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Sons of Valhall

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Aug 24, 2013 | 3:55 PM EDT
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Rated 4.29 / 5 stars
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///// New Mixed Version 12.21.2013:
Tanks to the constructive help and helpful advise of so many NGers like @MetalRenard, @bassfiddlejones, @Step, @PeterSatera, @JacobCadmus and @Phonometrologist i finally managed to mix Sons of Valhall new. I have get rid of some notes for the French Horns which were definitely to high. I also tried to pan the track correctly and also threw off the completely wrong used reverb settings. Now i have built busses and used the same reverb preset from QL Spaces for the different sections - but adjusted the volume to the place where the instrument is located on the stage. I also learned, that logic automatically normalizes the tracks while bouncing which had the effect, that - if there were to high peaks - the volume of the whole track got extremely reduced on a low leves. Thanks to the AdLimiter i could finally solve that problem. My goal was to get a full and broad sound while staying as transparent as possible. There will still be a long way for me to get better with my mixing - but you folks out there really helped me. Thanks so much!

///// NGADM 13 - Round 2: SoundChris vs. Veneox

Hey there guys! Here is my second submission for the NGADM 2013. I have decided to make an epic cinematic piece in hollywood style.

The piece is about the brave sons of valhall of the nordic mythology. It tells a story about nobleness, bravery and the eternal battle of the strongest braves. Chosen warriors who have prooved their courage on the battlegrounds were taken to valhall - the hall of odin. The warriors are leaving the great hall to fight their eternal battle one day at a time. The fallen ones are taken back to valhall by the valkyries and after their wounds miraculously heal over night theira new day of feast and battle beginns.

My inspirations have been: Williams, Elfmen and Zimmer - not to forget Bosa! The choir shouts are an homage to you mylord!

May Heimdal defend bifrost as long as possible and the day never come, when yggdrassil falls!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh man, sounds like it could well be in the Harry Potter movies...I mean, if you like Harry Potter anyways (I just got finished with all seven books so excuse my fangirly-ness, ha ha~). Very well done, all the instruments and sounds fit in very well with each other. Since I'm such a newbie at music making I can't make any judgements on this because I can't see anything wrong with it. :)

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SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot for your kindness! I wasnt actually inspired by harry potter, but there has been another one who also told me this would sound a little bit "potteresque" :D Maybe its the orchestration with the french horns. Thanks for leaving your thoughts here - glad you liked it!

All the best,


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I loved this. It reminds me (in a good way) of Daniel Elfman, one of my favorite composers. It doesn't feel that you are imitating him, but rather that you were inspired by the same emotions that inspire his work.

I agree with the other reviewer who felt the percussion could be bumped up just a bit, but overall this work really impressed me.

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SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot Syscrusher! You are definitely right if you think this piece would be elfman inspired. It was inspired by the old batman track and also spiderman - both are soundtracks by danny elfman :D

Maybe the drums could have been more bumped up. I dont have audio monitors here and have to compose with headphones :( Thats why reviews are very helpful for me to fix those issues.

Thanks for leavin your thoughts here. Best wishes to you,



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's a great song but the first half feels much more sinister than the rest, and then it's an odd transition to the rest of the song where it feels a little more upbeat, and feels like it was intended for a castle hall, a nordic hall or a guild hall.

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SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot for your review! You are right when you say that the beginning has a more sinister feel than the mid part. The mid-part itself was meant to be more epic trailer music style while the beginning was more "orchestral" like. I wanted to introduce different styles of cinematic music. The beginning is more danny elfman, while the mid-part is more zimmer inspired :D

All th best!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I’ve been listening to this for quite a while, and every time I come back to this I get the same amount of enjoyment as the first listen. Not many pieces can do that for you. What really does it for me is the section a minute into the piece, and I think perhaps for you as well, because that is when the choir is noticeable. I like the fact that you have some development up to that point. Everyone has their own opinion about mixing and there isn’t one way of doing things. Really it is up to your own ears and what you’re aiming for. When I listen to music, does it move me in some way. If not, then the question would be, could the mixing fix that?

When the Stones released their last album, people were saying how “loud” and awesome it sounded. After a while though, your ears would start to fatigue, and you just had to turn it off. There is a reason why the great classical recordings don’t sound as “loud” as your pop/rock music does on the radio—dynamics. If you seek to please both worlds, you need to find balance. And this isn’t just my own opinion. I think you did just fine here as I’d actually prefer to simply raise the volume up as opposed to having to lower it. Percussion wasn’t distinct as it played more of a background role. Good! The percussion isn’t what’s important here. I like that the horns are not overbearing. It blends well with the strings. I can’t find anything that stuck out to me where I immediately thought “mixing,” and if all I thought about was the music, then your mixing is fine.
It’s difficult to mix/master anything by yourself, as the point is to have multiple ears working on it.
Overall, love the composition and your choices in your arrangement. Don’t worry yourself by putting too much weight on the mixing as that will come in time.

“A piece of music is an experience to be taken by itself.”
B.F. Skinner

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

In-depth review for you, my friend.
I think you've done a great job in the composition side considering your goal. It fits perfectly into the style you set out for.

You wanted feedback on mixing so here's what I think.
Your instruments need to each have more "identity" in the mix, they need to find their own spaces in order to make the piece shine. For example, the track is quite muddy, around 300 to 400hz there's a lot going on and it would benefit from a few instruments being moved away from that area. The brass would benefit from a boost in the mids (1000hz) and I would take a little away from the 400hz area at the same time.

The percussion sounds weak, unenthusiastic. By fixing the mix the percussion should come out more, helping to bring out the "boom", the resonance from hitting a drum. If it doesn't, allow the drums to take up more of the low-mids. The percussion's transients are quite good already (the first sound made, where the drum is hit, is the transient).

In general I think the piece needs more high frequencies too, more "bite" or "shine" (giving you the mixing terms there).

You did use the stereo spectrum well though, it's wide and the instruments sound authentic too, which is a bonus.
I'll send you a PM with some more stuff. :)

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SoundChris responds:

Hey there MetalRenard,

thanks a lot for helping me - your review was really useful! I have tried to change a lot of things in the mix and i think i have learned a lot while remixing this. I still dont have an idea how frequency modulation works, but i hope i will be able to understand more, soon. I plan to start a second study in audio engineering in 2014 t learn more about the technical aspects of music production. I definitely will also still try to find out how the EQ really works :D

Sorry for me being so late but i had some law exams to write ... finally i have got more time for music again, which is just so awesome!

I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year (if we wont hear from eachother before).

All the best for you and thanks so much for your support. Highly appreciated :D