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Jul 9, 2017 | 11:56 PM EDT
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Rated 4.84 / 5 stars
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Author Comments

This is our first collab in a while!
And naturally, we dedicate it to our competitor; Jordi. Also known as EtherealWinds :)

He wrote a description for his track that very well covers the situation, so instead of reading a long one here, I recommend you check it out:

Jordi was also kind enough to provide us with some vocals that you'll be able to hear in this composition ^___^

The art for the NG icon was borrowed from SkyrisDesign:

I'm sorry to say that SnowTeddy doesn't appear to be around at this hour, but when asking for his description some days ago over Skype, this is what I was given:

"hi world, bye world! <<<< that's my description"

So there you go ;)




Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I love the tranquil moods and harmonies. Strong progression, too. A couple of the transitions here could’ve been smoother, like :37 and 3:21. The melodic content is great, and you do a good job of balancing the frequencies. Your orchestral samples are pretty good, but the uniform vibrato stills gives away their inauthenticity. I enjoyed the modulation at 2:10, too. Your mastering skills have improved considerably since “Tenebrarius,” although some of the string notes could sound a bit more distinct at 1:45.  Overall, the piece is very flowing, but lacks coherence (you knew that was coming). Make sure to let Jordi know that the vocals at 3:24 were great, btw. Tiny detail: I think the piano at the beginning is just a tad too strong - I thought I heard a little distortion, but it could just be an excess of reverb. At any rate, I think it would help you add a tad more shape at the beginning to fade it in more. How’s that for grossly specific, huh? All the same, this is a really strong piece. Keep it up, guys! ;)


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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you for the very fast review!

I agree with the transition at 0:37 to some extent. I think maybe we should've incorporated a short break there?

As for 3:21, I think the transition is quite good. Especially if you don't read the description before the piece; the vocals are meant to come as an added bonus at the end. So the fact that the transition isn't entirely predictable and smooth and might catch the listeners attention, is a good thing.

I do think that SnowTeddy's mastering and mixing has improved indeed! The only part that I, LSD, mixed, is the part with the vocals at the end, and some atmospheric additions there and there. That said, we did talk about things, and agree upon the mix and what should be changed and all that. Collaborations can take a bit longer because of it, but it's also a great learning opportunity :D

There is no distortion nor clipping at the start; perhaps the piano sample just doesn't sound entirely right to you? It's a felt piano, so there could be some unexpected resonances here and there.

As for coherence, I have one long winded critique for all judges (even more so reviewers). Please bear with me.
It's easy to say that something lacks coherency, but if you're going to, do specify what it means to you, in that particular instance. Coherence can be interpreted in many ways. Is it the structure? The mixing? The instrumentation? The arrangement? The chord choises? The progression? The atmosphere? Something else? All of it?

Coherence in what, when, where, why? By definition, everything both lacks coherence, and has it. The word coherence is related to the words understand and interpret, or could even be connected to not being able to place something in a common formula, meaning one mentally has to create a new one. Is this bad, or good, and why? Breaking it down further, coherence is related to the goal or aim of something. Does that mean that the incoherent thing in question deviates from the set goal?

If that is the case, the person feeling that somemthing is incoherent has already defined (internally) what they feel the objective of that something was, and that the thing that's critiqued does in fact not follow suit, in regards to that objective.

Especially because said objective might not be the same for the composer and listener, when it comes to something as subjective as music, I wish you would specify exactly what you in particular feel when you essentially say, you don't feel the track is logical and consistent (the definition of coherence); you could exemplify what it is or isn't logical and consistent, to you.

Otherwise, it's about as helpful as saying you like something, or don't like it. Which by all means, already is somewhat helpful.

Sorry about the rant! But I keep seeing that word (which really means next to nothing on its own) in reviews all over the place, and I thought it could be interesting to have a discussion about it!

Thank you a lot for so actively judging everything in multiple competitions, while taking the time to write reviews as well. That's strongly done.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

:'D I feel sorry for whoever is judging this. But I guess since EtherealWinds contributed part of himself to this song, and your team did likewise with his, everybody wins.^^ This is super gorgeous work, boys! Your talents blend very well together. I think this is actually the first time I've heard a collab from you and SnowTeddy and it's definitely a treat to hear - no matter how the competition goes, really hoping you get to work on more stuff in the future together and share it with us all! :3

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you very much, Lindsey!

And yes. Everybody winning is exactly what we were going for ^___^
We're super glad that you like our joined work :3

We've actually collaborated a fair amount in the past! I don't mean to force a track upon you, but if you're interested you can check out or first official collab:

We certainly are planning on working together in the future more, no matter how things go :D
Thanks again for the lovely words!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good job guys. Singing is great, I thought its LSD singing lol.

I've been listening SnowTeddy's stuff so expected it to later evolve to super dark cinematic for maximum competition (dun dun dun dun brr) but great track nonetheless, a switch from the dark side is healthy sometimes

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Yeah, the real dark tones wouldn't really have fit what we were going for this time. Perhaps in a future collab ;)

We're really glad you liked out work! Thank you for reviewing :D

P.S. I wish I was that good at singing ^___^


Rated 4 / 5 stars

at .40 (40 seconds in the song) that melody sounds literally like the main theme of fairy tail in some parts lol. Love the song but during some parts it feels a bit clustered.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hey, there's definitely a resemblance there :D
I think it's because the rhythm and the genre are quite similar :)
If you don't mind (only if it's not a bother), could you send a short PM about which parts you felt were clustered? For future reference ^ ^



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey guys! I really enjoyed your track and liked especially the great athmosphere of lonelyness you have created. The part after 1:32 is really great and epic. Well done :D Which choir did you use here? The transition at 2:11 also is very nice. Something doesnt work with the piano after 2:11 some notes didnt fit in well somehow. What i really liked here is that you combined quite many different feels in this track and tried to make it an interesting journey for the listener. I have been entertained well guys! Keep up being creative and trying to find new approaches. This is always something that gives your evolution as an artist a boost. So just go for it!

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hey there! Thank you very much for your nice review :)
1:32 made most of the cool things in this part! We even removed the piano from there, to emphasise it :D
Perhaps you already suspected it, but the choir used was Storm Choir xD

As for the piano at 2:11, perhaps you feel it's a bit off because the rhythm is a bit more active than the string melody that's in focus? I get where you're coming from there. Interesting side note, we used a fair amount of dissonance in select places in this piece, but we felt it worked quite well :3

A journey is quite exactly right! The title of the piece means "The Wanderer"! It's cool that that is apparently conveyed through the music ^ ^

It's also fantastic that you've been entertained by our creation, since in the end, after conveying atmospheres and stories, music is there to entertain. We'll do our best to stay creative! Same to you, Chris!