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Latest NG news! Some Fantastic Animators to Watch 7
Latest NG news! NATA News and Throwback Thursday 22
New posts! Gameboy synth in FLstudio? 18
New posts! need help with music 4
New posts! 8dio - Hybrid Tools Iii - Whaaat? 9
Locked topic. Wish to be Popular! 5
New posts! Make a song 8 bit? 24
New posts! How can I create music??? 15
New posts! Sylenth vs Massive? 20
New posts! These types of intros are hard toDo 2
New posts! Game Scoring Contest - vote now! 0
New posts! Need Help Finding A Youtube Channel 3
New posts! Syncing Audio with other audio 2
New posts! Additional Music for Project 6
Locked topic. Male voice actor(s) wanted 1
New posts! How do YOU make your music? 27
New posts! HybridTwo - Project Bravo 5
New posts! Are You Interested In Remixing? 9
New posts! Sound Design? 8
New posts! How do I create this violin sound? 2
New posts! Assigning a compressor to 1 channel 12
Popular thread, new posts! What audio programs do you use?Why? Page: 1 2 33
New posts! Pirateering Music Commission 2
New posts! Songs for a game 13
New posts! Some questions for you guys... 3
New posts! A real problem that needs fixin' 1
Locked topic. Need voice actor for comic series 1
Locked topic. Voice actors needed! 1
New posts! Can't find the name of a song 3
Locked topic. Soundtrack for The Impossible Game 14
New posts! Drum Ambiance 18
New posts! Un-published audio? 7
New posts! Ludo2014 Video: Game Music Howto 2
New posts! SFX designer wanted 5
New posts! Female Rock Vocalist Wanted 1
New posts! Hatsune MIku v3 English 24
New posts! Can't scout people :(. 4
Locked topic. Help me to know my mistakes 2
New posts! Strangeness when going to my origin 9
Popular thread, new posts! newgrounds musician front page list Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 27 41 1,213
Popular topic, but locked… Daniel Harris stealing NG music. Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 218
New posts! How to use pre-recorded synths? 11

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