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Argentinean Memories

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Aug 18, 2014 | 3:12 PM EDT
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Rated 4.19 / 5 stars
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NGADM 14 - Round 1: Group Stages
Hey guys,
here is our NGADM 14 piece for the first round. We decided to try out something new and created a little journey through the music of argentina - the featured instrument is the Bandoneon / accordion which is characteristic for the argentinean culture. Our idea was to show 3 quite different scenes where the accordion played in very different styles.
Argentinean Memory No.1: Colores del alma (until 1:32)
The first memory was thought to be an intensely sense-driven piece, so it is drenched with this melancholic feeling and hopefuly it will carry the listener through sadness to love and hope.
Argentinean Memory No.2: Femme Fatale (1:40 - 2:42)
The second memory is a classical romantic and passionate tango piece about the love to a femme fatale - a seductive woman who´s outstanding beauty and erotic enigma pushes her lovers into an abyss of disaster.
Argentinean Memory No.3: Milonga Nights
Modern meets old memories, with a more rhythmic driven piece. We wanted to show here how the traditional argentine music influenced the dancemusic of the present and how the accordion is used in modern dance productions.
Maybe its also interesting to explain that the jazz - piano style which you can find across the whole track has been used as the tool to keep everything togeather / to connect the different memories.
We had really a lot of fun creating this piece and hope you guys will like it. Keep the fingers crossed we can reach the next round so we can stil try out another styles and genres :D
We want to thank our oponents for a challenging round. Also we hope, that @SilverPoyozo and his grandfather as accordion lovers will agree with our approach here!
Honest votes and reviews are always highly appreciated! If you want to support us plz follow us - especially Hitokirito, who is quite new at NewGrounds. Adios!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

i really love the last part, i wish it was longer!

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SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot! Originally we wanted to do 3 independent pieces but after we noticed it was against the NGADM rules we had to combine the pieces to one which was very timeintensive and had to happen 1 day before the deadline :D Glad you liked our piece!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Oh, those strings. And that accordion. This invokes so many emotions all at once – mostly, as you said in your description, nostalgia. Expert instrumentation here, lovely progression, and an intro that makes me want to walk down a lane full of trees with leaves blowing everywhere.
The imagery in this piece is very, very strong. I absolutely love the transition to Femme Fatale, as well, as if we just remembered this beautiful woman in the intro, and we suddenly bump into her again and start dancing in this little speakeasy with everyone watching, and afterwards the audience is so impressed that they begin to clap – MAN. I could go on. This is movie-like quality, as well, and I feel a better choice of genre would have been cinematic, even though I feel the worldly influence in the beginning.
I feel the end was a bit lacking here, although the piano of course is fantastic and I’m happy how you made it stand out in particular. I guess the beat is a little confusing to me, but I know you wanted to go with a more modern atmosphere in this segment. The beat almost gave off a disco vibe, like a Beegees album where they go full-on Mediterranean and wear snappy outfits with roses in their mouths. It was particularly interesting to hear this portion in a song that focused so heavily on classical instruments earlier, and while the earlier parts flowed and swayed with the fondness of the memories, this one was more quantized and rigid.
I also think a smoother transition into Milonga Nights from Femme Fatale would have really strengthened the piece. The ending was a bit too immediate for my taste, as well – it felt like you might have run out of time there and decided to leave it at that. Perhaps returning to the original Colores del Alma, or a motif from that segment, would have been a solid way to conclude the piece.
Overall, though, this was absolutely incredible work. I heard the accordion and honestly gasped at how brightly the pictures from this song came forth. Mixing is excellent, the tone of the piece is beautiful, and the orchestration comes together to form something truly magical.

NGADM Round One Score: 9.2

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SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot headphoamz for your awesome and very detailed review! I am really glad it touched you emotionally since that was what we tried to do. Editing the accordion was quite extreme, but i really love that instrument so much. I think if i remember correctly i sent you a link to ilya efimovs instruments some months ago. They are really very realistic, affordable and just incredibly awesome. Meanwhile i almost have all the important stuff from him. Check out his armenian duduk and the russian instrument ... wow. Btw i really liked the sceneries you imagined - we also thought off movie pictures like these when we did the score.

The transition from part 1 to part 2 (to be honest) was an emergency solution. Originally we had three parts and wanted to submit them in 1 file but as 3 different pieces - which was against the rules. So we had to merge them into one piece a few hours before the deadline which was quite ... extreme :D

Indeed the end was quite short since we really had to struggle hard with the deadline time and mixing / combining the 3 tracks to 1 took more time than expected. Hm - the idea to return back to colores del alma is an interesting idea. We didnt think about it but maybe this would have made a good musical "frame" for the whole project.

