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Back Away (From His Girl)

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Rated 4.09 / 5 stars
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Metal, Rock - Grunge

Author Comments

Vocals and Guitar recorded by Adrian Baillargeon.



Rated 3 / 5 stars May 12, 2013

Hi, I'm a newbie here, but instantly I've noticed your top of the board, thought I'd check out your page and although your stuffs good, I've realised the reason you are at top is, as the guy below states, because you're a cheat. I went onto his page and checked out his music also before writing this, as maybe he was just crap and deserved your comments. However, he clearly doesn't have a big ego, but indeed you do as in response to one of his messages you stated about getting laid? I found this odd as it was very unrelated.... I know boys can be strange but how old are you? Admittedly, this guy doesn't state his age either, however, his music was good (if you wanna argue, then your music is at least EQUAL) and a lot of people who are getting negative feedback does not deserve it....

This does not mean they have big ego's,,, it means they are trying to stop being from being unfair on this website, as it destroys it's main purpose.

I feel I am being slightly hypocritical, as I am trying to say this page is about music, not who is on top, yet here I am commenting about that topic, but as I say, a lot of people on here are all equally decent... just be fair.

Stereocrisis responds:

Thanks for checking out my music. Yes, I am a cheat. So is like every other person here. What of it? You think I don't get hater votes? Why do you think I STARTED cheating? All my songs from previous years got hater voted in to obscurity.

When it comes to me responding about getting laid, it really isn't important too me. He brought it up, so I responded. Trust me, I've never been one of those douchebag players. I've always given my all in relationships. For me, having a girlfriend has never just been about "getting pussy". I'm not going to be painted as some club going, wife beater wearing, fake gold chain having, muscle head.

I feel you are being slightly hypocritical too. So maybe you should back off before I call you on all your shit. Let he, (or she) without sin cast the first stone. You both don't have a right to judge me. I'll bet you've probably done some scumbag shit. My only crime is voting myself up. Ooo, big deal. I think I deserve a little fucking attention for my efforts. Do you know how hard it is being me? My father committed suicide, I'm going through a divorce, and I can't even see my two innocent baby boys on a daily basis anymore. MY mom's been really sick, I myself have been feeling terrible physically, and the only thing I have that is even remotely important too me is music.

Why don't you both be fair too me and just let me have this. Because while you two probably have everything, like spoiled little shits, I'm about to be homeless, begging for food on the street. I didn't have the opportunities most people in America had. I was too busy getting suicide notes in the mail from my father until he actually did take a nose dive off a bridge one day.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars May 11, 2013

its a bit of a hollow victory right?
knowing people are only listening to your music because they have no choice
if your gonna vote yourself up at least have the decency to not vote others down
and in the words of my girlfriend "no way does a twenty six year old who spends his time voting others down on a website get laid"
start acting like an adult please
i have no problem with you, your music or the fact that you vote yourself up but voting other people down is low when your already voting yourself up
especially when your voting good music down
i dont understand why you would carry on cheating when you know we all know
dont you feel a bit of a dick?

Stereocrisis responds:

Actually, I'll take a hollow victory over complete anonymity. You think all your idols didn't cheat to get ahead? Please. This is, regardless of how I feel about it, a dog eat dog world. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. The point is, if we struck up some kind of deal to vote both of our songs up together, you would be all for that method of cheating, because you would benefit from it. So don't come to me with your anger. I woke up today to find all my grunge submissions voted down, and your submission at the top of the chart. So I wonder what the fuck happened there. Right?
People don't have to listen to my music. They have choice. Big deal if I'm on the front page of a dead genre on a website for 15 year olds. Why does that piss you off so much? Because YOU want to be the top of the dead genre list for 15 year olds? Right? Exactly. Fuck off with your hidden agenda and your ulterior motives for taking me down a peg. I give as good as I get mother fucker.
Yes, I vote myself up. And yes, when I listen to your songs, all the way through I might add, I plainly don't like them. I vote accordingly. What? You think your songs are so fucking great they deserve nothing but 5's from me? Fuck you ego maniac.
You actually have to drag your girlfriend in to this fight? What are you, some kind of pussy? Let me be clear. I was married for 6 years. Before that I had plenty of girlfriends, and after we divorced, I've had plenty of girlfriends. I don't know what you're trying to prove attacking my sex life. Maybe that's your own personal problem?
Oh, and I'm not acting like an adult because I disliked your music? Please. Neither of us are great musicians, but at least I'm not acting all high and mighty. My crime? Voting your shit in to the ground? Big deal. Like I said, I'm open to striking up that deal with you to vote each other's songs up. Let's see your tune change when it comes to getting 5's from me daily. You'll be sucking the walls of my anus for that opportunity, so shut your hypocritical mouth.
And I will carry on cheating, because it's the only way to offset all the haters vote I DO get.
I don't feel any more like a dick than you do. Please, you're going to sit there and claim that you don't vote 5's for your own music? I don't buy that for a second.
If either of us needs to grow up, it's your punk ass. Calling me out on my shit is one thing, but to play victim and claim you're not guilty of the same shit is fucking pathetic.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars May 4, 2013

I like the tune very much and i like the raspy vocals very catchy , bet you were getting kind of mad about the kids joining in werent you hehe :) it kind of dragged the listener out of the song and you lose focus of it but otherwise its really good

buy yourself a cheap recorder and a mic wich arent that expensive these days and get this properly recorded man your onto something

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Stereocrisis responds:

Thanks Coolie. I wasn't getting that aggravated about the kids joining in, but I did kind of want them to stay quieter. lol Oh well. If I ever get back in to the studio, I'll probably record this one next. With drums, bass, etc.. Stay tuned for more music. You haven't heard the last of me.


Rated 5 / 5 stars October 28, 2012

amazing right from the begging

Stereocrisis responds:

To watch the full video, please go to my channel:

As you might have heard, the song ends abruptly. Damn AoA MP3 Converter trial version crap blows monkey dick and licks the tail... (of said monkey.)

I do a decent enough cover version of "Negative Creep" by "Nirvana" to keep you entertained for a hot minute.