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May 13, 2017 | 7:53 AM EDT
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Rated 4.18 / 5 stars
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Electronic - Dubstep

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This song is in B♭♭ Harmonic Minor at 160 BPM.

I probably won't make a song this great for a long while (and the fact that I won't make a successful dubstep for an even longer time). A lot of effort was put into this dubstep. It took a lot of pain to make this (and a lot of inspiration). I spent more time on the drops (especially the first drop). The third drop starts with a cinematic and ambient feel.


It is the year of 2150. The phenomenon that just happened was the deadliest event known as Armageddon, or the apocalypse, or Doomsday. The earth as we know it has been abandoned, and the apocalypse just ended, leaving nothing but desolating buildings and a bunch of rubble. When you arrive at the abandoned planet, you soon realize that you are not alone. Years before the earth was abandoned, aliens had invaded the planet during the apocalypse. Some of these aliens took billions of remaining humans hostage to their home world, and the rest of the aliens stayed to search for remaining lives on the planet. These aliens do not want to protect humans, they want and destroy them after they experiment on them. These aliens have no care for human lives. Now you are under their radar. They are armed with inescapable strong force that can disintegrate a human within 5 seconds.
First Drop: You must escape before they notice you under their radar before it is too late. You can try to hide, but their technology is far too advanced.
Second Drop: The aliens have now been armed against you. You must escape before you are disintegrated. YOU can try to run, but again, their technological advantage puts you in definite death.
Third Drop Part 1: You now realize that there are other rogue humans. These humans that were remaining have established extremely agile and effective techniques in order to survive and escape.
Third Drop Part 2: You and the remaining humans are now targeted by the aliens. You must quickly plan out a strategy to kill the aliens and escape.
Third Drop Part 3: The fight between the aliens and the remaining humans has begun. There is no turning back. You are to win and escape, or you are to lose and die.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

I like the sense of energy and tension at the beginning. The instrument for the line at the very beginning wasn't my favorite, but it works well with the rest of the sound design. I thought the frantic melody ducks under the mix a bit at the 1-minute mark, and the kick could also be a lot stronger to give the piece some more drive. I like the dark chords at 1:43 and how they are molded into the strings shortly thereafter. The transition at 1:55 could've been a lot more subtle, but perhaps you intended for it to be in-your-face. The piece is very catchy and energetic, but I don't see the theme coming through a ton just from listening to it. Also, the part at 2:55 kind of came out of nowhere. I would've liked to see you prime the listener more by introducing the riff at 2:55 earlier. By the time the frantic synth comes back in at 3:12, you can really tell that this piece has some mastering shortfalls. I would recommend toning down the reverb a bit and adding some more careful compression and equalizing to help add some clarity to these muddy frequencies. The chord at 4:10 threw me off a bit. It didn't have much of a sense of direction to it, so I thought you were ending the piece. In general, I didn't think the piece needed to be 6 minutes long, either. You rarely vary the melodies here, so the piece tends to drag a bit. It's a cool tune that's going to be stuck in my head for a while; production and arrangement are the major downfalls. Keep at it, man!

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

I honestly feel like this sounds cut-up and rushed. I can't even find the drop after 10 minutes of searching, you remove the drums for parts that would be superior to the rest of the song, and a lot more minor errors that don't immediately come to mind for me. Really mediocre song imo.

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JordanKyser responds:

The drops are at: 0:36, 2:06, 4:18

And btw, the drums are meant to compliment the sinister feel


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Okay, for one, the song is NOT in A harmonic minor, because if it were, the bassline would actually reflect it. It's not even in the old or modern musical modes. It's F with a whole lot of dissonance.

That being said: you certainly did create a dramatic effect with this song. The dubstep was subtle, I guess, compared to other dubstep songs I've heard, but it's still there. And I like it. It's different somehow. I like it subtle, and not in-your-face, because it means that you have to listen carefully. There are no mixing issues, not to my ears anyway, which means everything is a matter of just listening and appreciating.

There is a general sinister feel to it, what with the consecutive 5ths you use. If the Matrix were made now, I could see this fitting right into the trailer.

Slight complaint, which doesn't otherwise gash from the enjoyment of the piece: percussion at 4:00 or thereabouts feels neither here nor there, but you manage to bring a sense of direction back with the rest of your piece.

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JordanKyser responds:

A Harmonic minor is the C scale with a G sharp. The bassline mostly reflects the scale. The main notes I used were B, C, F, and G sharp, but I also used the rest of the notes in the minor scale (mainly in the leads).

The percussion at 4:00 is supposed is sound like ship landing (first bang), loud blasts (rest of the bangs), and stomping on puddles (those sounds that sound like short crackling).

One problem I have had with my songs was that mixing issue, but this song seemed to not have it to exist.

I was actually inspired to create this when I was messing with one of my Touhou remakes that I am currently making (I put three random notes: F, then E, then G sharp).

The only thing that was bad was the first 5 seconds (the limiter did work, but the square-ish lead grinds your ears a bit). The limiter I used work well afterwards.

During the third drop, I split it into three parts: that part around 4:00 (the most cinematic feel in the whole song), the build-up, and the actual drop.

Anyways, I put the most effort into this song than any other song that I have made.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Words can never describe such amazement and quality and sound! THIS IS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

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JordanKyser responds:


You're definitely right, words will never fully describe such music!