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Into The Unknown

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Sep 27, 2014 | 11:11 PM EDT
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Rated 3.72 / 5 stars
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NGADM 14 - Quarter Finals
Hey guys,
here is our NGADM 14 piece for the Quarter Finals. This time we created a little sci-fi journey through time and space! We wanted to tell the journey of a starship which takes off to explore far distant galaxies and finally has to face a dangerous adventure.
This track is meant to tell a story - thats why you will find sfx effects and also lots of ambients if you listen carefully. Here is a small roundup of the storyline:
1) The way to the mass portal (0:00 - 1:00)
In the introduction a spaceship of scavengers on the run prepares to escape from an abandoned planet. The colonial security forces are close on their heels and besiege the planet. There is only one way: Break through the barrcade and get to the mass portal as fast as possible.
After the electricity is activated the ships engines warm up - ready for action! Lots of servo motors adjust the ships body until it is in lift-off and fighting position. Weapons are being loaded and androids check the combat protocols. Directly after the ship starts it can use the element of surprise anf shoot a doorway to the portal which accellerates it to hyper lightspeed.
2) The assumed Getaway (1:00 - 1:35)
The crew was victorious and successfully escaped from the besieged planet. The score rewards their bravery with the tracks main theme. The vessel is stil in hyper lightspeed and on its way to a new hideout when suddenly...
3) The Conflict (1:35 - 2:09)
... an unknown species arrives - it was lurking in the depth of the dark hyperspace. Without any advance warning this unknown biomechanic ship involves the starship into a wild combat. The crew tries its very best to defend against these aggressors. FIRE AT WILL!!! But this enemy seems to be superior. All hope is gone. A critical impact damages the sife support systems, the lightspeed engine goes offline and then the whole scenery is immersed in while light. Is this the afterlife?
4) Paralell Universe (2:10 - 3:14)
The alien ship had opened a gate through time and space and the ship had been warped into another universe. The law of physics doesnt exist here anymore. Matter has no meaning here. This world is ethereal, silhouettes of pure energy are populating this place. Are they hostile? No reaction. But then through a texture of alien soundscapes pierces a voice. They communicate! The voices become more and more in number. This is a hive!!!
They try to seduce the crew with sweet promises to stay forever and leave their material form behind them. When the crew refused a massive energy source arises. The chance of staying in paradise is lost - forever. And once the crew understood which place they had entered the ship was hit by a massive erruption which immediately slingshoted them back in theirown universe.
5) The successful Getaway (3:14 - 4:13)
The time has been turned back to the moment when the crew got away from the colonia security forces. But this time something is different. No lurking alien vessel in the hyperspace. What seemed to be an attackrun the last time turned out as the try of the creatures of the parallel world to communicate. But this time their way will be save. Rock n´ Roll!
We hope you guys liked our little sci-fi journey (we are not writers so plz dont kill us :D ).
All the best and plz keep the Fingers crossed for us so we proceed in the NGADM. There are stil some very cool ideas we want to try out and set into music!
Thanks a lot for listening and reading all this stuff above. Honest reviews and vates are always highly appreciated!



Rated 5 / 5 stars


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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

sure is a journey!
some of the sound effect work is kind of overdone imo, it's the kind of thing where you're just like "yeah its sci fi i get it" haha. i feel like you should be able to get the setting without really overt prompts like that. what i really liked is how you used some of the orchestra parts as sound effects; those laser beam piccolo glissandos in part 3 are perfect. more of that kind of stuff would've been great!

the feeling i get from the mix is dark and chalky - it really could do with a bit more top end sparkle and some midrange scooping. i also would've tried to push more sub bass in the spacious sections (e.g. start of part 1 & part 4). you're in the vast expanse of space but i'm not getting a sense of scale from the mix. appreciate the sub drop from part 1 into part 2, little details like that make me sploosh. the drums at the end really needed more oomph and a few variations on that main groove, they kinda felt like loops apart from those big prog-rock tom rolls.

solid musical storytelling and direction!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow, your chords here at the beginning are so intense. Such unique chord progression – it’s rare to hear something like this, and then, my god, you build up into this fantastic adventurous landscape of a track.
I can tell you went through the song as a story; I can definitely hear the different chapters. My only issue with the piece is that the mixing is a little muddy. Sometimes I feel the brass could have been a little brighter, or the bass a little lower in volume.
Favorite part? The sequence that begins at 2:50, where you seem to revisit the beginning but now we’re on some strange alien planet and not sure what’s happening next. Your choir is absolutely stunning. Goosebumps! Oh, those chords at 2:57. I can’t even tell you how brilliantly implemented that was. Outstanding. Again, goosebumps. And thank you for getting back to the theme at 3:21, it almost made me giddy to hear it again. What an excellent placement of the guitar. It sounds like it DESERVES to be up there, after everything we’ve gone through together!
Excellent ending and closure. I enjoy the horns that go up trill-like; feels a bit like Jurassic Park.
When I first heard this, I was certainly not expecting a Tron-like, Saharan-desert sounding song. As always, you surprise and delight! I’m so thrilled you guys went with a sci-fi cinematic piece. Not nearly enough of those on NG and you nailed it. If you can rework the mixing to where the main melodies sound a little clearer, I can’t even. I wouldn’t be able to handle it. My ears would just detach and explode with sparkly magic.

NGADM Round 3 Score: 9.7

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is a NGADM review.


O_o Whoa....this is epic!

I knew you guys would have something interesting this round, but this is way beyond interesting. This is awesome. I loved the descriptions for each section, it really added another layer in an already expansive and well-organized song. The sound effects are wicked; what did you use for those? The transitions are incredible, and they seamlessly blend with each respective section. My favourite of all the transitions is easily the one at 2:20. Man, is that ever something! The vocals at 2:36 are wonderful, and then the choir at 2:50 is so perfect! When the guitar comes in, I almost lost it. It's so well-placed, and it provides the conclusion of the track with that lively electric feeling! Going back a bit now, I wanted to talk about the various points of tension you use to accentuate the overall atmosphere of the track. Again, the 2:20 and 2:50 marks for example, make excellent use of tension in the strings and vocals to bring out the feeling of awe and wonder. Really well done!

I'm not going to ramble on about the production, because you've heard it all before. That was my biggest complaint. My only other complaint, as Step pointed out, was that the sections are not exactly as long as they should be – and that's a shame because you guys have created something phenomenal here. I wanted to hear more of each piece, in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you guys went into this collective track more and developed an album out of it; it's that good!

Excellent job you guys! This was one journey that I want to hear more of. Keep it up! :D

Score: 9.2/10


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Daaaaang, the bar rises so high. Excellent track! There's all sorts of FX and instruments here and it altogether it was really, really good. I think this would be a great score to an animated Sci-Fi movie! This is quite the musical journey, and the word epic doesn't *begin* to cover it.

I'd have to agree with Metal Renard on one thing; there should have been more guitar! That sort of came out of the blue for me but it was a good surprise. Yes, I am a fan of your stuff now. :)

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SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot! We had a clear storyline here and it was very enjoyable to imagine what could happen on screen while the music and effects accompany the pictures. I guess its not a surprise that we both are big cinematic fans and perhaps have seen too many movies in our lives :D Glad you enjoyed our track and thanks so much for leaving your thoughts here. Highly appreciated!

All the best,