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Author Comments

A short essay on the bald women
Someone asked me why the people in my work are bald. When I was younger I would hide my face with my hair. My hair is very wavy, and made hiding difficult. I would straighten the hair until it was straight and cut the bangs.
As I grew hiding my face in my hair became difficult, so I turned to other things to hide. Baggier clothing because useful, more so when I gained weight in college, more makeup, nyquil and painkillers, and becoming more and more reclusive as I hit my twenties. I would jump into friendships and impossible loves out of loneliness, and rarely keep up with them or the other party was just as lost and lonely as I.
I'm not very good talking, and I hate writing out what the whole purpose of my work is. I use the work as an examination of myself, with that I realize how awfully pseudo psychoanalyst that it. The women with the sagging breasts, the bald head, and the lumpy body are me. I've had people come to me and say that is nonsense, and the constant hate I give to myself drives most away. It's become hard to stop as that's what I see in the mirror.
After that I decided to stop being a whiney woman and draw and paint out what I feel. I feel the most raw when I'm painting or drawing. Not so much with writing for some reason. The nudity, fat, and baldness are a sigh of exposure. Doing away that what hides and showing what you are instead of hiding.
It's something i'm failing to do, and will probably never happen.



Rated 5 / 5 stars Nov 19, 2013

That's a very interesting story. Hair sometimes serves the same function for me, but I've got rather straight hair, so it works for me. Although other people don't like the sight of it, obviously, I've had experiences.
Aaanyway, in my humble opinion, if I may, I do see the emotion in your work, the idea and stuff. Sometimes not, but I guess it also needs a little understanding, and maybe my life just didn't suck that bad. The expression in your art really shows, to me at least, partially because of the quickness it seemed to be drawn with, almost sketch-like. The many lines are like wavering emotions that cant be stopped and straightened. Or maybe I'm just over-imagining things, but that's my idea.
I personally love your art mostly because of that expression and emotion. Even though this is not really my cup of tea qua style, I'm more the realistic and detailed kind of art-liking guy, this certainly found a place in my favourite arts.
Also, it's a shame you hate to write the meaning of your drawings down (or didn't you mean that?) because I'd really like to know the ideas and emotions, but if it goes better via art, I wouldn't want it any other way.
So if that's failing, you're not doing it good, or my head is weird. Don't exclude that.

Also, this is one hell of a long text, why did I get carried away like that? Apologies for if you read this long blabbering all the way through.

Theonewithoutaname responds:

nono it was very much appreciated! to be honest i like writing a statement loosely associated with the work, but i like seeing what other people think. kind of like a trigger for people to think for themselves instead of acting likw fine art critics and going with the flow of what they think is a symbol for human bullshit and politics.


Rated 5 / 5 stars Nov 19, 2013

So now you hide behind bald naked women. What a story.
It actually made me go and re-watch your whole gallery, and now i remember that you actually made madness fan art, those were quite good, any hope of making one of those again any time soon?
(even if fanart is for losers?

Not like i am complaining, these are quite goof if not better, and they actually remind me of the early drawings of the great master Beksiński, of course with less controversy, his were more mmmh shocking, yours are a more calm, not really alarming and don't make you that uncomfortable when you see them (your current style that is, for example your 2012 work was more grotesque), and well... actually bad comparison, but they have a "similar aura", a feeling as to speak, maybe is the style, because the themes are different, even if both are explorations of the artist, no, i got it wrong again, because master Beksiński was exposing his inner-self, while you are hiding yourself, but are you really? are you failing at exposing yourself, i don't think so, otherwise i wouldn't get this feel when i watch your drawings, so i don't thing that you are failing on this.

Actually just like master Beksiński you are indeed exposing your self here, now that is not really you, but they image that you have fabricated of yourself, as you just said is a pseudo psychoanalyst, an analysis that may be being unjust with your own self.

Theonewithoutaname responds:

there's a lot of theme changes between 2012 and 2013. a lot of it was due to a long term relationship ending on bad terms, serious life changes, two lonely people, and depression. this year seemed gear towards stagnation, loss, a new love (recent change), suicide, and a bit of existentialism. I think the grotesque stuff last year reflected on anger towards other stuff, i'm taking guesses here i'm sure i'll figure that part out another day.

but yea when the urge to do the madness fanart comes again, i'll do it. can't force it.

wow what a lengthy review, that's a bunch for taking time looking at this. almost don't regret posting the essay.