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Mar 18, 2017 | 12:58 PM EDT
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Rated 4.11 / 5 stars
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Electronic - House

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

I don't have a ton of time to write a review at the moment, so this one won't be super long.

Mostly I agree with what Chael said. The melodies really need to resonate more with the listener. The first melody is really strange, and some of the notes don't fit in with the chords. It seems almost open at the end of the phrase, which really shouldn't happen. The melody should lead into itself without a crazy transition. Also, the melody has a lot of outliers, which make it jump around a lot. I find that an octave is more than enough space to make a melody. When it starts going up to the next octave, there's only a few exceptions.

The mixing isn't too much of a problem, but that's because it's too empty. Most house songs have a bass of some sort, some base chords (usually playing the chord progression), a color instrument (something that catches instrument) and a few lead elements (leads, pianos, strings, etc.). You can add even more without it being too cluttered, but it's probably best to keep it simple. Another thing you may want to think about is better sound design. I have really been experimenting with it lately, and the sound creates the texture a piece has. Piano and saws really don't cut it for a house track.

The drop isn't as energetic as it should be. The drop should have the most energy, and everything else should be building towards it. It's really basic in this song and has no hook to it.

Mostly just work on melodies, especially if you want to make house. They are a large part of the reason I make house. I find that melodies will really just come to me, and if I force them they never fit, no matter how hard I try. There are a lot of things that will invoke it, but a big one for me is emotion.

Keep working on house. This was okay, but there are definitely points where it can be better. (And yes, this review is harsh because it's house.)


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FirePowerX responds:

Thanks kyron! well first of all, this is my first attempt of making a prog house, i was acctually looking up tutorials on how to make a prog house, it kinda helped me a bit on how it would sound like, but mabe it wasnt too right, i guess i can tell that for the chords.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not too bad.

Making melodies for house takes practice. There is honestly not much advice I can give you for making them besides referring to other producers' melodies and getting tons of practice on your own. If the kick segment was supposed to be a drop, it needs work. There are just chords and a pluck (I think). You kind of need a main lead, even if it is prog house. The chords should be more powerful too in terms of design.

If you want to hear my cheesiest house track, it is probably Bloom, which I find is kind of similar to this. It was pretty bad mix wise, but it was catchy (but still much too simple in terms of overall composition). My hats used to be super loud lol. In your case, there is almost no percussion besides a kick, clap and possibly a very light ride from what I hear. So add some hats/shakers, rides, and a perc or two. Dynamic percussion is really important in house, because change in percussion allows you to build up slowly within your track, regardless of the presence of an actual "build up".

The chords are not bad, but they are pretty basic and don't seem to go in any particular direction.

The piano melody of the second half of the track is rather repetitive. Try to avoid leaving a piano on it's own, unless it is the outro or it is for a very short time.

The track itself is rather empty. House tracks should not have too many elements, but they require all of the right elements. So experiment with supporting elements. There are many techniques you can try out.

There is not much build up within the track. One of the comments stated below is that the kick comes randomly. That is true, because there is no sense of buildup besides the white noise going up. One of my favourite things about house is the build ups. If a track lacks in the build up and drop, it just doesn't work.

The intro is rather basic as well. Try to steer away from the whole "piano intro" for house. I have done that way too often myself. Try to make the intro more interesting and then maybe build towards the piano, lead into a build up and then make the drop.

I believe this is a solid start for house production. I am sure you will take the time you need to improve in all aspects of the genre. House is great for learning to mix, so practicing house production will be super helpful in the long run for you. About tutorials for house, the main way that they can help is by showing you how certain elements are implemented in a track. Tutorials cannot help you think creatively though. So practice often and experiment with your work.

Good luck with future projects!

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FirePowerX responds:

Thanks man! as long as i keep practicing i will improve, its still just the beginning, thannks chael! =)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not one of your best songs by far but its not bad either. It sounds a whole lot like a WIP to me. Something you should probably work on a little bit. The piano starts out rather nicely but it seems to be missing something. Perhaps something to back it a little better. I'm not a huge fan of the synths used in this too. Everything kind of meshes together in a not so good way. Though I bet with a little T.L.C and time you can make this into a beautiful song.



Rated 4 / 5 stars



Rated 3 / 5 stars

The kick comes in randomly and it's bad, while you're at it you added a clap that wasn't necessary, making any future drop probably as boring as it can be. And then it all goes away to a piano melody again, whut?

was there a drop? i don't know.

You really should look up some tutorials on the genre you're going to make, also the melody was okay but it was really random as i didn't find it catchy, therefore in my opinion not good sounding.