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Speeding Through Infinity

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Dec 5, 2009 | 11:53 AM EST
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4.35 / 5.00

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Rated 4.35 / 5 stars
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Electronic - Trance

Author Comments

This is my first try at a Trance song, and I'm really proud of it (and I'm rarely proud of my own songs...). It's also my first attempt at something slightly professional (Lolz, over 10 automation clips :P) and I used the mixer quite a lot. I guess I can finally be considered an amateur ^^.

All synths were made using Sytrus (Ugh, I seriously should start learning z3ta+ :[ ), and this uses three effects I made while expermenting. For example, the effect at 0:55 was made using only a kick sample, the one at about 1:23 was made using only a clap sample, and the one at 0:33 was actually made using a double bass in pizzicato, believe it or not (I increased its resonance, went to the very low notes in the piano roll, and did a glissando downwards XD). Any other sound effects like the one at 0:55 were made using Sytrus. This also uses a reverse cymbal and a piano from the SGM V2.01 soundfont, I believe, and a handful of mixer effects such as the Fruity Bass Boost, Flanger, Delay, Reverb, Overdrive, Love Philter, Parametric EQ 2 (thanks to Blackhole12 for the awesome guide) and Limiter. All beats made from scratch, and the tempo is 170 BPM, my fastest yet. By the way, if anyone wants any of the drum samples/soundfonts/synths that I used, don't hesitate to ask ;).

Anyway, as for the melodies, I really believe I stole each one. I don't know, I just went in front of the piano roll, started doodling, and it resulted in some very catchy melodies which I just had the feeling that I stole from somewhere. That means if there's any melody you think I stole, tell me from where and I'll think up something else. Also, the structure of this song is pretty weird. You can't say it has a fixed chorus. What I was imagining was that in the song, you're drifting through infinity at top speed, and the ambient part is when everything blurs around you and you slow down. Then, it starts all over again, and you're blown away to an unknown dimension. (Dramatic to the extreme :D:D). First time I ever used the arpeggiator in that ambient part, by the way :P.

Heh, long author's comments FTW XD. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it; has a sort of spacey feel to it. Thanks to my friend Erik for helping me with the intro a little (he spotted some dissonance and moved a few notes XD) and my friend Matthew for hearing the song, complimenting me like hell :D, and helping me look for a CD Icon. Don't forget to vote and comment; if you give me a helpful review, I'll review you back with a monster review (you can mention which song/flash/art of yours you want reviewed in your review if you want; if you don't I'll pick either your most popular one or the nicest sounding one IMO) and I respond to all reviews. Thanks for listening, thanks for listening to these horribly long comments, and most of all, enjoy!

EDIT: Fixed some stuff:
1.) Changed the cheesy synth at the beginning to a saw synth.
2.) Made the percussion the right volume (hopefully).
3.) Made the outro shorter and less boring.
4.) Added a faint pad in the part after the intro.
5.) Fixed a few transitions.
6.) Added some FX in the ambient part.
7.) Added a new synth in the ambient part.
8.) Played around with the volumes and automation clips a little.
9.) Made the song sound slightly better ^^.

I may edit this again, making it longer with more melodies and fixing up the piano solo a little or something, but for now, I'll leave this in peace to work on my newer songs :).



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Whoo! This is a pretty big improvement from anything you had written before. Hey wait a minute...
*goes to check if this was submitted before or after Chaoz Fantasy by ParagonX9*
Yup. You ripped him off good with that intro.

Okay back to the track, yeah you're using some nice filtered sounds and subtle background pads and well rounded drums and all that. Your production values really went up a few notches. There's almost no trace of your earlier shittier endeavors, well except the terrible piano and occasional horribly reverby kick drum.

The composition is better too, you have neat transitions.

Woohoo!!! Getting through your songs is getting fun and easy.

Step responds:

Oh 7/10, that's higher than I expected!

But yeah I was unimaginably proud of this one. It was my first ever Trance song and I loved its atmosphere. This song has a pretty spacey atmosphere to it that I think I'll probably have trouble replicating today. Bad production and stuff though.

Yeah and everyone says I ripped Chaoz Fantasy. But I'm totally OK with that because Chaoz Fantasy has a godly melody.

Also shoosh I like the piano melody in this track :(.

Thanks for reviewing!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It's good but I felt that the drums could be more pronounced, and were a little too fast for a chill song like this.
It also seemed like there was a little too much going on at once.

The piano was very good, you had good melodies, and this is quite relaxing.

The biggest problem that I had is that a lot of the synths sounded very video gamy to me. That doesn't really suit trance very well.

I, again, must comment on how good the piano was, you are quite good at that. Maybe try making some Ambient, you'd probably do very well.

4/5 9/10


Step responds:

Wow, thanks for the review!

Yeah, I admit I completely messed up the drums this time. And the samples are horrible :(.

As for the song having too much going on at once, I'll have to agree with you as well. This song was very cluttered, especially after the quiet part.

As for the melodies, I'm glad you liked them. I personally think they're some of my best melodies. The piano, well, I'm a piano player myself so I try my best :P. I have a few other piano songs, such as Cries of the Tormented, Night in the Forest, Not a Care in the World, Spacewalk and Power of the Piano, they're probably much better than the piano part in this.

The synths, yeah, it was my first trance, so I couldn't really get the synths right. Also I'm not a regular listener of professional trance, so I'm never too sure what synths to use.

Wow lol, you liked the piano more than I expected xP. It was a sort of addition that came to me naturally - I almost always try and incorporate piano in my trance songs, and I have to admit I didn't work too hard on the piano part, but I'm glad you liked it! Also, I tried making ambient, and although people did like my ambient intro in Cries of the Tormented, for example, I can't stand making a whole ambient song. Ridiculous amounts of harmonizing, beautiful synths, loads of effects and stretching notes to two bars each isn't my thing xP.

Thanks again for the review, and sorry for the long response =/.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Woah, OMG

SO 10/10 AND 5/5]
P.S. Don't listen to Naysly, He probably sucks ;)

Step responds:



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice, gd trance

It started off really gd, but then got a bit dull half way through cause was a bit repetitive, think the calm bit was a bit too long in the middle.

But the song had plenty of variety of rhythms and speed. I was gna write u shud add more high and low phases, but then when it got towards the end, u did a fine job of this so tht point vanished lol

Only sayin the obvious but ovbiously u put in a lot of effort and this song is much more then enough to be gd, so it totally deserves a solid 10. nice one :)

And lol to the guy who gave a 0 below me.

Step responds:

Hehe, thanks! The intro is what I worked on the most, TBH :P. I had done the intro and saved it as 'Idea 17' (lol, so far I have 24 different ideas, and about 10 of which were turned into songs :P), then for like a week I kept opening the FLP and adding little things to it here and there xP. You're right about the middle; that ambient part did drag on pretty long. Well, it's my first trance, so in the future I'll be sure not to make these mistakes ^^. I have a really good laid-back creepy trance song in the works right now, so I doubt I'll be able to come back to this, but your points will be remembered for future songs :). Thanks for the 10, the feedback and the helpful review!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

catchy tune

but i kinda wish it was a little longer. oh yeah...i just saw the paragraphs and decided to skip...hehe..too much for me to read right now. Good tune though.

Step responds:

Oh lol :P. I keep making long author's comments X(. Anyhow, thanks for the review. I might make it longer sometime, but for now you'll have to stick with 3:10 :\. Thanks again!