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Sep 12, 2015 | 11:44 PM EDT
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Rated 4.33 / 5 stars
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Author Comments

NGADM´15 - Round 2 Submission:

Hey there,

here is a new track that i have written for the NGADM´15 contest. Its a classical toccata solo piece for pipe organ.

Please take the time and listen with headphones to get the full experience. Otherwise you will be missing the athmosphere of that huge cathedral room and its gigantic reverb (which is not a mixing issue but has been done by intent).

This piece is dedicated to my friend @PeterSatera as a little remembrance of his affiance. All the best from Jacob and myself for you and Claire. May the force always be with you two!

Enjoy listening :D



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Why would you even post this? I don't know why you continue writing if you are going to actually submit something at such an amateur level. Please continue posting after you become a better player, thank you. Extremely boring track.


SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot for your very constructive and helpful review. It helped me a lot :D i wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is a NGADM Round 2 Review.


- Immersive while being a solo instrument track! +++
- Has an almost 'imposing' sound to it.
- Great composition.

This piece sounds entirely regal and although I used the word imposing, I think an apt word to describe it is 'grand'. The sound of an organ is quite authoritative, and I think that's why it stands so well on its own. Perhaps this is also why this piece sounds so immersive, too! I am impressed by the composition of this piece, given the constraints you were under. Well done!

What to consider:
- As pointed out by both Stunkel and Step, there are times when things sound 'slurred'.
- Could use more rests/breaks!

I felt as if there were times when the organ should have softened or returned to silence, though it kept going on its merry way, clambering ever upwards or downwards in its own passage of notes. The short rest at 0:43 was well implemented, and I think it really added some much needed emphasis on the sound that came before it. In any case, these are both small gripes!

A well-written piece! Keep up the great work. :)

Score: 8.9/10

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is an NGADM 2015 review.

Nice minimalistic piece! Really enjoying the fairly ominous feel, especially in the intro. I'm also a fan of how compositionally dynamic the piece is, you go between exciting and fast paced to mellow and ominous in a way that I find quite satisfying. Something about this song makes me picture it to some kind of sombre montage of a character's descent into madness :P that could also partially be because of the instrumentation, though.

The organ itself is very nice, I'm assuming it's a VST based on the fact that I don't know anyone with easy access to an organ. I feel like your reverb could be a little more "wet" as it feels very digital, for lack of a better word (could be because it sounds like it's low-passed a tad? I'm unsure. This comment is of course moot if it's a real organ with no actual digital reverb but... yes :P). It might be that I'm very accustomed to convolution based reverbs lately and this doesn't sound much like one.

I felt like the ending seemed a little cliche and uninspired, I definitely feel as though I've heard it before :P probably a symptom of how well it works though, so I can criticize you too much there.

Overall, interesting and enjoyable piece :) Definitely quite unique in comparison to the rest of the entries this round, too!

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SoundChris responds:

Hello there Geoplex, thanks you very much for your kind review and your score! Glad that you enjoyed what i have pulled out within the last hours before the deadline (man ... that was a lot of stress :D ). The vsti i have used here is the "toccata" by sonokinetic. I didnt use any additional effects but worked with the included reverb only. I really can recommend that instrument: Its very cheap, very effective in use, you have got 20 different register options and i also find it sounds quite realistic. Also it doesnt need much ram because an organ doesnt have velovity. No matter if you hit the keys hard or soft - the sound is always the same. That also causes a more disturbed sound. In a church you often have got very massive reverb. Most organs are integrated in churches which are designed for choral music (those have a far bigger reverb tail. A good example is notre dame in paris) or the room just isnt matching with the organs placement or size. So i do think that the massive wet sound - even its hard to get everything audible all the time - just adds some extra realism. I mean: Have you ever been able to hear the lyrics of a cathedral choir in a large church? I think that this is extremely hard to achieve and so i went for a more wet sound here, too. But because i also expected other judges to find the track too wet i again reduced it a little bit. If you check the other reviews you will see that the others even found it too wet (for my taste some additional very stil would have improved the sound so i guess we are feeling similar here).

The ending is a standard that you can hear in several sacred organ pieces. It would be strange if you would NOT have heared that before :D I thought it could make the whole scenario even more believable. Maybe i overdid it here.

Thanks so much for your kind review. Hopefully i can show my full potential next round. My system has been repaired (new mainboard, new ram) so i am totally armed for a possible next round. Lets see how this round right now will go out.

All the best,

I didnt use an EQ here. The sound that you hear are the samples with just some reverb.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

*\_-=/NGADM Review\=-_/*

Honestly I don't know how to judge this appropriately other than what it did for me personally.

I think that sometimes there were too many notes (trilly stuff) but the piece makes sense as a whole and is well composed. I think it's really difficult to portral the size and depth of these instruments when only given 2 channels so it's brave to focus a whole song on one.

