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Feb 21, 2010 | 11:24 AM EST
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Rated 4.29 / 5 stars
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Easy Listening - Classical

Author Comments

Phew. It's finally finished. I made a loop of this before, entitled 'Classical Loop' and it was the first piece of audio I made using East/West Symphonic Orchestra. It roamed in my Projects folder for a few days, before I decided to submit it to NG. It had a good response, and one reviewer suggested that I continue it. That's exactly what I did, and here's the result. Took me pretty long since I have exams right now, but recently I finally managed to go on FL and add some finishing touches. Oh, and NO, this is NOT a remix of Chariots of Fire.

This is made entirely out of East/West Symphonic Orchestra except the gong which is a sample I downloaded, the snare roll at the end and the conga/bongo/shaker instruments which are also drum samples I downloaded. At first it was very awkward to export this when it was still a work in progress since my computer does this weird thing when I try to export a song made out of East/West. It makes notes cut off, so for example, if I have a double bass note a bar long, it cuts it out after it wouldn't only played like 1/4 of a bar, and this happens to loads of the East/West instruments when I export them (even when I hear them in FL). That time I was using FL8. I finally got round to upgrading to FL Studio 9, and it REALLY helped, because of the ability to mute tracks in the playlist. At first I had to export each pattern in the song seperately as wav files and combine them all together in a seperate FLP, since that was the only way to export the song without having notes cutting off, but now that I have FL9, all I need to do is mute the tracks in the playlist accordingly to export the tracks one by one, and THEN combining them. I had 5 tracks in the playlist, so I only had to export those 5 and then combine them together, but if I had stuck with FL8, I'd have to export all of the 52 patterns seperately, and then combine them. So hooray for FL9.

Thanks to Kirbyfemur for being awesome and reviewing this song in PM's when it was a WiP. He pointed out many important things such as that at times the instruments were out of sync with each other (I fixed that, I think...), some instruments ended to suddenly, some drum buildups needed a variation of the main melody to build up with the drums, etc. He was also the one who told me to avoid making the song all epic, but to add some quiet parts, and thanks to him, I now have woodwind solos and a really awesome harp/conga part IMO, so if it wasn't for him, the song wouldn't be half as good as it is now.

Sorry for the long author's comments; gives you something to read while hearing this song :P. I hope you enjoy it, I worked very hard on it, and thanks for listening. Don't forget to review: I'll respond and review back if your review is helpful, and my returned review is guaranteed to be bigger than yours :P. Enjoy!

EDIT: You can never beat 0-bombers. From 4.95 with 11 votes to 4.00 with 17 votes. There goes my hope for a top 5...



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Really good

Lol. At the beginning I was so ready to hear the "Back to the future" theme. _vW0Y <- That one!

But it never came haha. *no suprise there*

But this is really actually really good. I don't know if it's me and my attitude towards loudness, or if it's something else.. But in my opinion the first part of this song seems a wee bit loud :3 Loudness can be good, but in this case I don't know.

The part that I whole heartedly ADORE, is at 1:41! That's so damn nice right there. I got such a "age of empires" feeling right then and there.

Overall, this is a really good track man. I'm glad that you're interested in orchestral music! ;)

It's the best kind of music me thinks :)

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Step responds:

Hey, thanks for reviewing back! Haven't received a review for a while so I appreciate you doing so.

"Lol. At the beginning I was so ready to hear the "Back to the future" theme. _vW0Y <- That one!

But it never came haha. *no suprise there*"

Haha lol, it does sound a lot like the first part of it xD.

"But this is really actually really good. I don't know if it's me and my attitude towards loudness, or if it's something else.. But in my opinion the first part of this song seems a wee bit loud :3 Loudness can be good, but in this case I don't know."

Probably my obsession to loudness. I'm more of a 'volume first, questions later' type of artist :P.

"The part that I whole heartedly ADORE, is at 1:41! That's so damn nice right there. I got such a "age of empires" feeling right then and there."

Yeah, definitely my favourite part of the song too.

"Overall, this is a really good track man. I'm glad that you're interested in orchestral music! ;)

It's the best kind of music me thinks :)"

Couldn't agree more. Thanks for the great review!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

another epic song

well done.

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Step responds:

Alright thanks! I worked hard on this one, so I'm not as surprised as I was in the last one xP.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

very impressive

firstly, its not #100, im still on 98, but one of your songs will get it

Intro was slow, strong, and impressive, gave great contrast to the coming melody, which started with a nice Crescendo and moved quickly

Second part of melody was nice, and the flute coming in was a good touch, before going back to the low brass.

The closing to the first half of the song was interesting, for lack of a better word, but also successful

Second intro was nice, and following melody a beautiful break from the early melody with a pleasant little ditty. Really enjoyed the (hapr/xylophone/piano, can't really tell) combination, then supported by low brass

Closing melody brings the song back to familiar ground, also strong, very nice ritardando at the end.

