone else experience chopping? 8
New posts! Audio Collaboration? 0
New posts! Jmj Laser Harp? 0
New posts! - Heard of it? 0
New posts! Pokémon mini composer needed 3
New posts! Pryda snare 4
Popular thread, new posts! [Tutorial] Sytrus Synth Creation Page: 1 2 32
New posts! Hands up samples 0
New posts! Serum Synthesizer? 7
Locked topic. I've retired my pseudonym.. 1
New posts! Nexus 2 On Fl Studio Mac Beta? 0
Popular thread, new posts! Ofcl N G A U C Final Round Thread! Page: 1 2 3 4 105
New posts! Bluecat Plug'n Script Available! 0
New posts! Late Bloomers in Music Thread. 25
New posts! Seeking Musician 6
New posts! Help to choose multiprocessor unit 13
New posts! music theory destroyed 27
Locked topic. Genre Help? 3
New posts! I want to Mix your music 3
New posts! Looking for artists 1
Locked topic. Need A Musician For Cartoons!!! 1
New posts! Free sample packs! 17
Locked topic. Unsure of my mix...too much bass?? 2
Locked topic. Hello There! I'm an music amateur 2
New posts! What Makes Jrpg Music Different 17
Popular thread, new posts! How bad/good are you at business? Page: 1 2 30
New posts! Compensation for Quality Recording 3
New posts! FL Mixer problem 1
New posts! Need a few sounds for a game. 5
New posts! Need Musician for a short animation 7
New posts! N G A U C Finals Results 2014 23
New posts! Depressive/Suicidal Music=Peaceful? 9
New posts! Post Ussr Audio Guys 8
New posts! I Need A Music Guy For My Cartoons! 2
New posts! I need Video Game Songs 16
New posts! Blue Stillness - Ailad 1

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