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2012 Tank Awards


The NG Tank Awards

The Tank Awards are annual awards given to top contributions of the year. Nominations consist of top monthly winners, winners of themed contests and a few staff inclusions. Winners receive the coveted bronze tank.

2012 Movie of the Year

Lucky Day Forever


"Prole 514 dreams about winning the Great Lottery. The lottery winner is transformed and allowed admission into the elite White society, where everyone is beautiful, young and happy and people spend their carefree lives solely on fun and partying. One day, 514's wish comes true... but was this what he really wanted?" Sarkazm built on the themes of his 2004 works on NG and showed us all how far one artist can come.

2012 Game of the Year

Abobo's Big Adventure

byTeam Abobo

Abobo's son (Aboboy) has been kidnapped and now it's up to you to help Abobo fight his way through some of the greatest NES games of all time in order to rescue him! This ultimate love letter to classic gaming was in development for an entire decade.

2012 Musician of the Year


With over 100 audio submissions and a genuine interest in the feedback of his peers, Kor-Rune has made the most of his time in the Audio Portal. Things really came together this year with some interesting collaborations and a diverse portfolio of submissions.

2012 User of the Year


With heavy contributions to the art, movie, and game portals, combined with Pico Radio, deathink's been a busy man. His unwavering support of the NG community brings out the best in everyone he comes in contact with. Deathink is a world-class Newgrounds user.