It's sweet that you dedicated this to a friend too. :)


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SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot man! Glad you enjoyed my little track - even it was a little bit uncommon concerning the genre and instrument. I think you are right that sometimes there were a few notes too much. I had to compose within a time window of 8 hours and had no possibility to work on those details and to finetune. In general i am very comfortable with the result because it was quite a challenge for me to write a solo instrument piece in a genre that is not really my comfort zone. But because i had to compose on my notebook (which is quite weak) i had to go for something whih doesnt need much resources so i thought its good to go for a solo instrument. My piano samples didnt work here so this option also wasnt availiable. But i am very glad that it worked in the end :)

Meanwhile my system is repaired and i already have it here again. The next pieces will be far stronger concerning complexity - at least that will be my goal. Also i now have all the options availiable to go for any genre that i wanted to try. *YAY!*

Yeah its true that all that stuff through 2 channels is heavy. But i also have to admit that i didnt even have the time to think about this. I just was hurrying to get something as solid as possible done so i wont let jacob down.

Thanks a lot for your kind review sir!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is an NGADM Round 2 Review


Let me just say what a refreshing feeling it is to listen to classical music in the NGADM after all the super epic or super progressive tracks I've heard so far haha. This is a very solidly composed and perfectly enjoyable classical organ piece, with excellent use of ornaments, and flowing chord progressions with sensible cadences. Despite your computer problems and EXTREMELY limited time, you managed to create a well-thought-out track like this, and I have nothing but praise for that... though I suppose you're used to situations like these by now, considering how unfortunate you've been recently!

I have two issues, one related to the sound/production, and one related to the general composition. The former issue was already mentioned by stunkel. During the faster passages of notes, everything seems to distort into a blur. This is at least partially due to the reverb, no doubt, but I know the song wouldn't be the same without the reverb. However, I'm adamant that with enough careful MIDI velocity editing and compression/reverb fine-tuning, you'd be able to strike a balance between that glorious cathedral reverb and clarity in the fast passages. That takes time though - time you probably didn't have - but it is what it is.

The composition-related complaint I want to mention is that I feel like this track rushes through the music and doesn't "settle" on a section before moving onto the next. While it's all flowing and smooth, I was really hoping that it would take the time to establish a certain motif, play around with it, etc. The fact that the music runs ahead so quickly cheapens the effect of each section. For instance, the reintroduction of the intro's melody at 1:29 should have had a much stronger effect, but since the song excitedly bounced from one melodic idea to the next before reaching that again, it came off as less impactful than intended.

Anyway, that's my thoughts on this! Above all, I'm still impressed you pulled something off, let alone something of this calibre, and even managed to get through to the next round. Congrats, and here's to hoping your computer doesn't explode before the round's over!


SCORE: 8.4/10

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SoundChris responds:

Hey Step! Thanks a lot for your - again - ultra detailed and great review! That i sticked with a solo instrument piece and even a not common style had one reason: I had to compose on my notebook in a daw that isnt my comfort zone, and that had to happen within something about 8 hours. I knew that the machine would not allow me to produce something really complex concerning midi cc editing with several deeply edited instruments. So i decided to go for a solo instrument piece with a kontakt instrument. My pianos platinum would not have worked on that machine so i had not the tools to write a - for my ears convincing - piano track ... you know that i am very nitpicking about this instrument :D

I understand what you mean with the distort in faster passages. But that has been done by intent to reach a higher level of realism. To explain that i will tell something about the instrument itself:
- the sound of an organ is extremely influenced by the room it is installed in. It makes a huge difference if you hear an organ in a cathedral a chappell, a concert room (those are rare) and so on. Also it makes a huge difference if the room was built for choral music (notre dame etc. - those have a MASSIVE reverb and everything is very wet) or if it is tailored for organ (i am not sure here but i think those are a little bit less common. I think you could hear this sound mostly in more modern churchs who have been designed to have better reflections). I tried to achieve a sound that you could have heared in a church / basilika in the 18th century and i assumed that the sound there would just not have been that clear. I was thinking of an old room with very time-worn wooden banks and a massive organ. The verb was chosen to be very long to have a more authentic sound.

- I think that velocity isnt an issue. This is an organ piece. You press a button and the sound is always the same- You cant play a key soft or hard. The sound always is the same. That is because of the mechanics of the instrument.

Composition-wise i tried to go for a toccata style piece. That is why i wanted to keep it busy, dramatic with just a few pedal points. Sure slower passages also would have been cool. But within a 2 and a half minute piece its hard to make a hard stop and change. I found it more consequent to handle it like bach did in several organ works.

I am really happy that this piece worked for the contest round. It was a risk. But you know me: I always try to push my limits and to go where i think i could learn something new :D Now i have got my working system back and i hope that i will have the chance to show my full potential. Well - lets see what happens!

Thanks a lot for that very detailed and awesome review (just like always) and all the best,