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Yelp Reviews

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4.00 / 5.00

Fine Art
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700 x 1025 px
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Author Comments

The last of the new pieces I did for the art show in SF, "Plug Me In" Series. Yelp Reviews shows the trio of demons who love spreading jackass reviews. the main one is seen giving a 0 star (He's the one who is most like an Ass in appearance), he has death in his eyes, some wires in his head getting an orgasm from the actions he performs, while the mosquitoes and roaches (vermin) feed on his various juices. The roaches in Promiscuous's lair are a little different from the ones in other layers of Hell, they have installed outlets in their groins so they can juice off the various electronic demons in the area such as the computer mice and Promiscuous herself (who have plug tails). The roaches also wear headphones 24/7 listening to stolen music and blinders on their eyes which project various pornography; all for their added obsessive enjoyment of course (he seems pretty happy no?? hehe :B). The aborted gummy bear fetus is a pest demon and they are found in all areas of Hell so he's not exactly bound to only one lair or this case he's just hanging out with the other pest demons smoking a cigarette haha. You can find more about them in other paintings like Abortion

Yelp Reviews (c) Crystal Gonzalez
Acrylic paint on Canvas
24''x36'' (2ftx3ft)



Rated 4 / 5 stars Mar 12, 2014

cool stuff

Comick responds:

Glad you liked it :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars Mar 12, 2014

I always knew that haters lead happy lives, just look at him and that face filled with joy and satisfaction!

Like The Offspring's said is cool to hate.

Comick responds:

hahaha yesss I'm sure we have had that evil moment of giving a good piece a 0 star just for the guilty pleasure of it ;)