Ending: Weak, at best. It was a good orchestral sound, but then supplemented with a snare roll that did not belong (wrong sound type) and a wimpy cymbal crash. It the percussion parts at the end needed a bit more feeling to them.

While thinking about the last part, i started really listening to the drums, and they are great through the whole song, apart from the end. They gave a strong beat, sounded nice (kinda like marching feet at some parts)

>-godieinahole zero bombers-<

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Step responds:

Wow, thanks for the review man! You ruined my perfect 10 score, but still, I prefer a helpful review like this rather than 10 all the time, so thanks a lot! :D.

The intro is just like Chariots of Fire xD. I didn't have it in mind when I made the song, but once I heard the intro, "Chariots of Fire" immediately came to me. Good thing it totally changes after that.

Glad you liked the closing. I think making buildups is easier than building down, so glad that my proper build down came out right xD.

Heh, that's a harp :). It isn't supported by low brass, but you were close. It's supported by a bassoon xD. I'm happy that you liked the harp part, I think it's thanks to Kirbyfemur that I decided to add it ^^.

Ritardandos ftw! :D.

As for the ending, you really have a good ear. The snare roll was a totally different wav file, not from East/West (the VST I used), and so was the cymbal crash. I didn't use the East/West drums because of a really long story which I don't feel like mentioning, but let's just say if I tried to add East/West drums, it would've taken me another 20 minutes or so to do this, but now that you mentioned it, the drum samples I used for the ending are unsuitable. Don't worry, East/West has a crash cymbal that will blow your head off >:D.

Anyway, thanks again for such a supportive and helpful review!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great instrumentation

Having listened to it all the way through, I'll say a preface: This is really cool. It's got a lot of nice changes in instrumentation, and the development of the melody throughout is in general very well done. Bit by bit, here's some things I wanted to point out:

The silence at 0:16 seems to abrupt. The start before it is nice and majestic and gives you the idea that it was worth clicking onto this song, but the way everything cuts out just for that brief moment, even though everything starts coming back in almost instantly at 0:17, felt a little excessive.
That being said, the next 20 seconds I really enjoyed. Good buildup from the 0:23 mark, the brass melody's nicely done.
I loved the chord change at 0:45 but was a little skeptical of the one at 0:49. But as it and the main themes kept going, it grew on me a lot more. And now I can't get it out of my head. Which is both awesome and mildly irritating as I keep wanting to stop typing so I can hear it again.
The flute at 0:55 has a really nice sound, and again the music goes on for its awesomeness for a long time.
1:18-1:20, the silence again is too much. It almost feels like an extra fadeout has been added into it, and it just seems out of place. It needs...anything else just so it doesn't go from this lovely thick texture to absolutely nothing and back again.
On first hearing of 1:38 where the instruments kind of trail off, I was skeptical, but when everything comes back in at 1:43, it's a really effective change of textures. The percussion, especially, is a nice touch.
The string entrance at 2:08 is wonderfully subtle, as is the brass at 2:17. Can't fault them.
The sole thing that really truly irked me about this piece was the harp glissando at 2:21. Was too loud, felt out of place, felt like you wouldn't have done the piece any harm if you'd taken it out completely. I don't know, I just didn't like it at all. TO be somewhat ranting about it.
I like the slowdown at the end, but again..the final chord seems a little off. Like it needs an extra bit of cadence just to bring the piece to a good halting place.

In all, this is a cool piece. There's a few things that maybe could use a second look, but in general it's verifiably awesome.
And yes, 0-bombers are a ridiculous pain. But judging by this, they're probably just jealous.

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Step responds:

Holy crap, man, awesome review! Thanks! You've been extremely helpful!

0:16 and 1:18... I see what you mean. Maybe something to fill up the silence would be some strings playing in the background, or I could just start the buildup earlier.

Glad you liked the melodies, I wasn't too sure about them but it's cool that they have some good response ^^.

Yeah, I really like conga percussion, and I always try and make it as good as possible.

As for the harp glissando, I was extremely unsure about it. It adds a bit of originality to the piece, but as you said it felt completely out of place, so yes, I agree with you entirely on that.

I'll see what I can do about that ending, then ^^.

Anyway, thanks for the awesome review man, you've been so helpful. I think it's safe to say that this is the most helpful review I've ever been given on NG, and I'm glad you took the time to review it in such wonderful depth. Thanks a lot for the review, glad you enjoyed the song!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

it acually does not sound like Chariots of Fire.

i acually thought it was a fighting theme until i heard the clarinet and flute part (sounded like a part fleeing from the battle.)
if this was put into a flash i would be epic not really 100% though
mabie....... OVAR 9,000!
it will surly get more popular over time.
hope you get to the best of the week.

Step responds:

Haha, thanks for the supportive review, man! Only the intro sounded like Chariots of Fire, but then it completely changes, yeah xP. I doubt it'll get a top 5 with all the 0-bombers but it's doing pretty well at 4.93 with 8 votes right now. Lets see how far it goes, lol :P. Thanks again for the review, man!