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Dying Star no. 4

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Dec 1, 2011 | 4:42 PM EST
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Author Comments

I've been looking at images by Harry Clarke and Winsor McCay recently. I always have, but since I've been looking more intensely at Western illustration at the turn of the century, it suddenly occurred to me that I've been working differently - it's informed the way I lay down a picture. I work traditionally, starting with a gesture, working from observation whenever I can, and finding the way a space exists next to a space or between and around contours.

Because I am an unapologetically adamant illustrator studying in a Studio Art environment, I get a lot of flack for being illustrative or missing the point. I've had to work very hard in the studio to prove to my professors that, yes, I can DRAW. I can find a form and describe how it exists in space. I can find planes on a surface and describe it with a stick of graphite. I understand the importance of figure and ground. I can sight-size a figure better than most of the painters in my class, and I can do it without trying to editorialize the figure in front of me with unimportant details.

But the second I step out of the studio and back into my personal work, I am going to lasso the nuances of plane, figure, and ground with a solid, hair-thin ink line because that's the sort of work I want to make. My love of contour has nothing to do with an inability to communicate visual planes and special relationships - I am absolutely able.

The former head of the department told me I was producing âEUoebad artâEU and essentially dissuaded me from working this way for almost four years. After some research and reflective thinking, I've come to the conclusion that I'm not interested in making art; I'm interested in making images. I don't want to engage the ephemeral ideological space between the misogynistic sausage fest of Modernists and the post-object Art World of the Postmodernists.

I just want to make pictures. I want to make figurative, accessible images. I don't want to confuse the purportedly unenlightened masses with layers of lofty philosophical abstraction, nor do I want to speak in quasi-European art lingo to confuse anyone who might not be some sort of pretentious connoisseur.

I am an illustrator, damn it.



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An Artist

An artist a true artist doesn't need to paint or draw or sing a true artist looks at the world in their own eyes. I'm in high school currently and have a teacher who constantly tells me how to do it and rather she likes what she sees or not. If she does not like it she discourages it if she does she says "Good" that's it. No real compliment just that its acceptable. Shes extremely good at complaining over the artwork of students even when other students like the art. She does not see anime as artwork. She does not classify it as what should be learned. In reality she is not teaching me anything but merely giving me a slight amount of tools to work with. Her opinion of my artwork only matters for the grade in which I receive. Only I myself can judge if I did a good job. You, your a beautiful artist and amazingly good at what you do. I was looking through most of your artwork and seeing the past and then the present and a realized what your doing now is beautiful. Detail is beautiful how you do it IS beautiful. There's always going to be someone telling you not to do what beauty you can create but they don't matter. Conforming to their ways is pointless because true art, what you are doing which is utterly your own is brilliant. Thank you for sharing some of your story and the detailed works you've created.

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I liked your rant and your art. It's art, but not in some bullshit universally defined way. I, too, love contour and your lines are seriously clean and awesome. Makes me want to draw more right now


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Preach it Brother!

First off, great image! I have been a huge fan of all your work since the first day I started coming to Newgrounds. You never fail to impress. As for what you said in your description, I totally get where you're coming from. I went to school for fiction writing, and let me tell you there are plenty of overly enlightened, pompous, pseudo-philosophist douches in that industry as well. I get so tired of that nonsense, and having to always justify my writing on a metaphysical level and that it isn't a story but an "artwork." All writing is art and is beautiful and has purpose and meaning. The same is true for your work and your art. Don't let anyone tell you it isn't art, because those people are idiots. Picasso was told he wasn't an artist, so was Van Gough, and so many others. Now we go see their work in art galleries and they are taught in classes all over. Keep doing what you're doing, and don't let the elitists get you down.

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