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Rated 4.22 / 5 stars
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Here it is finally! My submition for the NGADM Round 3! ive worked on this so much. and i am perfectly aware of the fact that this track is very "ME", but thats what i wanted to do. with that in mind, you dont have to mention it.
I am personally really happy with this track! and this is the stuff i always try to achive and perfect. hence why i do these chords and this happy hybrid style so often.

The track started when i pictured a old sega style Shmop game. The story and song evolved into a theme for a flying futuristic pirate-like ship Called the SuperWing, and the heroes aboard traveling the world for treasures and adventure!

The picture on the disk is a comissioned work for the cover art! i will upload this to youtube aswell with the picture :D

Enjoy! :D



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Here's your round 3 review! It'll be a bit harsher than your previous reviews once more. Harsher the closer to the end we get!

Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh. :c I was not feeling very generous toward repetition in this round.

The Good:
-Very bouncy - I like the little arpeggios in the beginning. This is so completely "Waterflame" style it's insane. Nobody could possibly mistake it for anybody else's work, I'm sure.
-Come to think of it, I like almost everything about the beginning.
-I really really liked the different kind of chord progression you used in the main melody. It's definitely more unique and sounds cooler. Also the main melody is very cute to my ears.
-At about 1:32-1:34, I lurv the little metallic sound there. It sounds *so awesome*.
-Mixing's great from what I can tell.

The Not-So-Good:
-I'm not particularly a fan of the snare you used. I feel as if a slightly longer sample with a bit more in the higher frequencies would have been better.
-The synth coming in at around 0:07 sounds a little bit 'ew' where it's placed with all the softer samples.
-Hi-hat at 1:40 is really a bit too much in the high frequencies, it hurts my ears. This does apply other places, though it's most prominent there.
-This doesn't really change much at all. It's nice, just... boring. Would have loved more variation and ideas in it, because it gets very 'samey', very fast. This brought your score down significantly, as I REALLY don't like songs to do the same thing/same kind of thing for most of the song.
-The end doesn't appeal to me as much as the rest of the track. Aside from the classic-fadeout-copout lazy outro, it has the same nasty synth as there is in the beginning.

Overall: Nice, but very boring since it sounds like pretty much the same thing for the entire 4 minutes aside from one break. This NEEDS more variation. That's my main complaint about it. Well, I would have liked if you tried something different but that's a relatively minor quibble. Unfortunately though, since you haven't really showed much of anything creative compared to your last two tracks and what I know you can do, I'm giving this a 6.5/10.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars


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Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is all bouncy and makes me happy

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is an NGADM Round 3 Review.


Yeah this is totally "you". I can hear your style very very clearly and of course you already know this. Now this isn't a bad thing at all because your style is considerably badass and awesome.

Starting off, I love your composition here and I think it trumps the composition of both your Round 1 and Round 2 submissions. Everything is so distinctly pirate-like but really in-your-face, jumpy and undeniably catchy that I absolutely love listening to it. You really know how to make your tracks enjoyable and unique. Even if this may not be unique compared to your previous works, it's unlike anything I've ever heard before. And at 1:28 you even introduce a dynamic part where the song dies down but the best part is it still doesn't lose its momentum at all. Awesome soft drum beat there, and I love how you build up back to 1:51. Cool drum fills, very exciting and fast-paced.

Oh and your mixing, just like in your previous submissions, is phenomenal. While I still prefer the mix of your Round 1 submission, here your production skills still shine very brightly. I love the thump and punch of the drums, the oomph of that bass and the fact that everything is extremely clear, and like I said before, in-your-face, but without blaring too loudly and getting tired to listen to. All your sounds are fantastic too. Each synth had its own personality and sounded pretty unique (except the synth pluck which is unforgivably generic). Nice strings as well. Oh and may I add that the part at 0:35 reminded me of Ratchet and Clank, oddly enough.

First complaint is that this unfortunately gets pretty repetitive and doesn't change much. The only real changes are the soft part at 1:28 and then a part towards the end. Otherwise this sticks with the same feel and overuses some melodies as well, in my opinion. It just feels like it has potential to be a lot more diverse but sticks with the same kind of style and never once wavers too much from its original mood. This works perfectly for video game music, since you don't want a random mood change going on in the music while you're playing the game, but unfortunately this is the NGADM not a video game and we judge songs for their listening value, not how well they fit in a game.

A mood change and more distinct changes may stop it from being monotonous. I mean I still have a blast listening to it, but I can't deny the fact that the mood and style starts to become tiring towards the end. Oh and the outro was a bit of a disappointment. I understand you might've wanted to give that feeling of continuity by adding that fade-out, but whatever the case it's entirely unsatisfying to hear the track die down like that, especially when it had such a large amount of forward momentum and excitement going on.

To be honest the above issues I mentioned really didn't bother me much. I understand why you're proud of this because it's brilliant. When I hear this I just ponder "what's not to like?". Added you to my favourite artists. If you had worked on those two issues this score would've been a 10, but for now here's a 9.5 :P.


SCORE: 9.5/10