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(RAC5)Stories of The Silk Road

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Dec 18, 2010 | 5:42 PM EST
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Rated 4.18 / 5 stars
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Author Comments

This is for the Represent a Country Contest of December 2010! /bbs/topic/1208500/1

Representing: China


The Silk Road was actually many different trade routes that connected together. As time went on, the Silk Road grew, generated riches for many people and died along with many of it's travelers.

The Silk Road crosses through the Far East, Middle East and Eastern Europe; so I tried to make it seem as if there was some kind of trade going on and sights being seen. I also tried to incorporate the rigors of traveling the Silk Road. iki/Silk_Road

There really was no such thing as a Chinese orchestra before the 20th century, so I tried to use, at max, only 2 Chinese Instruments at a time and no more than 3 Chinese instruments(other than percussion). iki/Chinese_orchestra

Images: liver/silk2.html

Image of my DAW: /13/22202000/ngbbs4d0d3ae f3cb4f.jpg


It was hard trying to find free VSTs to simulate Chinese instruments properly. It was also hard trying to make them sound as if they were being played by a human. Nevertheless I've done it (at least the first part....)

Thanks to Kong Audio for creating Mini ErHu, an ErHu VST! /free.htm

Thanks to DSK Music for creating Asian Dreamz, a VST that emulates various asian instruments



Thanks to the guys at the free sound project for the free samples!

usersViewSingle.php?id=11 12

usersViewSingle.php?id=47 052

usersViewSingle.php?id=51 7996


Thanks to neonproject for the contest.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sounds good and Chinese

Sounds like a beautiful Chinese orientated song. Has a mostly peaceful sound to it as well. The kabuki and tribal drums sound very nice as well. Like them a lot. The sticks sound pretty good along with the gong and other Chinese sounds you have going on.

The flow seems rather smooth as well, nothing random or irrelevant anywhere in the song either which is even greater. This song is meant to be Chinese orientated for that contest you put it in? Sounds really good then, nice job there.

Overall, this is a very good song, good work on there in that contest you put it in. Looking forward to more in the future as well. Have fun.

Review Request Club


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good try

Sounds pretty good to me. The intro sets the right mood for this piece. As I was reading your comments to this song I had some images in my mind which had something to do with traveling and trading. So I guess you've done a good job with creating the right atmosphere.

Just like SeeD I didn't like the part from 1:13 to 1:20. It sounds as if you where experimenting a bit there, but it doesn't really fit into the song, imo.

Aynway, after that the song gets better again and the atmosphere you created in the first part is build up again.

Overall, judging from what you have written in the comments section, you put a lot of thought into this piece and in my opinion this thought really shows in the "final product".
Only thing I didn't like - as mentioned above - is the part from 1:13 to 1:20. Maybe you could edit this part a bit, so that it fits better to the rest of the song.

{ Review Request Club }


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Sounds very Asian indeed. There were a few strange noises in the song that I didn't really find fit the mood or sound pleasant at all, 1:13-1:20 area. Almost sounds like something out of an industrial drum kit...however that was only very brief and I think the rest of the instruments fit the song quite well.

The echo feel of the melody around 1:50 was nice, and you did an especially good job with the percussion throughout the song. It sounds very ethnic.

The intro seemed really well thought out, but the ending didn't really give me the same feeling. The ending seemed a bit rushed and I think could have used a bit more work, or even a longer drawn out fade out.

Overall a good tune though. Keep up the good work.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

I liked very much.

Well I DON'T study music from around the world, and to my untrained ear, it sounded pretty dang good :)

I would have known this was the China entry even if I'd heard it without reading any summary first, so I think that counts for a lot. I also like to hear RAC contest entrants trying their best to make authentic-sounding foreign traditional music using shareware VSTs (because I suspect that when it's all said & done, the majority of the entries will just end up being techno/dubstep tunes with "insert local ethnic instrument here" lead lines layered on top).

I liked this piece which was very much in the spirit of the contest IMO. GJ taking up the challenge to push your own boundaries. Hope to see you get acknowledgement for this tune because you probably could have gone a much easier/more generic route if you chose to be lazy.

Naerbu responds:

Thank you VERY much. I was actually hoping someone would say something like this =.)


Rated 2 / 5 stars


I love music from around the world and study various instruments and styles and this was an awkward sounding, horribly synthetic piece of music. The computer thing you used to replace real Er Hu (which has the sound of a singing woman) was extremely obvious of being a synth until the end. I don't know what you did at the end (I'm sure your composition was more trying at that point) but it sounded much better there. It's probably the complimenting instruments making it sound better.

As for the rest of the song with the Chinese cymbals and various percussion and what not; It was unsatisfactory to my tastes. The cymbals were a little loud and it was pretty generic of a foreigner trying at Chinese music all together. The synth of a whatever that was trying to be (koto, guqin, guzheng, etc.) was really 'lame' for lack of a better term. I was hearing some sort of noise out of the right pan at 1:34 and whether that was intentional or not I liked it and it made me think of fire burning. I thought the song was just 'OK' and that you maybe should have focused on a more orchestral piece than a percussion filled piece.

Even though I didn't like it, that doesn't mean that others won't though! I wish you the best of luck in the contest.

Naerbu responds:

Well what am I supposed to do? Buy Chinese instruments to win a NG contest?... Maybe you have the time and money, but I don't.

The noise you were hearing from the right side was a long wind sample.

The ErHu was sampled and compiled into a VST not synthesized. I did my best to find "real" instruments and simulate them as if they were actually being played.

Thank you for the review