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2011 Tank Awards


The NG Tank Awards

The Tank Awards are annual awards given to top contributions of the year. Nominations consist of top monthly winners, winners of themed contests and a few staff inclusions. Winners receive the coveted bronze tank.

2011 Movie of the Year

Ça Ça Mirlaquerr

byNacho Tururu

A new Mister Coo adventure featuring the song 'Ça Ça Mirlaquerr' by the band, [Lo:Mueso].

2011 Game of the Year

William and Sly 2


Gnomes have stolen William's journal and scattered pages all over the mountainside!
It's up to Sly to get them back!

2011 Musician of the Year


(Formerly SBB)

A member since 2000, Buoy's 100+ audio contributions set him a cut above the rest. Dabbling somewhere between funk and trippy, one isn't quite sure what to expect.

2011 User of the Year


RicePirate's relentless work ethic and loyalty to the NG community knows no bounds. He's collaborated with almost everyone, be it as an animator, a voice actor or anything in between.