Thanks a lot for your very awesome and detailed review and all the best from both of us!

For the transition from part 2 to 3: Pedro told me he also would do this but finally i thought it would be better due to the concept to keep the old argentinean music parts and the modern one a little bit separated so the listener feels - ok: Now something new will happen. Maybe it was the wrong decision. But like i said: It was my fault :D

The last part - milonga nights - was heavily inspired by gotan project. Pedro and me are big fans!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

*sigh* Colores del alma simply... stole my heart. Everything about it is perfect, the emotion and amosphere it carries are so thick it is almost synesthetic. The other pieces are also spectacular, both in production and composition.

I applaud you both on your approach, both the accordion playing and the knowledge of argentinian (my neighbours :D) music is very much appreciated. I'll be sure to show this piece to my grandfather soon, I'm positive he will love it.

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SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot SilverPoyozo! Glad you enjoyed it mate :D Argentinean / south american music in general - is very cool and emotional and that was also one of the things we enjoyed very much when composing and editing this piece. I learned a lot about the accordion / bandoneon in this piece. Editing was really ultra exhausting since i had no idea how a accordion is played realistically so i had to follow my ear and finetune really a lot. What a great instrument .. i wished i could play it as a real instrument ... what a warm timbre.

It was an honor for us to meet you in the NGADM! All the best from both of us and we hope to see you again soon!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


Please excuse me while I find my jaw. This is just... wow. I knew my eagerness to hear what you two would submit was justified. This is mind-blowing. Where to start? Melodies! Right. The melodic work here is ridiculously good. I was getting chills with every passing note. Everything flows beautifully and expressively. The counterpoint, the accompaniment, the motifs, the alternate melodies... they're all cogs in this fine-tuned and intricate machine, and not once does any one of them falter. What impresses me most is the authenticity of it all. I know little about Argentinian culture but it doesn't take an expert to hear the lengths you both took to make something that sounds truly real and genuinely convincing. It helps the expression more than ever.

Regarding mixing, I'm happy to remark that I thought it was solid! Every instrument sits neatly into the mix (except the accordion which might've been too upfront) and the sound quality is superb. The samples used and manipulation thereof could not have been any better. The articulations and humanisation makes this sound like a live performance, furthermore increasing the atmospheric value of this. Speaking of atmospheres, you offered three very different atmospheres, and I enjoyed each immensely. If you set out with the aim of showcasing the versatility of the accordion (which I admittedly had always thought to be a somewhat inflexible instrument until I heard this), then you achieved that goal. Having said all that, I must agree with etherealwinds that while the transition between the first two seconds was seamless, I felt a jarring disconnect between the second and third section, intentional or not. I also feel like the third section needs to be fleshed out more, as the ending felt premature.

I could ramble for days on how good this is. Insanely impressive.

SCORE: 9.5/10

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SoundChris responds:

Hey step,

thanks so much for another monster ultra epic review - we really appreciated it especially since your time is quite limited these days. Great that you really took the time to write all those awesome and detailed reviews in the contest. Respect! We are really glad you liked the melodies since we were working hard to be able to express all the emotions within this piece in a realistic and human way. I was drawing all the curves - velocity, mod, volume and expression by hand ... in a VEEEERY huge resolution. Even the vibrato was drawn by hand so i could make it a little bit asymmetric and just human. This project really was quite exhausting. Originally we wanted to compose 3 little short pieces but since we read in the faq that a piece has to be coherent and that a collection of small pieces is quite bad for the rating we finally decided to combine them all. To combine the first 2 parts wasnt very hard, but the old and the modern parts were really different. So we thought its also logical to divide them with a little break and to show the old styles on the one, the modern style on the other side. We just decided to keep it that way (the deadline also was too near to change too many things :D

Thanks a lot for your great review and all the best,
Chris of Sound


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Granted this is a collaboration, what you create never ceases to be an authentic and immersive musical experience. There is a great deal of variety to be found in these three memories, and they capture your descriptions quite well while creating a unique set of colors. Thanks for the upload.


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SoundChris responds:

Thanks you chioBam for your support and kindnes - highly appreciated good sir! At the beginning we wanted to do 3 independent short pieces but since we had to hear thats against the NGADM rules we had to combine all the tracks to one single piece - which was hard. But in the end i think we did it. Thank you very much and all the best!